We are sharing to you another great video that we have found in the Internet wherein all the dialogues between the characters are all titles of movies.  This time the scene is about a drug deal between a user and a pusher.  This video was made by Fine Brothers Entertainment and about 160 movie titles were mentioned.  

We have posted a similar video way back in 2014 and this is the supposed sequel of that said video.  The first video was titled Breakup! and it uses 154 movie titles.  Hope that you enjoyed it as much as we do!

Hansel & Gretel

Play Dates: August 13, 2016 - December 15, 2016

Genre/s: Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Family and Children

Presented by Repertory Philippines

Writers: Erwin Fajardo, Joy Virata and Sach Castillo

Director: Joy Virata

  • Allen Orolfo/Joshue Nubla/Mari Yapjoco/Nathan Flores/Tory Cortez  as Hansel
  • Ashlee Factor/Ella Gonzales/Michelle Cornejo/Rayne Cortez as Gretel
  • Bituin Escalante/Carla Guevarra-Laforeza/Christine Flores as Rosina, The Witch
  • Chino Verguillas/Vien Alen King as The Sandman

Hooray for another play review! Last weekend, me and the rest of the Martinez family battled metropolitan traffic, heavy rain and the confusing parking system to get to the premiere of Hansel and Gretel, the latest feature by Repertory Philippines, which is co-sponsored by Republic Biscuit Corporation, makers of the delicious Hansel Biscuits. Nothing screams "clever promotion" more than this one. Also, for those who are asking, no, this has nothing to do with Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters starring Jeremy Renner and Gemma Arterton. Anyway, let us get to our review of Hansel and Gretel, and while you are reading this post, book your tickets right now and see this play as soon as possible. No need to worry, you have about a few more months to find time.

What is the play about?

Based on the beloved Brothers Grimm written children's tale of the same name, and adapted from famed composer Engelbert Humperdinck's opera of also the same name, we follow the two children in an all-too familiar adventure of old age whimsy and some added charm to boot. Siblings Hansel, played by Orolfo (Jack and the Beanstalk), Nubla (Be Careful With My Heart), Yapjoco (Noli Me Tangere The Musical), Nathan Flores (Alice in Wonderland), or Cortez T., and Gretel, played by Factor (The Secret Garden), Gonzales (Peter Pan), Cornejo (Revolting Children) or Rayne Cortez (appearing in Jewel of the Antilles with Tory Cortez) are tasked by their parents to take a small trek through the woods to pick-up some berries. Unbeknownst to them, the neighboring forest is a very dangerous place to venture through, as the infamous witch known as Rosina, played by Escalante (Stepping Out), Guevarra-Laforeza (Saturday Night Fever) or Christine Flores (A Christmas Carol) lives there.

As the kids go deeper, and deeper into the forest, and after falling asleep due to a long day of walking, and the spell of the fabled Sandman, played by Verguillas (A Midsummer Night's Dream) or King (Marco Polo: An Untold Love Story) Hansel and Gretel discover a house constructed of pure sugary treats, which for some reason is not being eaten by animals, specifically ants. (Seriously, if I found that house anywhere near my neighborhood, I would eat the whole structure in a heartbeat.) With a single glare, Hansel and Gretel give into their innermost cravings and decide to indulge in the sweet delight that is the gingerbread cookie-crisped dessert of a household. Unfortunately, for the two youngsters, they are caught in what is actually the lair of the sinister witch herself (Gasp!). With the witch aiming to make a meal out of them, the two must evade capture and return to their home in one piece!

What we think of the play?

Okay, okay. It is a family-oriented adaptation of a famous children's fairy tale. As such, I am not expecting a modern complexity of a play that would be mentioned as the Modern Prometheus of the generation, or the play of the century, or anything of the like. In addition, the source material itself is not particularly new theater material. It is fairly simple, although commendable in its presentation of a very straightforward story. However, immediately dismissing a story for its overly simplistic structure would be biased of me. With an open mind, I was able to discover a very entertaining family-friendly fare.

The color, the costumes, the dialogue, they all have awaken the inner child in me that has long been forgotten due to high school life. That inner child sparked like a firework, to the point that me and my sister laughed a little too hard at some bits of the play as we constantly relate the play to our lives. But seriously, the play is good. Yes, like I said before, this is not your typical William Shakespeare-esque project, but there is something about the play that will make you watch.

The production value of the play is really, really neat. I mean, look at their costumes, is it not the most accurate portrayal of fairy tale characters? It is sad when you see that about half of the movies adapting these typical children's tale are endlessly re-imagining everything. Why the sudden requirement for a dark and brooding take on simple tales is what I will never understand.

The acting is a very good highlight here, especially Bituin Escalante's performance as Rosina, The Witch. Here, from the play we watched last weekend, Escalante delivered a sharp and energetic wicked witch act while still maintaining a malevolent presence to reckon with. The acting is backed by well polished choreography, filled with nimble and rhythmic steps that properly reflect the joyful vibe the play is aiming to instill. She also made it as my highlight of the play because of how she answered an audience member, a young girl, who was asking how to avoid the wicked witch, to which Escalante answers, "If you obey your parents, I won't come for you.". That was awesome. I cannot remember the exact words but what I just typed are pretty close.

While the story is indeed predictable, it still had its interesting moments, such as that part when Hansel and Gretel attempt to eat the house, but are frequently foiled again and again by the snooping witch. However, story and stage time-wise, questions as to the actual role of  wizard, who is actually the Sandman in the story and the Dawn Fairy, played by Cara Barredo (Rent), or Sweet Buchanan (The Baker's Wife), remained in my mind. I was expecting to see the famous "leaving a trail of breadcrumbs" part but I didn't see it. Is that not an important part of the story? It was explained by the Director though during the question and answer portion that it was not included in the Engelbert Humperdinck opera which they chose to adapt. Despite these, you and your family will still be in for a wonderful experience.

All-in-all, Hansel and Gretel is a very funny and worthy family-friendly entertainment. 

And that is where we conclude our review.  Stay tuned for more Dateline Movies!
Just how far would one person go to hide the truth? Well, it has been a long time indeed since we posted something. Thankfully for me, my two stressful exam and project weeks are now behind me, and we can return to posting posts here in Dateline Movies. For our currently fourth blog post for the month of August, we return with a new movie promotional material that is definitely worth your time. In the vein of other famous stalker-centric thrillers such as One Hour Photo and Play Misty For Me, newcomer director Bram Coppens and Solar Pictures proudly presents Broken Vows.

Broken Vows (2016)

Rated NR: This film currently has no rating.

Genre/s: Drama, Romance, Thriller

This film is to be released on September 28, 2916 (PH Release Date; Limited Release Only)

Presented by Lionsgate and Solar Pictures

Director: Bram Coppens

Writers: Jim Agnew, Sean Keller

  • Wes Bentley as Patrick
  • Jaimie Alexander as Tara
  • Cam Gigandet as Michael
  • Alexandra Breckenridge as Debra

What is the movie about?

Tara, played by Alexander (Thor) is set to be wed to his fiance Michael, played by Gigandet (Easy A). With approval from her parents, all seems to be going very well for Tara, until one night, a chance encounter would send her entire life down the drain.

While Tara joins her friends, including her best friend Debra, played by Breckenridge (The Walking Dead), on a bachelorette party in New Orleans, Tara instantly becomes enchanted at the sight of a bartender named Patrick, played by Bentley (American Horror Story), whose hypnotic charms hopelessly casts Tara under a spell.

After a night of passion, Tara realizes her mistake too late, as she decides to leave and return to Michael, but their indecent affair awakens something within Patrick that she never knew would soon break free, something deadly. Now hellbent on making Tara his and his alone, Patrick will have to do everything in his power, even if it means getting Michael out of the picture.

Hey, you were asking for a short post? You got it! Be sure to catch Broken Vows in cinemas near you on September 28, 2016. Up next, that Halo-related Inside post is finally on the way. Aside from a Fantastic Four Reboot movie review, we might get another Inside The Trash Bin post about the first and unreleased Fantastic Four movie, made only to keep those film-rights away from Marvel, in preparation for an upcoming documentary about said film titled "Doomed". And yes, more DC Inside The Trash Bin spotlights, specifically starting with arguably the most notable cancelled Superman movie, Superman Lives. Man, Hollywood has a lot of trash to reuse. Also, to be fair with DC Comics, we'll have an editorial about Marvel Studios. Lastly, are you up for a history lesson? With Sausage Party making some impressions, let us take a look at how adult animation influenced the modern cinema. Stay tuned for more Dateline Movies!

Source, "Who You Gonna Call?"
Welcome to the modern age of cinema, wherein old, classic, legendary masterpieces are set for supposedly updated revisions for the most unnecessary purposes possible. From completely unoriginal theatrical takes on your favorite cult classics such as the RoboCop reboot, and much more unoriginal television adaptations such as Damien, not a single film is safe from gaining a second silver screen life. Last month, audiences saw the release of a female-led Ghostbusters reboot, with critics unexpectedly praising the film, but not as much praise as the original movies. However, while critics shower some praise for the movie, audiences remain skeptic and completely unconvinced that the reboot is not worth a single dime. With critics and audiences once more divided on their opinions, Dateline Movies dissects these concerns piece-by-piece, again from both the perspectives of both a critic and a moviegoer, and provide solutions for them to avoid if ever anybody is going to do another reboot. Also, in case if you are asking, no we still have not watched the reboot yet, but I will just wait until it hits basic cable with an open mind.

Source, New Team, New Movie
1. Forced Political Agenda Feels Forced (Gender Bending)

Do you know that feeling when you are indulging yourself with a very delicious food but you are unable to truly enjoy it because there are flies constantly buzzing all over you? Well, forced diversity in movies, especially for die-hard movie fans such as us, it feels basically like that scenario. While everyone is up for some much needed diversity, nobody will enjoy something that is only made just to cater to others' needs at the sacrifice of an overall high-quality movie. This issue, which is pretty much getting all too familiar, is one of the many reasons why many audiences are much more annoyed than enthused for a movie, and is a clear warning sign that a lot of movies are much more keen on getting box office returns than delivering good entertainment. While the movie itself was praised, Star Trek Beyond can be an example because it experienced some diversity-related controversy when they made fan-favorite character Sulu gay. In addition, no one, and I mean no one, likes double standards, especially if a film starring women is being promoted. Just because some of us are simply not that excited for the flick's release does not make us sexist.

The Solution: Let us all be honest here. An all-female Ghostbusters movie does sound somewhat interesting on paper and pen, as this can be a potential gateway for more stories to explore. And yes, we really could use some more female protagonists on the big screen, and that is a very good idea! However, do not just create gender-bent characters for the sake of promoting a political agenda. Something that is forced onto a movie will always end-up being its gravest weak point. If they really do want to promote diversity, the writers should make it feel natural and necessary, and while some may remain doubtful, it will be easier for the world at large to open-up to the new Ghostbusters.

Source, "Answer The Call!"
2. Pretty Please, Just Stop With The Reboots!

Seriously, reboots are at this point more or less an attempt to earn a box office jackpot than a worthy remaster of a cinematic marvel. While there have obviously been really great reboots, not because of the source material that they used but rather due to how much they put onto the table, we can all admit that about a lot of them are just really, really bad. Now, this is where the flick received about a half of its negative feedback from audiences. Rebooting a movie, especially if it is a classic movie, will ruffle plenty of feathers. Take The Amazing Spider-Man series as an example. That film series had the potential to be a good reboot, but it only retold the exact same story with some mediocre additions. Also, does a reboot not consider all the time and effort made by the original creators of their craft wasted?

The Solution: While reboots do offer much more creative freedom for the new staff to work on, why not just make it a continuation of the original film series instead of changing everything that everyone of us know and love? Would that not be a better alternative? Just imagine. What if the original Ghostbusters have retired, and they passed-on the mantles to their protegees? That would be very great for a movie, and it will not do anything to desecrate the original works. Also, didn't Dan Aykroyd made a script for a Ghostbusters sequel? Why not just use that as a basis for the film, and just add some tweaks here and there? And speaking of a canceled Ghostbusters movie, I tried to find the script itself, but to no avail. Here is hoping that we could feature that in a post.

Source, You Know There's A Problem When The Number of Dislikes Overshadow The Amount of Likes

3. A Really Terrible First Impression (Including The Soundtrack)

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder", and this beauty will often be based on first impressions. Just like in the world of movies, trailers and teasers are released through the Internet for, as a fellow user once wrote, "the audience to get a taste of what the movie has in store, as well as for them to give initial judgments". I do not exactly remember the entire phrase, but whatever it is that I typed, it still has the same meaning, and what we said is rightfully so. The first teaser for Ghostbusters was met with a universal dislike, even going as far as to get the nickname of the "Most Disliked Video on YouTube". It is very evident here that the film suffered another major marketing problem with the quality of the trailer. Based on some YouTube comments of the video, users are automatically turned-down due to the corny jokes and unpolished computer generated imagery, with some of them already hating the movie ever since the news surfaced on the Sony Hack event. The soundtrack does not sort things out either, as Fall Out Boy and Missy Elliot's version of the memorable Ray Parker Jr.-made theme song is met with a mixed reception.

The Solution: You know what? They really should just hire a better marketing staff. Like  what we said on our caption above, there is automatically a problem when the amount of dislikes outweigh the number of likes. Had they have a much more responsible and a much more serious team, the trailer would have been met with a much more positive feedback. In addition, it is very clear that the jokes itself could use some polishing, which we would talk about in the next section. While I am not saying the soundtrack is that bad (I would rate it a 5/10), they should at least make some tunes that are of course modern, but at least open to all audiences. This soundtrack smells too much of a modern teenage spirit for me.

Source, "The Power of Patty Compels You!"
4. A Lack of Original and Humorous Jokes

Jokes are the very essence of a comedy film, because if it was a comedy movie but there was an obvious joke void, then I must be watching boring lecture on video. Most of the jokes that you would usually hear in the movie are either juvenile, which includes gross-out humor that would appeal to the teenage demographic, referential, which includes mentions or specific name-drops of various media figures, or visual, which involves sight gags. All of which are decent and all. Without the intelligence needed to keep things in perspective, these jokes would rather make audiences' eyes roll. The trailer, as we said before, did not entirely cause belly laughs, because the jokes themselves are, in the eyes of audiences everywhere, corny and lazily executed.

The Solution: Well, this is very simple and pretty obvious enough, hire writers who really know how to make a joke, and not just simply rely on usual gimmicks such as one-liners. But then again, that is only based on what we have seen on the trailer (Again, I still have not watched this yet). Given that Paul Feig has made some particularly funny movies recently, the reboot seems to be in the right hands, I guess. Still, these are useful reminders to follow.

Man, I hope that we are not ripping-off Cinema Sins in any form, given that we seem to be finding some flaws and providing some solutions that may or may not be beneficial. (They are an awesome channel by the way.) Also, thank goodness for a no-school day. If it weren't for this day, we would not have another post, but it is still pretty sad that today was our third examination day. Well, there goes my long weekend. Up next, something that involves original songs for movies, some animated movie reviews, and some short posts probably. Before we exit, here are some songs from the Ghostbusters reboot. My sister likes them, but like I said, they are not my type of music. We also added the original theme song for good measure. Stay tuned for more Dateline Movies!

Source, One Franchise To Battle The Marvel Cinematic Universe
Suicide Squad is now showing, and no, I am still currently preoccupied with our upcoming examinations to watch the movie with my family. However, I do get the liberty of surfing through the Internet to find some interesting news bits surrounding the said film. And to my surprise, Suicide Squad is receiving a handful of negative reviews, which makes this movie the third consecutive DC Extended Universe movie not to be praised entirely. Although fans are loving the film, critics say that the story is incoherent and the editing is choppy, but the acting is on-point. Fans of DC Comics are critical about the outcome, and they even went as far as to actually start a petition to shut down Rotten Tomatoes, until the one who started the trend put a halt to the appeal.

Personally I have high expectations for Suicide Squad, and there is definitely no doubt that I will watch and enjoy the movie, just like what we did in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, but there is no denying that there are some reasons as to why critics are often keen on lambasting DC Movies recently. For our first editorial in a long while, Dateline Movies will carefully analyze the roots of this outcome, from both a critic's and a moviegoer's perspective, and provide solutions that will address these concerns.

Source, Green Lantern is Probably Taking A Day Off
1. Too Much Focus On The Future (Rushed Story Arcs)

DC Extended Universe does have an interesting future that lies ahead of them, especially since that DC Comics has a large vault of jaw-dropping stories and potentially amazing characters that are just waiting to be adapted to the big screen. With Justice League and Wonder Woman just a few months away, fans are already hoarding their money just to see the flicks. However, if you are focusing too much on the future, then you are severely sacrificing the quality of your stories. Not simply just the stories, but the overall value of the movie. While I believe there is a necessity to set-up upcoming films, as well as to keep the audience's enthusiasm afloat, it really should not be much of a priority to begin with. This crime against rational storytelling is made unbelievably evident in the franchise's second installment, Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice which, even though it is still entertaining in its own right, features not-so subtle set-ups. The movie lost focus as about a quarter of the movie is dedicated in debuting upcoming movies, including the Flash, Cyborg and Aquaman. DC, nevertheless, is not the only one committing this sin, as Marvel Studios has done this before in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

The Solution: We propose a rather very simple solution to patch-up all the damages in the forthcoming installments. Keep the screenwriters heads "now-oriented", which means that they should put much more emphasis on fleshing-out their already established characters, and save the rest, including future villains, for further flicks. The movie Man of Steel received the most positive reviews among all three currently released installments because it remained focused on Superman alone. In addition, never assume that the audiences will simply accept the plot holes brought upon by the screenplay's unfocused narrative, because they will not.

Source, This is Not Your Typical Superman, Alright!

2. Being Really Dark Does Not Equal To Being Really Delightful

It is not a capital sin to make a movie serious or dark in tone, as the darkness that surrounds any movie will definitely give the viewers enough tension to root for the protagonist even more. A dark tone will also be good to instill thought-provoking moments, as through this, the audiences will want to see more until the very end. However, being overly serious is just like that pessimistic friend of yours who keeps on exploring the negative side, and constantly says "Life is bad. Period.". I learned from my Filipino Language teacher recently that everyone, once in a while, you have to make a joke or two, and he is right. But this is not to say that every superhero movie has to be a comedy, because we all know how that feels. Remember, a lot of the audiences who watch superhero movies are youngsters, and it would be bad for business if about half of the audiences are alienated from your movie.

The Solution: I once read an opinion piece in a comment thread, where a DC and Marvel fan war is commencing, that DC should remember to "be dark, but fun to watch". Those are words to live by in the film-making industry. Although we are not advising to have every dialogue in DC's films to be exclusively corny one-liners, but there should be at least one enlightening line that does not affect the overall tone of the movie. Marvel has frequently done this in their films with the exception of yet again Avengers: Age of Ultron for putting a lot of boring quips.

Source, Jesse Eisenberg Better Fits As The Riddler
3. Inaccurate Portrayal of Characters (Questionable Casting)

One of the most important things to consider when adapting a comicbook to the big screen is how should the characters be portrayed, and more particularly, who would portray these characters. DC has had some very interesting and successful castings recently, including Ben Affleck as a brooding Batman, and Gal Gadot as an enigmatic Wonder Woman. Suicide Squad, as previously mentioned, has a spectacular cast. However, having Jesse Eisenberg, a fairly decent actor, portray a cartoonish, wise-cracking Lex Luthor, and having no resemblance to the comicbook character, was seen by fans and critics as one of Dawn of Justice's weak points. Man of Steel was met with some criticism for having Superman, who is noted for not killing his enemies, brutally kill General Zod at the ending, as well as having almost no regard for others. While it is not strange for a movie to create their own versions of certain characters (I actually see this as a unique portrayal, albeit tiresome), changing almost everything except the name is a timebomb waiting to detonate.

The Solution: Simply sticking to what is already established and notable is already a solution. Given that there are already a million pages worth of basis to understand the characters, why is there a need for change? It should be noted that DC and Warner Bros. is clearly attempting to create something different and unexpected, but at the very least they should have maintained the essence of the characters. As what my Dad would always say, "Why change something that does not need changing?", or in another quotation, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it".

Source, Director Zack Snyder
4. A Lack of Writers and Directors With Prior Comic Knowledge

There is this quote that says "The hand that rocks the cradle, rules the world", and it has some sort of connection to our topic. The two most valuable parts of a film-craft crew are the director and the writer. The writer is the one who creates the story, from start to finish, while the director is the one that leads the movie to the right direction. If both are either absent or useless, then the movie is surely doomed from the start. Zack Snyder, the director of Man of Steel, is hated by DC for not relying on the source material. While he is noted for directing other comicbook adaptations such as Watchmen and 300, Snyder is also known for focusing way too much on visual imagery over logical storytelling. To formulate a proper adaptation, a passionate set of members must be present, for this shows that all of those involved in the project know what they are doing.

The Solution: We are not in any way suggesting to expel Zack Snyder from the franchise, as he still deserves credit for one of the people jump-starting the entire universe in the first place. Instead, we suggest that Zack Snyder should make use of his intriguing visual tastes with proper comicbook knowledge. This way, he will get a better understanding on his craft. In addition, Snyder should learn to collaborate with those who actually know the characters he is handling, especially with the screenwriters. Having Patty Jenkins helm Wonder Woman, Ben Affleck in a solo Batman film, and James Wan in Aquaman is a very good start, as these directors know the characters by heart. Also, why not ask writers from DC Comics to pen some scripts for them, given that they are already writing stories for the characters?

Source, Smile For The Camera
5. A Lack of True Leadership (Corporate Meddling)

Do any of you still remember the major box office car crash that was the Fantastic Four reboot? Unfortunately, we all do, because not only are we going to be reviewing it in another post, the reboot is one of the few instances corporate meddling was very evident behind the scenes. Yes, we know that there should be at least someone to keep the crewmates in line, but it is an absolute "do not" as more meddling will mean more problems, and more problems mean inevitable critical disaster. When a studio removes the creative freedom of the director, who we previously mentioned is being the one to lead the project, and/or the writer, then the essence of the concept will be gone in an instant. Besides, what will be the point of hiring a director and a writer if you are just going to edit-out all of their efforts? Recent news states that a lot of Jared Leto's Joker scenes were removed under orders from the studio's head, and that the story for Suicide Squad was rushed for completion. This is a clear sign that DC Comics needs someone, not just anyone, who can lead the franchise at the correct course.

The Solution: Marvel Studios has only one public figure who mostly calls the shots, and that executive producer Kevin Feige. Through Kevin Feige, the schedule of all their movies, as well as other plans, are noticeably organized and laid-out properly. He does not do this alone, however, as he also has consultants and sub-division heads to keep the entire project alive and well. DC Comics is in dire need of someone who can set things in order, and who can prevent studios from editing-out their crafts. Through this, their movies will be able to avoid deleting crucial scenes from the theatrical cut, and the pure essence of the flicks will still remain intact. Releasing an uncut, straight-to-video version of their films is also a good alternative, as this can help with regaining lost profits and redeeming their fans' favor. However, this should not happen every after movie, as audiences will become more and more impatient to purchase these "Ultimate Cuts", and might possibly be considered a modus operandi by now.

Well that was longer than I expected. I hope that DC Comics will be able to get their head straight soon, and finally deliver another amazing cinematic universe. I just hope the movie is not as bad as they say, but I will still watch it next week. Up next, we will be discussing in another editorial a particularly hated reboot. You guessed it, it is Ghostbusters, and let us see why everyone hates it so much. We already said that we will be reviewing the Fantastic Four reboot, and a review shall come! Also, some interesting cancelled movies which we are hoping to complete within the month. I guess that is all for now, and before we leave, here are some Suicide Squad songs, straight from the movie. Stay tuned for more Dateline Movies!

Philippine Release Date: August 03, 2016  

Logline: Who’s zooming who?

Director: Pedro Morelli

Screenplay: Matt Hansen

Produced by: Niv Fichman, Fernando Meirelles, Paulo Morelli

Stars: Gael García Bernal, Alison Pill, Mariana Ximenes, Jason Priestley

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Animation

MTRCB Rating: R16 (Strictly for 16 years of age and above)

Running Time: 1 hour 38 minutes

Released by: Solar Pictures

Three great minds meet together to create an utterly different approach to making a one-of-a-kind film.  Pedro Morelli, Niv Fichman and Matt Hansen, three creative geniuses, forged together their minds to bring to the big screen ZOOM. ZOOM is a fast-paced, pop-art inspired, multi-plot contemporary comedy.  A compilation of three different movies, interconnected with one another, to create one ingenious outcome.  Mind-boggling and somewhat indifferent but a movie worth seeing. Zoom is a combination of live action movie and animation. Three characters, Emma, the cartoonist-comicbook artist, Edward, the filmmaker and Michelle, the model-novelist, existing in three different universes, write stories that somehow interlink and interface with each other.

Emma The Cartoonist

Looking at the gorgeous and shapely dolls she works at everyday, Emma is somewhat dissatisfied with her own figure. Working at an adult doll factory, Emma, one day decides to take matters into her own hands by going to surgery to alter her flawed body.  Although the operation was a success, she doesn't quite feel the same, like a stranger is trapped in her own body.  She wanted to reverse the surgical procedure but unfortunately she doesn't have the available funds right now.  

“The thing about Emma is that a lot of people know a girl like this,” says writer Matt Hansen. “She’s nerdy but not in a pejorative kind of way. She’s caught up in this society of perfect appearances, but unable to see her own inner beauty.” Emma’s inner beauty captivated producer Niv Fichman as well. “Emma is someone who I would love to meet,” says Fichman.“She’s a secret artist, she draws really well. I feel sorry for her because she has this problem where she is not as confident as she looks and wants to be augmented. But this unrealistic image of beauty is something society has imposed on all of us and that is one of the main themes of the film.”

In her free time, Emma likes to draw cartoons and creates a comicbook about the life of a filmmaker named Edward.

Edward The Filmmaker

As a cartoonist-comicbook artist, Emma created a character named Edward as the perfect gentleman every women desires - good-looking, handsome and successful. Being a top and famous film director, Edward is drawn into the world of fame, fortune and vanity.  Everything suddenly turned around when Emma decides to change the character's good fortune - his anatomy, into a nightmare.

The character of Edward is far too familiar to those in the film industry. “Edward’s a caricature of a variety of directors in movies that both Niv and I have come across over the years, in that he’s a commercial guy who is trying to make something meaningful or arty,” says Hansen. “He’s a parody of that type of filmmaker, the process of making a film as well as having various people influencing the work, for better or worse.”

Edward's latest project is a movie about a successful Brazilian fashion model who strives to be a novelist.

Michelle The Novelist

Edward, in his world as a filmmaker is making a movie about a Brazilian fashion model character named Michelle, who is living in Toronto.  She is deep into writing and aspires to become a novelist despite her manager-boyfriend's disapproval.  Michelle one day got her enthusiasm as a novelist gain momentum when a revered publisher, seeing one of her unfinished project - about a discontented worker named Emma who works at an artificial love doll factory, persuades her to finish it.  To focus on her work, Michelle travels back to her roots in Brazil leaving behind the life of a model. 

Michelle’s character was created around the concept that one should not judge a book by its cover. “Michelle is that kind of girl who people think is just beautiful,” says Hansen. “She has all these advantages in life: she goes to the front of the line; she can get what average people can’t and she sees the benefits and disadvantages to that---one of them being that she is not taken seriously as a writer because she’s only seen as beautiful.”

Throughout her story, Michelle is writing a book about Emma, an insecure woman who works in a factory that makes love dolls. 

And these are the three seemingly interconnecting realities that crosses the paths between the three characters of ZOOM - the cartoonist, the filmmaker and the novelist.  Each character living a different life in different worlds but each being an author of a story about the life of the other.    


 And so it goes ...

The GREEN BAND trailer:  

Link to view RED BAND trailer:  https://youtu.be/3u1GBuTzD4U

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No time to explain completely, but to simply put, I will paraphrase a famous line from Mad Max: Fury Road, "What a lovely day!". And what a lovely day it was indeed, especially if you are a comicbook reader such as us. Recently, the annual San Diego Comic Con, or the SDCC, made a lot of noise with a handful of interesting movie news bits. Dateline Movies will make a recap on the most important movie trailers, and some interesting updates, plus some speculation, previewed in this particular event. This post would be really helpful for those like us who have sadly missed all of the action.

Suicide Squad (2016)

When mysterious creatures began popping-out somewhere, special agent Amanda Waller, with government operative Rick Flag and Flag's bodyguard and compatriot Katana, assembles the world's vilest criminals, Deadshot, Harley Quinn, Killer Croc, Captain Boomerang, Slipknot, and El Diablo, in a bid to be free from their incarceration. Unfortunately, they stumble upon not just hordes of said mysterious creatures, they also run into the Clown Prince of Crime, the Joker, as well as the famous crime fighter, Batman and a powerful sorceress known as The Enchantress.

Recent speculation includes The Enchantress being the primary antagonist, Scott Eastwood as either of the superheroes Nightwing, Arsenal or Nemesis and a potential cameo by Lex Luthor.


Wonder Woman (2017)

The entire globe is gearing-up for the First World War (which is coincidentally our previous lesson in history class), and a handful of sinister forces are making use of the crisis for their own ends. In the middle of the chaos, Diana Prince of Themyscira stumbles upon a downed fighter pilot named Steve Trevor, who crashes onto Diana's homeland. Hearing about the war, Diana suits-up as Wonder Woman, hoping to help end the crisis.


Justice League (2017)

With the world left unguarded after the death of Superman at the hands of a creature named Doomsday, and its creator Lex Luthor, the newly resurfaced Batman makes use of Luthor's data to assemble a team of his own. Now, the combined might of Batman, Wonder Woman, the Flash, Cyborg and Aquaman must come face-to-face with an extraterrestrial force in the form of Steppenwolf, an agent of Apokolips who is seeking the all-powerful Mother Boxes. In addition, they will encounter the return of a recently murdered friend.

Recent confirmations include the return of Superman, a currently unidentified actor entering final negotiations to be Steppenwolf, and the lighter approach compared to Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

The Lego Batman Movie (2017)

From the same team behind the smash hit animated film The Lego Movie, the Lego Batman is back, this time with a new sidekick in the form of the Boy Wonder, Robin. While he does prefer to do his mission solo, his trusty butler Alfred Pennyworth makes him take care his recently adopted colleague. Now, Batman and Robin must work together when The Joker decides to cause mayhem, and maybe even meet other heroes along the way.

                                       Doctor Strange (2016)

After a car accident rendered both of his hands useless, Dr. Stephen Strange journeys to the sanctuary of The Ancient One, an ancient magic-user, to heal. Along the way, he learns that he gets more than what he bargained for when The Ancient One decides to teach Strange the many arts of the magical world, and decides to use these new found abilities to save the world from supernatural threats, including the recently turned sorcerer Kaecilius. To do this, he must join forces with Wong and Baron Mordo, and must learn to reconnect with the life he once left behind, including a "lynchpin to his old life", Christine Palmer.

Recent confirmations include the casting of Mads Mikkelsen as Kaecilius, Rachel McAdams as Christine Palmer, and Benjamin Bratt in a currently unknown role.

Recent speculation includes the appearance of the Time Stone as Doctor Strange's artifact, the Eye of Agamotto.


Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017)

After helping to stop Ronan The Accuser from blowing half of the galaxy into oblivion, the Guardians of the Galaxy, composing of Peter Quill or Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax The Destroyer, Rocket Raccoon and Groot are sought by the mysterious Ayesha, the leader of the Sovereigns for their assistance. With a new cosmic threat abounding, they form an unexpected alliance with Gamora's stepsister Nebula, and newcomer Mantis, while also discovering the identity of Peter Quill's real father, the omnipotent Ego, The Living Planet?

Recent confirmations include the castings of Kurt Russell as Ego, The Living Planet, Elizabeth Debicki as Ayesha, Chris Sullivan as Taserface and Pom Klementiff as Mantis, and Michael Rooker's updated look resembling more comic-accuracy.

Recent speculation includes Taserface becoming the potential antagonist, possible appearance of Adam Warlock, who was teased in Thor: The Dark World, and the appearance of an Infinity Stone, either the Soul Stone or the Time Stone.


Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017)

After being bitten by a genetically-altered spider, high school genius Peter Parker becomes Spider-Man, and uses his powers to fight crime. After being personally recruited by genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist, Iron Man to be more involved within the superhero community, Peter experiences the many struggles of being a superhero who is forced to keep his true self a secret from everyone close to him. In the midst of an upcoming homecoming dance, Spider-Man must contend with a new threat in the form of The Vulture.

Recent confirmations include the casting of Jacob Batalon as Ned Leeds, Tony Revolori as Flash Thompson, and Laura Harrier as Liz Allan, as well as the appearance of The Vulture.

Recent speculation includes the involvement of salvaged Chitauri technology from The Avengers movie, and the appearance of both Miles Morales and The Tinkerer.


Thor: Ragnarok (2017)

Years after discovering a potential threat that has ties with the Infinity Stones, Thor is caught in an Asgardian war as Loki has assumed the role of King of Asgard after managing to disguise himself as Odin. Hulk, on the other hand, is forced to do gladiatorial battles in an intergalactic stadium by an unknown figure. Both the God of Thunder and the Green Goliath have to unite when both Asgard and the rest of the universe is threatened by an all-powerful force known as Hela.

Recent confirmations include the castings of Cate Blanchett as Hela, Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie, Jeff Goldblum as the Grandmaster, and Karl Urban as Skurge The Executioner, as well as the appearance of Thor villain Surtur.

Recent speculation includes the appearance of an Infinity Stone, specifically the Soul Stone.


Black Panther (2018)

With T'Chaka, the former king of Wakanda, dead, due to the actions of Helmut Zemo during the Civil War between the Avengers, his son and superhero T'Challa, fighting under the mantle of the Black Panther, is forced to fill-in the duties of being a responsible ruler. Things do not go smoothly as various villains are attempting to take over Wakanda not just for the rare metal known as Vibrainium, but for the Wakandan throne as well. Now forced to do battle against the cunning Erik Killmonger, the Black Panther must seek the aid of some government agents, and his trustworthy allies in the form of the Dora Miraje members Nakia and Oyoke.

Recent confirmations include the castings of Michael B. Jordan as Erik Killmonger, Lupita Nyong'o as Nakia and Danai Gurira as Oyoke.

Recent speculation includes the appearances of Andy Serkis as Ulysses Klaue, and Martin Freeman as Everett K. Ross.


Captain Marvel (2019)

United States Air Force officer Carol Danvers works as part of a security officer for a secret military project, while working alongside unknowingly with an alien scientist disguised as a regular human genius. One fateful day, which involves Danvers and the scientist who is later revealed to be the Kree superhero Captain Marvel being caught in an explosion, Danvers' DNA is merged with Marvel's, giving her superpowers. With her newfound abilities, Carol Danvers will do everything to fight intergalactic threats with the same name as her savior, Captain Marvel.

Recent confirmation includes Brie Larson as Carol Danvers or Captain Marvel.

Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them (2016)

Many years before the events of the Harry Potter books transpired, young and aspiring "magizoologist" named Newton "Newt" Scamander encounters a mythical briefcase that houses the world's most fantastic and the most dangerous beasts known in both the magical realm and the seemingly normal world. Unfortunately for him, all hell breaks loose when the contents of the briefcase escape and cause massive mayhem. Determined to redeem himself of carelessly setting the monsters free, Newt joins forces with a band of colorful characters, as well as escaping the clutches of the enigmatic New Salem Philanthropic Society.


Kong: Skull Island (2017)

Set in the 1970s, many years prior to the events and set in the same universe as the recent and latest Godzilla reboot, a group of explorers band together in search of somethings that are both mystifying and all around potentially life threatening. Their expedition unexpectedly (or predictably in this case) takes a turn for the deadly when said adventurers are trapped in the beautiful landscape of the island, not knowing that they are being stalked by the king of the jungle. The largest alpha male everyone knows and loves. The eighth wonder of the world, Kong! Forced to rely on their wits and what remains of their weaponry, these madcap team of adventurers must fight for their way out of the island.


King Arthur: Legend of the Sword (2017)

Inspired by the all too familiar legend of the same name, an average nobody named Arthur is unknowingly a man destined for greatness, who is employed as a lowly worker in the back passages of Lordinum. However, he soon discovers that he is meant much more when he is able to wield the sword known as Excalibur. Discovering his true path, Arthur sets-out to reclaim what was lost, and avenge the death of his family by hunting down their murderer and unite the lands to free themselves of their kingdom's tyrant, who is also the killer of Arthur's family.

Man, this post was very tiring to write, and it took me about a week to write about it, given that I have to go through a landslide of homework since that exams are just two weeks from now. On the bright side, here are the most important updates and teasers straight out of the recent San Diego Comic Con. Up next, and hopefully we will be able to do the rest of these ideas, we will be reviewing all the films that are part of the filming world that DC Comics is always good at. Yep, their animated original movies, and this will replace our initial Marvel Phase 1 reviews. In addition, we might have to delay much of our cancelled movie posts, since it is very time consuming to read all of them. As such, we will be replacing them with various ideas that slip through our minds that is hopefully easy to write about. 

Stay tuned for more Dateline Movies!