The year 2016 for superhero movies is about to come to a close with Marvel's latest magical release Doctor Strange this November, although it is set for an earlier release date in other countries such as here in the Philippines. So far, all of the movies, ranging from the adult-comedic superhero antithesis Deadpool, to the supervillain caper flick Suicide Squad, as well as the three movies which feature superheroes battling each other to the death, have lived-up to a lot of audiences' expectations. Since there is not much scoops to work on for a Spotted! post, let us try to create concrete theories for movie plot holes. In this case, Dateline Movies begs the question, "Who hired Crossbones in Captain America: Civil War?".

Spotted!: Hidden Surprises and Trivia (Spoiler Alert!)

In Captain America: Civil War, we see that Crossbones, tired of being a lackey for the likes of HYDRA, decides to assemble a team of mercenaries to raid the Institute of Infectious Diseases in Lagos, Nigeria. The villain's primary objective is to steal a currently unnamed biological agent from the facility. However, that is not the only thing that he has in mind, because he is aiming to do battle once more with the man who "dropped a building on my (his) face", the star-spangled Avenger, Captain America!

After a chase all throughout Lagos, Crossbones and Captain America finally fight as the Falcon and the rest of the Avengers manage to safely obtain the virus before it starts an epidemic from the rest of Crossbones' allies. With Captain America beating him, Crossbones pulls one more trick up his sleeve, and that is by detonating his rigged vest, causing an explosion that would kill not only Captain America, but about a quarter of a populate area. Fortunately, the Scarlet Witch was there to contain then displace the explosion in the air, but the range of the bomb destroyed a nearby Wakandan building. Crossbones is killed, and the virus is never heard of again in the movie.

In this introductory battle of the flick, it is very much clear that all Crossbones wants is to kill Captain America, and nothing else, so why go through all the trouble to organize a theft of an item that has absolutely no connection to your plans? Also, where could he possibly get the new gear and the additional manpower? It is safe to assume that Crossbones is working for someone else, and that someone else hired Crossbones to perform a sinister act for a bigger plan. Below are our possible candidates for Crossbones' anonymous benefactor.

0th Candidate: Himself (?)

What is that? Crossbones was never a pawn for anyone in the first place and that he just assembled a team of henchmen and obtained a new battle armor himself? It is possible, because why not? Crossbones, probably in his days as a HYDRA soldier disguised as a SHIELD agent, might have had some connections with various underworld elements, including bounty hunters and terrorist organizations. And through those connections, he might have simply asked for a favor, and granted that he infiltrated SHIELD before, he might have tracked down some interesting weapons hidden away by SHIELD long ago.

But you might still wonder, why would Crossbones hit this specific laboratory in the first place? I mean, he could just cause a ruckus somewhere in New York City, where the Avengers are nearby, or why not just hit them where they live, their own headquarters? Well, it is possible that the pathogenic weapon of mass destruction is actually the Zodiac. In a tie-in issue to the franchise that before SHIELD was dismantled, Captain America, Black Widow and pre-Crossbones Brock Rumlow tracked down a terrorist cell lead by a man named Baker who stole the Zodiac, and plans to unleash a plague all over Chicago. Given that Captain America knows how much damage the Zodiac can potentially cause, there is no doubt that Crossbones is aware on how fast the Avengers will respond to the scene.

But again, if Crossbones is only fixated in the death of Captain America, why not just attack their base of operations, or maybe, at least his house, where he is alone? And why even bother securing a weapon that does not even add up to your master plan?

1st Candidate(s): The Remnants of HYDRA

Ever since Captain America: The First Avenger, HYDRA has made quite an influence over the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe, which is much more evident in their orchestration of Project Insight in the aforementioned movie's follow-up. Time and time again, defeat after defeat, HYDRA simply does not know when to give-up, and they just stand back up with a new master plan for world domination, and a new set of leaders to guide the organization's evil intents. Even after their entire membership has been killed in the television program Agents of SHIELD, there is always a slim chance that they will come back. Besides, there are many agents in the collective that are hiding in their secret bases, plotting their revenge. This just makes them the perfect candidate as Crossbones' benefactors, right? Wrong!

It is revealed in another tie-in that after Project Insight was dismantled indefinitely by Captain America, The Falcon, Black Widow and Nick Fury, Crossbones became disillusioned to the point that he is fed-up with his ties with HYDRA. To express his rage, he sets up an arms deal with other members of HYDRA, and shoots all of his unsuspecting victims in plain sight. Even if HYDRA gives him a new battle suit and a needed motivation to pull-off a heist like that, it is very doubtful that Crossbones would even think of joining them ever again given the circumstances.

Source 1, Source 2
2nd Candidate(s): Thaddeus Ross / Everett K. Ross

The one thing we learned so far from Captain America: The Winter Soldier is that the governments of this universe will always have ulterior motives, and would often resort to drastic measure to obtain their shady aims. This is the likely case for either Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross or Everett K. Ross. And no, they are not related here or in the comics.

In "Thunderbolt" Ross' case, he has had experience with fighting an Avenger before, namely the Incredible Hulk. With the experience, he knows what it is like to face a powerful superhero in the past. As such, we can conclude that "Thunderbolt" Ross orchestrated this attack so as to push forward the Sokovia Accords, which is a panel that demands superhero accountability in response to the devastating aftermath that was seen in Avengers: Age of Ultron. However, this is also very unlikely, as doing this would make this character hypocritical to what he stands for, and thus makes him an improbable figure; although this can be justified as Ross once became duplicitous before due to his involvement with the creation of the Hulk villain Abomination, played by Tim Roth (Pulp Fiction) in The Incredible Hulk.

Everett K. Ross, on the other hand, has a large probability percentage as he is still new to the franchise, and is a relatively unknown supporting character in the comics who is bound to be changed even just a little bit (Hey it is expected in every adaptation). While there have been theories pointing out that Ross is actually the Red Skull in disguise, I believe that this is not the case. Provided that we know almost nothing about the character from a moviegoer's perspective, we can assume that he has a similar potential motivation as the other Ross'. According to some viewers, in the scene wherein we see Zemo incarcerated, and is being monitored by Everett K. Ross, Zemo cryptically mentions that his plans has not failed. The look on Ross' face could signal that Ross might have plans on his own. Okay, this speculation is off the rails, and it is probably just a normal facial expression of his. Then again, only time will tell who Everett K. Ross really is.

3rd Candidate: Col. Helmut Zemo

It is made clear in the movie that Helmut Zemo does not want anything to do with HYDRA after the terrorist assembly's actions in Sokovia, his homeland, before. However, given that both Crossbones and Zemo hate not only HYDRA, but also the Avengers, there is a major chance that the two might have collaborated in a way that is just not fully explored in the movie.

According to user "Nerdtastic1221" on a comment of his in the franchise's own fan-made database, which is also a somewhat pitch for a short film, Zemo hears a lot about Crossbones' crusades, and he hires him to steal the biological weapon in Lagos. This way, based on Zemo's knowledge on the current political climate surrounding the superhero community, a chain reaction of events that would have the heroes destroy each other would hopefully occur. Crossbones agrees. However, Zemo tells Crossbones that he has to make himself a target of the Avengers for the team to have a reason to catch him.

As such, Crossbones assassinates his former HYDRA subordinate Jack Rollins, played by Callan Mulvey (Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice) in his prison cell, who is discovered to be selling HYDRA intelligence to the government for a swifter prison release. Crossbones then poses for a security camera for Captain America to find, and Zemo provides new weapons and enough manpower, assuming that he had several EKO Scorpion allies that are just as angry as he is towards the Avengers.

Personally, this is my most favorite theory that I have researched so far, because mainly, this is well thought of, although the user did not mention the part about Zemo's former contacts. And the fact that this is pitched by a fan as a Marvel One-Shot, which is a short film usually available for viewing in a Marvel movie's DVD release, only makes this idea very engaging and interesting. However, there are many more candidates to choose from, and the biological weapon again does not add up to the plan, so we will have to skim the other possibilities available.
4th Candidate(s): Advanced Idea Mechanics

Remember the Advanced Idea Mechanics? Yeah, the evil think-tank that made the world believe that the Mandarin is organizing terrorist attack but in reality they are just attempting to cash in on their Extremis virus through terror? Yep, that AIM. Well it appears that after Iron Man's defeat over the science-dedicated society, AIM has taken a massive blow to their economic status and their supervillain reputation.

According to user "Carlos Rosario (Lone Lez)" of Moviepilot, Crossbones knew that he would have cheated death twice after blowing himself up, as through him undergoing experimentation with the Extremis virus, he would be able to resurrect and appear as if he just disintegrated in the blast. Not only would he have got the chance to kill his nemesis, he would also have a chance to continue his pursuit of a life of crime.

But what would AIM get in return for starting a new pandemic in Lagos? Just imagine, a group of scientists that has an array of technology and possibly enough knowledge in every single branch of science imaginable, especially the field of medicine, plus a seemingly incurable disease on the rise. What do you get? A booming business run by malevolent geniuses would be the end result.

After reading about this theory, it just came to my mind on how credible this can be, given that it would be a really tragic waste of Crossbones if the studios were to kill him off immediately after getting a new alter ego. Yes, Marvel has had a villain problem recently, but after some major shift in their management system, it would appear that Marvel is aiming to create better foils for our heroes, starting with Zemo. In addition, this would be a great reintroduction to AIM, despite being a pretty cliched plan.

5th Candidate: Erik Killmonger

However, I think AIM did not orchestrate this caper entirely, or at least not alone. While it was previously mentioned that AIM is "aiming" to kickstart this generation's version of the Black Death, I doubt that that is the goal all along. The writers of the movie might be foreshadowing a possibility for one of their future releases, specifically Black Panther. This is supported by the fact that the bombing was done in a Wakandan facility, which is not the Institute For Infectious Diseases, mind you, which can be said is done on purpose by the writers. This is, of course, aside from giving a reason for Black Panther's involvement in the movie.

Does this mean that a villain we have not even met has masterminded all of this? Yes, but it is merely a possibility. So who do we point the finger at? Well it is none other than the newbie villain of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, who is to be played by Michael B. Jordan (FANT4STIC) in the Wakandan King's upcoming solo outing. For those who do not know who Killmonger is, he is a Wakandan native who moved out of the nation due to his hatred towards Ulysses Klaw, who is played by Andy Serkis (Avengers: Age of Ultron), and coerced Killmonger's father into joining his plot to kill Black Panther's father in the comics, as well as the Black Panther's legacy in general.

In the case of this adaptation, we might see a slightly different origin story, wherein Ulysses Klaue (It is spelled differently in the movies) had no involvement whatsoever with the demise of Killmonger's father, given that Klaue did not have any connection in Black Panther's father's death. That honor goes to Zemo. In the forthcoming entry, we can see that Erik Killmonger and Ulysses Klaue are planning to overthrow Black Panther from the throne of Wakanda, with Killmonger planning to become the better ruler of the sovereign country, and Klaue gunning for the Vibranium mines. But in order to get pass Wakanda's security forces, the two evildoers have to use a weapon instead of an army, and what better weapon is there than a viral strain? AIM can also be factored into this insidious plot, as they can provide some men for Killmonger and Klaue to command, and some arms to use, and AIM can grab this opportunity to increase their funds like our previous theory.

Well we have come to an end with our latest Spotted! post of the year, and this year has been surprisingly devoid of a lot of Spotted! articles compared to last year. For one thing, there is not a lot of movies to tackle, but we are making one each for Wonder Woman, Justice League and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. We might as well add Kong: Skull Island and Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, but the latter one I could use some help from of my bookish buddies in school. Anyway, before we exit, here are some of the best outtakes and bloopers from Captain America: Civil War. The Captain may have broken his no bad language vow, but please you do not have to. Stay tuned for more Dateline Movies!

Suicide Squad (2016)

Rated PG-13: For Intense Violence, Mild Language, Disturbing Imagery and Some Sensitive Themes

Running Time: 123 Minutes (2 hours and 5 minutes)

Genre/s: Action, Adaptation, Adventure, Comedy, Science Fiction, Superhero

Released on August 5, 2016 (US Release Date; Available For Worldwide Viewing)

Presented by Warner Bros. Studios

Writer and Director: David Ayer

  • Will Smith as Floyd Lawton / Deadshot
  • Margot Robbie as Harleen Quinzel / Harley Quinn
  • Joel Kinnaman as Rick Flag
  • Jay Hernandez as Chato Santana / El Diablo
  • Jai Courtney as George "Digger" Harkness / Captain Boomerang
  • Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje as Waylon Jones / Killer Croc
  • Karen Fukuhara as Tatsu Yamashiro / Katana
  • Cara Delevigne as June Moone / The Enchantress
  • Viola Davis as Amanda Waller
  • Jared Leto as The Joker
And now it is the best time for something that is completely different for this year of superhero movies, supervillains saving the world from utter destruction. After our school examinations, and during our DC Extended Universe critique post, I have promised myself that I would be watching Suicide Squad as soon as I rid myself of all the school work, but an avalanche of projects followed, and there went what could have been the best weekend of the school year. But finally, we celebrated National Heroes' Day by watching the Worst Heroes Ever on the big screen, which is pretty ironic once you think about it. Is this film the definitive DCEU movie fans have been waiting for, or is this a major red flag towards the franchise' dwindling quality? Join Dateline Movies as we review the third consecutive, polarizing DCEU flick, and most definitely not the last of its kind, Suicide Squad!

What is the movie about?

In the aftermath of the world's most powerful superhero, Superman's demise at the hands of Doomsday, Earth is left without a protector. The mysterious figure named Amanda Waller, played by Davis (Beautiful Creatures) spearheads the program known as Task Force X, which involves the assembly of the world's most ruthless assassins, criminals and all-around villains, in exchange for reduced prison sentences, as a means to take down extraordinary threats that a regular human could not handle.

Waller already has selected individuals under her grasp who have the potential to join-in the ranks of being a member of a Suicide Squad. Arrested by Batman in Gotham City, ace assassin Floyd "Deadshot" Lawton, played by Smith, struggles to prove to his daughter that he is more than just a killer. The pyrokinetic Chato "El Diablo" Santana, played by Hernandez (Max), lives in self-isolation after his powers led to the accidental deaths of his wife and daughter. Former psychiatrist Harleen "Harley Quinn" Quinzel, played by Robbie (Smith and Robbie appeared in Focus), is also apprehended by Batman after the Dark Knight had a run-in with his nemesis, the Joker, played by Leto (Panic Room). Another Batman rogue, Waylon "Killer Croc" Jones, played by Akinnuoye-Agbaje (Game of Thrones), is born as a cross-breed between a lizard and a man. Wisecracking boomerang-based thief Digger "Captain Boomerang" Harkness played by Jai Courtney, is dragged into the program as well after the Flash caught him. The mythical June "Enchantress" Moone, played by Delevigne (Paper Towns) is selected as a candidate due to her connections with the paranormal.

All of these fine and deadly ladies and gentlemen are part of Task Force X. To keep the order intact within the team, Waller assigns her most trusted colleague Rick Flag, played by Kinnaman (Run All Night) to monitor the group with bombs implanted in their necks, with Flag's bodyguard and friend Tatsu "Katana" Yamashiro, played by Fukuhara in her debut role.

But things quickly turn dangerous as the Enchantress' darker personality, the demon that possessed her and who grants her abilities, has taken over, and has freed her sinister brother Incubus. With her brother, the insidious duo takes over Midway City and transforms the populace into mindless henchmen. Now planning to start a frightful new world order, Task Force X must get it together if they are to be more than just your average evildoers. However, they forgot about the Joker joining the game. 

What we think of the movie?

Acting = (3/5)

When we think of the iconic beauty of a character that is Harley Quinn, two things would come into mind. First, Harley is indeed gorgeous, and second, she is a fairly complex character, packed to the brim with complicated love-related issues and dark humor. I am here to tell you now that this iteration of Harley Quinn, is more or less tamed. Sure, omitting the trademark abusive Joker-Harley relationship is done to cater to all audiences, but I have to agree with other Internet users here, this just made Harley pretty one-dimensional. But character underdevelopment aside, Margot Robbie nails it as Harley Quinn, and she is by far the best performance throughout the entire movie, as if she is the very heart of the flick. Making use of her charming talents to capture the lovable nature of the iconic comicbook character of the same name, Robbie steals the show by becoming the inevitable comic relief that is actually fun to watch, compared to the really annoying. However, I do miss the notable Brooklyn accent from the original animated series. 

Given my love for comicbooks, you could easily assume that I know who Chato Santana is before watching the movie. Well you are really, really wrong, because this El Diablo is not the one I am familiar with, who is a Spanish cowboy who hangs-out with Jonah Hex in the old west. Storywise, Jay Hernandez's "isolated himself from society" character is undeniably cliched. Seriously, El Diablo is just like any other guilt-driven character in all the other crime films I watched. However, there is something about Jay Hernandez's portrayal that makes him a highlight. Was it the actor's ability to make audiences sympathize, or was it the fact that he transformed into a full-fledged flaming demon by the climax made us cheer? Either way, we can all agree that El Diablo, who in the wrong hands could have just been a charmless gangster, have been a standout among the cast members of the entire film by conveying raw emotions, making viewers relate to this sadly killed-off character.

The Joker, played by Academy-Award winning method actor and 30 Seconds To Mars front man Jared Leto, is part of the main cast of characters but only appears for a handful of minutes. After all of the anticipation brought upon by the endless circulation with regards to Leto's unorthodox ways of getting into character, such as pranking his co-stars to the point that Viola Davis threatened to pepper spray, to blurring the lines between actor and character by becoming a total psychopath, a lot of us would assume that Leto would be getting a proper amount of screen time. Prepare to be eerily disappointed as the Joker's overall screen time meets little to no expectations at all due to the apparent one-hour worth of footage that is "enough for a Joker movie." removed from the final cut. Regardless of limitations, Leto does have the potential to be a truly terrifying Joker, and the scenes that featured him are somewhat enjoyable but are too short to make an impression. Unfortunately, there simply was not enough time for him to show-off his complete dark side, and had the scenes remained, maybe we could have seen a completely unique portrayal. As such, my final judgement remains in the "gray area".

Amanda Waller, as I have seen from the classic DC animated shows, is a very intriguing authority figure in a world filled with gifted superhumans, and a very threatening foil to our heroes in red, blue and black. She represents the ideally paranoid government officer who knows her way in and out of the ever changing world, and someone who knows the many difficult and regretful decisions she has to do to preserve the greater good. In this movie, well, she is slightly underdeveloped, given that she practically acts as the squad's handler, and not much else, but Viola Davis' delivery, dashed with her How To Get Away With Murder energy, shows a small but engaging glimpse at who her character truly is. Despite the slightly under-cooked characterization, the movie does a great job at making her easily hated by a lot of fans, in a good way. With her being the secondary focus of the story, combined with Davis' performance, we get to see serious and committed Amanda Waller, who knows how to get through everyone's heads, and play with them for her own gain.

Will Smith is usually the kind of actor that would be the source of a movie's energy. For a man who is a very talented actor and rapper who is often displayed for a party animal or a bad boy type of protagonist, Smith's performance as Deadshot represents some of the aspects that he is notable for. While Smith delivered some interesting moments such as the training scene, and his character is developed, although cliched, this performance feels a little bit tired, and most of the gag scenes that he is in seem to be lost in translation. No, I am not joking. Not a single soul in the movie house cracked a smile in some of the scenes that has him attempt to be charismatic. However, I am still hopeful to see more of him as time goes by, and maybe return with much more energy.

Joel Kinnaman is a pretty decent actor, if you would ask me. He has had some ups, such as his role in the acclaimed drama House of Cards, and times that he is somewhere within the middle such as the RoboCop reboot and Run All Night. But I will be perfectly honest here, his role did have purpose, yet it is overshadowed by the sub-plots concerning the other major characters, specifically by Harley Quinn's backstories. His performance as Rick Flag is sort-of average at best, as I am very much familiar with the "no non-sense field leader with a huge military background" trope like if its is my own backyard, and his portrayal matched the description.

Character underdevelopment plagued not only Rick Flag, but also not one, not two, rather four other characters in the movie, namely Jai Courtney's Captain Boomerang, Cara Delevigne's Enchantress, Karen Fukuhara's Katana and Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje's Killer Croc. I cannot remember how many times I actually said it to myself in the theater, but I did say "Oh yeah, I forgot they're in the movie.". In Akinnuoye-Agbaje's case, his character's vocabulary range from reptilian growls, to some gags, but mostly reptilian growls. Had he do more than those, except for that one hilarious bar scene, he could have been more memorable. For Captain Boomerang and Katana, it is as if they are just extras in their own movie. While this is undoubtedly one of Jai Courtney's much better portrayals, and Karen Fukuhara shows promise, their amount of dialogue in the entire movie is about five to seven lines. For Enchantress, it is the trope of being the typical kind of villain that you would normally expect from every other superhero movie that completely ruined Cara's performance. Also, while Delevigne is very hypnotic in appearance as the Enchantress, there is some notable lack of energy, aside from a few scenes of her chanting an incantation, but again the screenplay is the true culprit here.

Also, Adam Beach is here as Slipknot, for only two minutes or less until his character dies with only a few words out of his mouth. What was the point of him being in the poster again? I saw a lot of posts on Facebook saying that he was the "highlight" of the movie, powered by an "amazing performance" by Adam Beach. On that day, I learned to differentiate pure sarcasm to actual praise by looking beyond the words on my computer screen. Seriously, he does not even get to have an origin story at the beginning, compared to the rest of the cast mates. While his character in the comics is very bad in terms of both power and characterization, given that he only uses powerful ropes to climb (and that is about it), it would have been pretty interesting to at least try to expand the character a little bit further by giving him a stand-out scene, or maybe a one-liner.

Production Value and Cinematography = (3/5)

Well this is, after all, a big-budget action movie, so I would expect some high quality production value. And the final result featured a bundle of stylish art direction, especially in the introductory origin story montage for all of our villains. The use of bright pink colors to imitate neon lights was all around eye-catching, and it really did reflect the psychotically humorous tone of the entire movie, which makes this a very good hook for audiences. It really did feel like a heist movie with superpowers.

In terms of the rendering of the computer generated imagery, it appears very frequently that it is incomplete, as if it is made for a cartoon rip-off. Some examples to back this up would be how Killer Croc is almost noticeably different, like how the colors of his scales change from dark green to bright yellow green in some scenes, notably in the climactic battle. Another evidence of this fault would have to be that in some cases, the mind-controlled citizens of Midway City look cartoonish, and in a lot of shots, they appear as dark silhouettes. Incubus is the worst of the worst among all the unpolished CGI creations, the Enchantress' brother, looks something straight out of a poorly made video game, as his appearance alone looks like a terrible mash between The Scorpion King from The Mummy 2, and Doomsday from Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

The direction and the editing of the movie felt pretty messy, as one can feel that the end result was indeed rushed for release. For instance, near the end of the movie after Amanda Waller is rescued from mind-related torture, she somehow gets to walk alright even after a lengthy battle. Normally, someone who experienced some torture related to this one would feel weak, but apparently Amanda Waller is so strong that she can simply threaten the entire Suicide Squad after a night of mental agony.

It is shown throughout the movie that the Enchantress is a goddess-type of villain who is very formal and sophisticated with her vocabulary, given that she does keep saying things in a Dracula-esque manner. However, by the conclusion of the climactic battle, with the Enchantress' weapon of mass destruction destroyed, she changes from a calm and mature villainess to a potty-mouthed crybaby as upon her defeat, she threatens Flag that he does not have the "parts" to kill her. I had to paraphrase so as to keep this website family-friendly, but you all know by now what "parts" I am referring to.

The action sequences are pretty much okay really. The hand-to-hand combat is enough to thrill audiences and to keep us distracted from the CGI nonsense of the rest of the movie. This is indeed true, especially in the final battle between the Suicide Squad and the Enchantress, although the lighting and the camera work would prevent moviegoers from really knowing what is going on. One example of this being in the Squad's entrance of Midway City, and their first encounter with the mind-controlled citizens. The darkness makes it really hard to make up what is going on.

Also, can the Enchantress take a break every once in a while from dancing while casting an enchantment? I am not joking, as in about the entire movie she is endlessly moving her hips.

Overall the editing and the direction could use some more polish, and the CGI could use some more tinkering as well, but it does not necessarily derail the movie.

Story, Dialogue and Flow = (3/5)

By now, you might already notice that in every movie review we make, I would always place emphasis on a film's story. Why I do this is because, well, stories are the lifelines of each flick, and without a cohesive and/or interesting plot, then the movie is slightly doomed, unless the director and the crew make the best out of it. In this movie, the plot is fun, engaging and full of interesting ideas, given that this is the first released movie based on comicbook supervillains, most of these are tragically wasted.

A lot of people claim that this is the DC Extended Universe version of the Marvel Cinematic Universe's Guardians of the Galaxy, as both films feature relatively then unknown and obscure characters, and both make use of humor as an essential part. However, unlike the latter flick, Suicide Squad failed to give each member of their team, including the main antagonist, a proper story arc, which makes them feel more like they are more or less shoehorned into the film for other fans to be intrigued.

We have already mentioned about all the underdeveloped characters in the movie in the first section of this movie review, but we have not tackled the Enchantress brick by brick. Let us start with the weakest antagonist the DCEU has to offer so far, the Enchantress. Again, like the other superhero movies released recently, the Enchantress basically has a recycled master plan to conjure, but has almost no backstory to fully explore the character's motivations and goals. Mind you that Guardians of the Galaxy also experienced the same thing with Ronan the Accuser, who is changed from a tyrannical figure in the comics, to a punchline who gets easily distracted by dancing. In the Enchantress' case, she mentions something about reclaiming her and Incubus' forgotten legacies as godlike beings among the people. It is a pretty cliched but an okay motivation at best, but the movie just leaves it there and adds absolutely nothing else to the character. It is as if the screenplay just gave up (then again, the script itself was made in less than two weeks, according to some sources).

Her sinister plan for conquest is also very unoriginal and very lackluster, as we are once again introduced to the done-to-death swirling vortex of doom in the sky, just like in The Avengers and FANT4STIC. Whilst Jesse Eisenberg's Lex Luthor's plan to manipulate Batman into killing Superman is convoluted beyond reason, the Enchantress' is straightforward and also vague, given that the script did not even bother to explain her ideas. It is overall very simplistic because of how much this plan has been done over and over again recently, and also really unclear. Why she kidnapped Amanda Waller and destroy the world's defenses is beyond me, although we could easily conclude that Earth would be easier to take over once the world has no contingencies left. Also, is the movie telling me that the Enchantress, an all-powerful magic user, can create parasites that can control people, and create a doomsday weapon out of nothing, but she cannot unleash hordes of supernatural monsters? Seriously, why make your forces fight with axes and guns, when you can just give them powers right now?

However, all of these negative aspects are not to say that the script did not have any great moments, because it did. For instance, the humor, evident in the dialogue, is really spot-on, and it is certainly one of the few times in modern superhero movies that the humor feels mostly natural and not forced. One example being, in my own very honest opinion, the part wherein the Squad hangs-out in a city bar after discovering what their true purpose is. It is a really heartwarming part, as we get to have more character development for both Deadshot and El Diablo. The humorous exchange between Killer Croc and Harley Quinn is also a barrel of laughter. The part wherein Flag introduces the Squad to "The Voice of God" is very funny as well. In some points, though, the humor can become out-of-place, with some instances being at the part wherein Harley Quinn references the voices in her head.

The origin story segments are also a delight to watch, especially Deadshot's part, as it contains some of the funniest moments in the entire movie.

How the movie introduces several supervillains into the shared universe, and how superheroes are made symbols of fear among the villains, supported by cameos from Ben Affleck's Batman and Ezra Miller's The Flash are great, as this leaves a lot of things to wait for, and brings a different perspective. Who knows? Maybe all of the still alive villains would band together again and form a Secret Society of Supervillains (If you know what I mean), or maybe an annexed version of the Suicide Squad, with other potential recruits.

Overall, the story is not as intriguing or interesting as that of Batman v. Superman's, and the lack of character development will bother viewers, but the dialogue and some other particularly amazing elements really helped shape this movie to a practically entertaining piece of film.

Also, this comment might feel bizarre, but honestly, I do not see the logic behind the team's formation. How can average metahumans and non-superpowered villains survive against a magical onslaught? And above all else, how can they fend-off the likes of Superman? I think I would rather see them do an assassination plot to overthrow the Queen Bee of Bialya and for the US government to steal the nation's experiments. Hey, that would sound like a great movie pitch!

Ending, Originality and Story Fulfillment = (4/5)

Well, we have now come to the concluding chapter of our movie review, and it is time to review the climactic battle between the Worst Heroes Ever, and Worst Villain Ever in a DC Movie. 

After reaching the Squad's primary target, the entire team is in for a shock when they discover that they are only an extraction team for Amanda Waller, who is trapped in Midway City at the time of the attack. This revelation is surprising, as in no way the movie gave any hints as to what is in store, but it was also fulfilling as this shows how far Amanda Waller will go just for her own agendas, whether or not this will help others, but one thing is for sure, it is for her country.

After an ambush by the Joker in an attempt to rescue Harley Quinn, only to be shot down by Waller's forces, Waller is kidnapped by the Enchantress for reasons unknown, because again, the script did not dabble in the intentions of the Enchantress. Things fall apart when Deadshot discovers a file on Rick Flag that details the profile of their enemy, who is also revealed to be Flag's girlfriend. (Gasp! Also, am I the only one bothered by this?) After getting enough motivation to fight again, the Squad assembles to launch their last stand against the Enchantress, who they track to a city subway.

Finally we get to the action! The Squad distracts the Enchantress and Incubus as Killer Croc and an out-of-place Scott Eastwood places a bomb underneath Incubus in order for the Squad to have one less demon to battle. After attempting to control Deadshot, Harley Quinn and El Diablo by making them believe that the Enchantress would grant them their deepest desires. Deadshot would be able to kill the Batman and be reunited with his daughter, Zoe. Harley would marry the Joker and have a baby together. Rick Flag would be able to spend the rest of his life with June Moone, while El Diablo would have reunited with his now dead family, whom he accidentally killed with his powers after a fit of rage. But El Diablo knows that this is all a lie, and after waking the rest of the team from the Enchantress' trances, El Diablo fends-off Incubus by becoming a fiery giant. This moment cements his status as one of the movie's highlights, and it only becomes disappointing once you realized that he is caught in the explosion meant for Incubus. Seriously, he should have survived, but hey, it is a comicbook movie after all.

Afterwards, we get to see the battle against the Enchantress, and it is awesome. The rainfall effects really reflects the seriousness of this finale, and how powerful the Enchantress can be. The hand-to-hand fights are really entertaining, and while the Enchantress still refuses to unleash her complete powers, she puts up a good fight.

Luckily, there is an explosive nearby, and after Killer Croc throws the device to the Enchantress' machine, which is being used to destroy the world's most powerful defense installations thanks to Waller's thought patterns, Deadshot shoots the bomb, causing the machine to fall down, and for the Enchantress to fall flat on her face. Defeated, the Enchantress plays some mind games before finally having Rick Flag get the last laugh by destroying the Enchantress' heart.

By the film's conclusion, we get to see the rest of the currently alive Squad members get their rewards, with Killer Croc getting a television set and a hamburger, Harley Quinn gets a coffee machine and Deadshot gets to visit his daughter, which is a particularly heartwarming scene and shows that Deadshot is more than just a contract killer who knows how to kill people from 4,000 feet away. For some reason, Captain Boomerang is the only one who does not have a reward. Was it because that he is indirectly responsible for Slipknot's death? The film concludes, at the backdrop of the great Bohemain Rhapsody, the Joker, predictably revealed to be alive, break Harley Quinn out.

Be sure to stay for the mid-credits scene, which proves that DC is holding nothing to become a worthy opponent to Marvel's growing franchise. Here, Bruce Wayne, played by Affleck (The Accountant) seeks some files for the locations of other potential Justice League members from Waller, who in turn asks for protection. This is not necessarily a great scene, but it does help tease what is to come, and is only made more exciting when Waller hints that she knows the alter ego of Bruce Wayne.

All-in-all, this was a fun movie to watch, and the ending was nothing special, but it is a fitting end to an amazing yet flawed installment. Here is to hoping that both Wonder Woman and Justice League really pave the way for better DC Movies.

Overall Evaluation = (4/5)

While it is most certainly not that The Dark Knight of the decade, and will not entertain some of our highest expectations, this film is a fun and the most lighthearted film in the franchise so far, in the most twisted sense possible.

TOTAL = 16/25 (Pleasant Entertainment)

A clearly distinctive and fresh outing for the DC Extended Universe, fueled by dark humor and quirky performances, Suicide Squad suffers from the bad case of an unpolished story and over-hype, but it is still a must-watch for all!

And that concludes our very lengthy and very detailed review of Suicide Squad. Be sure to listen to their official soundtrack on Spotify, because it really is catchy, even if I am not that kind of guy who likes modern music that much. Did you like Suicide Squad? Let us know in the comments. Also, be sure to listen to their songs. They are really good. And speaking of songs, here is a fan-made music video titled "Voices in My Head" made by Nerd Out! We hope you like it! Stay tuned for more Dateline Movies!

The band you know. The story you don’t.

In 1962, four friends changed the world.

Philippine release date:  September 21, 2016

Director: Ron Howard

Writers: Mark Monroe, P.G. Morgan (story consultant)

Stars: John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ringo Starr

Genre: Drama, History

The Beatles: Eight Days A Week - The Touring Years is a new movie by Academy Award director Ron Howard.  This documentary chronicles the legendary Beatles
remarkable and extraordinary early career featuring numerous previously rare and never before seen footage from their numerous tours as they take the world by storm. 

Focusing more on the band's beginnings from 1962 to 1966 - the early stage of their career when they first played at The Cavern Club in Liverpool, then touring cities and countries and across continents bringing and introducing their brand of sensational music across boundaries, culminating their last touring concert at Candlestick Park in San Francisco in the United States on August 29, 1966. For the last time, the band that started making their concert stage at gigantic sports arenas with thousands and thousands of jam-packed screaming fans is making their very last public appearance as a group. 

After their first successful appearance to the general public in the United States, performing at the Ed Sullivan Show on February 9, 1964 and seen by an estimated viewer of around 73 million, considered one of highest in television history, The Beatles set out on a tour.

At the culmination of their tour, The Beatlemania sensation have performed 166 concerts in 90 cities at 15 different countries around the world. Such instance is the very first time wherein the world is seen as united - bound by attitude and aspirations - and not divided by any form of race, color, culture, belief and tradition.  Music became the uniting force between people.

The movie also delves deeper into the insights of The Beatles working as a group, the choice and creation of their music together and exploring the individual talents of each member - John Lennon with his witty humor, Paul McCartney with his mesmerizing charm and charisma, coupled with George Harrison's and Ringo Starr's good lines and way with words.  When the group started singing, their melody, their harmony and their confidence and mere presence very much complement each other - simply mesmerizing.  

THE BEATLES: EIGHT DAYS A WEEK - THE TOURING YEARS tells the story of The Beatles as a band, the impact of The Fabulous Four to the world, The Beatles as viewed  by the fans, and The Beatles' world as a whole - The Beatlemania. It will analyze and dwell on the impact of those touring years on each member of The Beatles – the toll that the touring of the group took on their relationships as well as the effect it had on their musical evolution, their lifestyle and fame. 

MTRCB Rating and Running Time: (to follow)

Official Website

Official Beatles website:

Official Twitter handle: @thebeatles
Official Hashtags: #TheBeatlesEightDaysAWeek, #TheBeatles

beatles tour in manila

The Beatles as they descend the plane as part of their 2 country Asian tour - one in Tokyo and the other one in Manila.
* photos courtesy of Solar Films

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Purple Rain is a movie released on July 27, 1984 and was written, edited and directed by Albert Magnoli and stars Prince in  his film debut playing the role of The Kid, together with Apollonia Kotero, Morris Day, Olga Karlatos and Clarence Williams III.  It has a running time of 111 minutes. It tells the story of The Kid, the lead singer of the group, The Revolution, who plays in a downtown joint called The First Avenue Nightclub.  To escape the frustrations he had from his parents, The Kid practices all day with his band and plays at the club most of the night.  He also has troubles with his bandmates and his burdens in life grow even more when a fellow band where he is performing is trying its very best to out-perform him and his group.  


Purple Rain was a success, not only in the United States but also in other countries. The movie is tied to an album bearing the same name. The soundtrack of the movie was a hit and a commercial success. The original songs from Purple Rain are all composed and produced by Prince.

At the ceremonies of the 57th Academy Award  which was held on March 25, 1985 at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, Los Angeles, Prince Rogers Nelson or more popularly known as Prince won the Award for Best Original Song Score beating Jeff Moss for the movie The Muppets Take Manhattan and Kris Kristofferson for the Songwriter.  Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner made the announcement and presented the award to Prince.

Since we cannot find a decent YouTube video of Prince, here's one from Adam Levine singing Purple Rain at Howard Stern's Birthday Bash in 2014.  Enjoy!

Image Source, Source 1, Source 2, "Die? Didn't You Know? Spartans Never Die!"
Halo, a video game series that revolves around an intergalactic war between human beings and an extremist alien race known as the Covenant, is noted for being one of the most influential first-person shooters of all time. Its in-depth and compelling stories, interesting characters, and its vast universe are known as some of the series' highlights. While I did not fully play any of the games, the free demo for Halo: Combat Evolved was loads of fun, and it did show me a glimpse of what the games have in store. Some might say that this game had enough ideas for a live-action adaptation in the style of The Lord of The Rings trilogy, and a full-length feature there could have been, and could have featured Peter Jackson as producer. On our latest cancelled movie spotlight, Dateline Movies heads straight into the far reaches of space, and again Hollywood's big trash bin, to discuss the now cancelled Halo adaptation!

Source, The Covenant Marches On!
How did it almost happen?

Alex Garland, one of the most amazing screenwriters in the modern cinematic industry, and also a personal favorite of mine, who is known for his works on 28 Days Later and Ex Machina, was originally the one who started the project. How he pitched the entire movie is pretty interesting and almost unbelievable, as Garland was accompanied by people dressed as various Master Chiefs, with two of them holding the screenplay and some terms and conditions.

With proper blessing courtesy of Microsoft, the game series' publisher, as well as a deal that involves the said studio earning about 10-million dollars and about 15% of the film's future revenue. Interested with the deal, 20th Century Fox and Universal Studios decided to join forces, and instead settle to offer 5-million dollars to Microsoft, with an added 10% from the total revenue of the film. Peter Jackson, noted for his success with The Lord of The Rings Trilogy and the King Kong remake, is set to produce the movie, with his protegee Neill Blomkamp acting as director, with this canned project supposed to be his directorial debut. Hellboy and Blade II director Guillermo Del Toro was also in talks to helm the project forward. There have been no cast members confirmed for the project. Below are the only people with confirmed involvement.

Original Writer: Alex Garland

Additional Rewrites: Josh Olson and D.B. Weiss

Executive Producer: Peter Jackson

Director: Neill Blomkamp

Source, As Some Fans Would Say, "10/10 Would Definitely Date Her"
What was suppose to happen?

The following story outline will be a simplified and shortened version of the leaked script. For various reasons, we could not seem to give away the entire script. We apologize for the inconvenience. Hopefully in good time, we might be able to share the complete script, so for now, do settle for this story outline.

Somewhere in space, a man-made ship known as the Pillar of Autumn, lead by Captain Keyes, is under attack from Covenant forces. To defend themselves, Keyes asks Cortana, the ship's artificial intelligence to awaken their "war dog" known only as Master Chief, a towering force to reckon with, from cryogenic slumber. With Master Chief awoken, the armored supersoldier assists his comrades in preventing unauthorized entries, but they are no match as more enemy reinforcements make their way through the ship. Ordering Master Chief to escort Cortana off the ship to prevent The Covenant from learning their secret files, Captain Keyes commands everyone else, including Major Silva and his elite Helljumpers, to evacuate to a Halo-shaped structure orbiting a nearby planet. This option is made possible because of the structure containing an atmosphere that is compatible with human body.

Source, Is It Me Or Did Interstellar Used The Same Structure?
As Master Chief, Cortana, and a band of other marines make their way to an intergalactic ring-shaped structure, followed by the rest of the marines in separate escape pods, Master Chief's lifeboat crashes violently, and the rest of his comrades are killed. As Master Chief and Cortana watch as the Pillar of Autumn crash, the two evade capture from pursuing Covenant troops and are able to lend a hand with the other marines.

Master Chief and Cortana hitch a ride with one of Chief's former colleagues, Carol Rawley, also known as Foehammer, en route to Major Silva's makeshift base. There, Silva orders Chief to stay away from combat as much as possible due to the lack of systems to upload Cortana.

After Master Chief tends to his wounds, both he and Cortana enter a shared dream, but his slumber is interrupted by the sound of an Elite Covenant alien's scream. Once there, Master Chief and Cortana discover that Major Silva and his Helljumpers are interrogating an alien. Angry, Cortana, who is originally unseen due to being a program in Master Chief's armor, appears in a bright light and clearly broken form to ask Silva about what he intends to do. Silva reveals that The Covenant is holding Captain Keyes, who survived the crash, captive, and they are planning a rescue mission, to which Cortana and Master Chief offer their services.

Source, All Of Hell(Jumper) Is Breaking Loose!
Cortana, Silva, Master Chief and about twenty Helljumpers are able to intercept The Covenant's battle cruiser, Truth and Reconciliation, but they are in for a surprise when they learn that The Covenant has anti-gravity on their side, and once on board, they are ambushed by, not one, but two hulking Covenant monsters. Fortunately, there are some handy-dandy adhesive plasma grenades around the corner of the ship, and Master Chief dispatches one of the creatures by blowing-up its back, its helmet and finally its arm cannon, killing it in the process. The other "Hunter" is eventually killed by an overloaded fuel rod cannon in the ship.

As the half of the still alive unit cause a distraction, Master Chief, Cortana, Major Silva and the rest of the remaining Helljumpers leap to the rescue. Eventually, they are able to locate Keyes through one of The Covenant's ship computers, just in a nick of time for the team to save Keyes from further torture. Afterwards, the ragtag rescue team make their escape through the use of a stolen Covenant escape ship, although slightly damaged, which they then use to reach their base.

Source, The Reign of The Forerunners is Upon Us!
Startled at her discovery from the Truth and Reconciliation vessel, Cortana reveals to the rest of the forces that the orbital construct that they are in, identified as "Halo", is a weapon of unknown power that is once built by an ancient, deadly civilization of aliens known as "The Forerunners", the Covenant's very own pantheon. In addition, The Forerunners are the source of several of The Covenant's weaponry. They then update their objectives from search-and-rescue to shutting down Halo, and they start with a location Cortana says is named "The Silent Cartographer".

Master Chief, Cortana, Major Silva, Captain Keyes and a lot of their forces make their move towards The Silent Cartogtapher. After a lengthy battle outside their target, they enter a massive temple-like entrance and structure. They are ambushed by a handful of stealth-based Covenant units, suffering from a brutal blow to their ranks. Chief and Cortana go deeper without the aid of their allies most of whom have been wounded in the ambush. Meanwhile, back in the Pillar of Autumn crash site, wherein the Helljumpers are assigned to investigate what The Covenant is afraid of, something big has escaped, and has slaughtered Captain Keyes, Major Silva and all of the Helljumpers.

Source, "Open The Flood Gates!"
Cortana and Chief finally reach The Silent Cartographer, which is a large X-Men's Cerebro-like holographic projection room. Cortana suddenly acts erratically upon hacking into the single console in the chamber, and Chief is knocked unconscious after an explosion of light. Chief, after waking-up, searches desperately for both Cortana and the rest of his allies, but to no avail. He stumbles upon Corporal Jenkins, the soldier he saved earlier. Paranoid at the unknown, Jenkins got the gun he gave to Chief and killed himself in front of Chief. Chief then hears a terrifying sound and quickly retreats to a dead end, only to beheld the horrific sight of his swayed comrades. All of his colleagues are infected with mysterious organisms attached to their faces.

After fending-off a horde of enemies, Chief makes his way into a possible exit, where an enigmatic robotic spheroid named 343 Guilty Spark, programmed to contain the mind-controlling "Flood", alongside an army of Sentinels rescue Chief from the Flood-infested soldiers. Through 343 Guilty Spark, Chief learns, as he is accompanied by Guilty Gear to Halo's control room, that Halo is a holding installation for the study of the Flood. As Guilty Spark asks Chief to activate the "sterilization" protocol, Cortana manifests and blasts Guilty Spark, who is actually trying to kill an entire galaxy with Halo's defense mechanisms instead of the Flood. His motivation for this was that the moment Halo was activated, everything became "pointless". Angry, Chief shoots Guilty Spark.

Source, 343 Guilty Gear Looks Strikingly Similar To Portal 2's Wheatley
As the weather control system of Halo malfunctions, blizzards form, and more of the Flood spawn, destroying the encampment. Chief and Cortana are rescued by Foehammer, who became the sole survivor of the destruction of their base. In Foehammer's airship, the three hatch a plan to destroy Halo without sacrificing the universe, and that is by using the Pillar of Autumn's fusion reactors to cause a devastating explosion.

They then encounter an infested Captain Keyes, with the Flood parasite that is controlling its host plunging Cortana and Chief into Chief's flashback, the time when he failed to save lives on a planet known as Reach. As Keyes continues to mutate, Chief battles the being's telepathic power, and after shooting the turned Keyes, 343 Guilty Spark enters, alive, as Cortana activates a self-destruct sequence. Chief and Cortana rides a Warthog, a military vehicle, as they maneuver their way to the crash site, and finally to Foehammer's rendezvous point, seeing the now turned Silva to brutally murder Foehammer in front of Chief and Cortana. Finally, the anger was just too much for Chief to overcome, and so he shoved a grenade into Silva's chest. In the end, we see Chief and Cortana, the only survivors after Halo explodes, make their way back to Earth by trying to steal a covenant ship as the screen fades to black.

In the post-credits scene, 343 Guilty Gear apparently survived his ordeal with Chief and Cortana as he hums whimsically, and breaks the fourth wall by greeting the audience directly, in the vast void of space.

Source, Writer Alex Garland
What happened instead?

The project was officially given the greenlight to continue production after several studios bid for the script. Given that the video game series has a large fanbase that supports each installment wholeheartedly, and a treasure trove of interesting source material, as a paraphrase to one of our sources, the reason behind the script bidding war is clear as day. Unfortunately, the production would be delayed over and over and over again due to studio conflicts with regards to the rights made by the ever growing bidding clash, mixed with Microsoft Studios' demands.

Another concern that was raised was the film's potential predictability, especially when it comes to those who are all too familiar with the source material, simply because the entire movie, as I have compared between the script and the synopsis for Halo: Combat Evolved, bears unbelievable amounts of adaptation accuracy. It is because of this that studios feared that the movie would become unsurprising enough for audiences to call it lackluster.

Source, Director Neill Blomkamp
Microsoft continued their seemingly endless pursuit for a decent adaptation, even in the midst of the complete kind of pressure that one can only experience here in Hollywood. Josh Olson, writer of the Tom Cruise starred mystery film Jack Reacher, and D.B. Weiss, a scribe for the television adaptation of Game of Thrones, were tasked to accomplish rewrites on the script. After facing further pressure from both 20th Century Fox and Universal Studios, which goes the same for Neill Blomkamp, the film is inevitably scrapped, with the film rights eventually returning to Microsoft.

Neill Blomkamp, whose initial directorial debut was suppose to be this particular film, eventually collaborated once more with his legendary mentor Peter Jackson in the acclaimed award-winning District 9. Blomkamp, who was pressured due to his supposed lack of experience to helm a big-budget feature back then, stated in an interview that he is not interested in tagging along the project if ever it is given another chance.

However, Blomkamp may be lying as he is currently rumored to helm the pilot episode of an upcoming Halo television program, with Steven Spielberg slated as executive producer. If you are wondering, yes, it is still active. 

Alex Garland would continue achieving success in other influential projects such as Sunshine, and even crossing streams with video games by being the story consultant for DmC: Devil May Cry, and as a writer for Enslaved: Odyssey To The West. He will then complete his directorial debut in 2015's Ex Machina. He is slated to have his second directorial feature, Annihilation, and is set to be released some time next year.

A direct-to-video feature known as Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn, which is made as a means of promotion for the then upcoming installment, Halo 4, was released on December 4, 2012. The movie, which is actually a compilation of all 15-minute episodes of a web-series of the game, focuses on the origins of another video game character, Thomas Lansky, and how he became a hero himself. The movie and the series received mixed reviews, with the story attracting criticism for its pace and lack of character development, but the special effects received praise.

Alien and Blade Runner director Ridley Scott served as executive producer, accompanied by his production company Scott Free Productions, for another feature set in the same universe as the video games. The web-movie features Mike Colter, who is set to play Luke Cage in the titular upcoming Netflix series, follows Jameson Locke as he and a ragtag team of soldiers investigate a terrorist attack in one of their bases, and go on a race for survival in a Halo. Halo: Nightfall received similar criticisms to those of Forward Unto Dawn.

In the similar style of other anime anthology tie-ins of other movies such as Animatrix and Batman: Gotham Knight, Halo Legends is the final known Halo feature made into a movie. A mixture of various anime styles orchestrated by an assortment of notable anime companies, Halo Legends received mixed reviews again, with many citing the uneven storytelling as its biggest fault.

Well that took longer than expected yet again. So much for keeping things short. Anyway, to conclude our post, please enjoy this Machinima, a video genre that utilizes original video game content, graphics and characters included, and are used to create original content, of Halo, and none of them cannot be complete without channel Rooster Teeth's comedy series, Red vs. Blue. Here is their latest episode and watch it below.  Also for those who are asking, I highly doubt that we would continue the "Who's Who in Spider-Man: Homecoming?", now that about half of the cast has already been confirmed with roles. Stay tuned for more Dateline Movies!