TMNT (2007)
 - Parental Guidance is Advised (For Language, Violence and Some Disturbing Scenes)
Featuring the voices of: Sarah Michelle Gelar, Patrick Stewart, Chris Evans, Mako, Nolan North, Mikey Kelly, Mitchell Whitfield and James Arnold Taylor

It's been quite a while when the Turtles' live action adventure was seen in 1993. They came back in 2007 for this crime-fighting journey in New York City to save the world from evil once again.

After their previous escapade with the Shredder, the Turtles are now disbanded and went their separate ways. The goofy Michelangelo, voiced by Kelly (Invasion America) is now a clown known as "Cowabunga Carl", celebrating birthday parties for kids. The wise Leonardo, voiced by Taylor (Star Wars: The Clone Wars) went to training in Central America. The brainy Donatello, voiced by Whitfield (My Cousin Vinny), is now a scientist, specializing in Information Technology, and the violent Raphael, voiced by North (Deadpool) continues to stalk the night as "The Nightwatcher". Of course, their friends are here too. April O' Neal, voiced by Gellar (Buffy: The Vampire Slayer) and boyfriend Casey Jones, voiced by Evans (Fantastic Four) are currently operating their own Indiana Jones-esque company, finding mysterious relics and what-not.

While everyone is busy with their lives, the enigmatic Max Winters, voiced by Stewart (X-Men), April and Casey's client, hired the remains of the Foot Clan to search for the ancient thirteen beasts before a portal opens. Winters is secretly an immortal general named Yaotl, and is determined to capture every last one of the beasts that was unleashed more than 3 generations ago, while accompanied by his resurrected stone generals to obtain a higher form of power.

With the news heard, the Turtles have to reunite to combat the evil before it destroys Manhattan, if not the world! However, uneasiness escalated between the brothers as Raph conspires to work alone, while their elderly sensei, Master Splinter, played by Mako (Conan the Barbarian, on his last performance) forbids them to fight unless they learn to work together again. With time running incredibly short, can the brothers join forces once more before Yaotl and his clan end the Earth?

What I think of the movie?

I got to say, this movie has gone back to its violent and serious roots. The movie lacks the humor of the previous films, including the shows that were inspired by those movies. With the serious sibling rivalry as well as the realistic and chaotic action sequences, this is a very mature movie. Luckily, it did not go entirely adult themed as their original comic book counterparts, but it did not reach the heights of our expectations as well.

Let me first start with the animation. The animation and the fight scenes are incredible. It looks entirely real and the voice acting was superb. This was so because all voice actors are veterans, and most of them are only heard on animated series. However, the movie itself is not satisfying. The story is the main obstacle here. It's completely complicated and it does not seem to fit the Turtles' resumes. We expected to see some wise-cracks, especially from Mikey while beating up a real Turtle worthy villain like Shredder, but what we had is a thinly sketched villain, only wishing to die, nothing else. Mainly, the story is unsatisfying and unmemorable. This TMNT movie may have had its action packed moments, but it's not enough to wow us entirely.

Hopefully, Michael Bay would bring back the brothers to their goofy antics. Okay, Bay may not be the best director in mind, but we should always hope for the better. Rest In Peace Mako! With that, I hope you have enjoyed this review of TMNT here on Dateline Movies. Be sure to Like, Tweet or Share before you leave. Do you have a movie you wish to be featured? Comment below, and I might just use your suggestion. Thank you again!


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