Dateline Movie Event: TMNT

Seeing a good movie in the big screen is such an enjoyable experience. Having a good snack to accompany our movie-watching will certainly double the fun. This is what my mother and my younger sister experienced last August 22, 2014.  They were very thrilled and excited because they were invited to the block screening of the latest movie offering by Michael Bay, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, held at Cinema 7 of the Greenhills Cinema Complex in San Juan. The event was sponsored by Krispy Kreme, in line with their newest offering of delicious doughnuts inspired by the blockbuster movie TMNT. It is only available at a limited time.  The faces of the four Ninja Turtles namely Michelangelo, Leonardo, Raphael and Donatello were molded into delicious shell doughnuts dipped in green apple flavored white chocolate.

This is my sister who looks very excited about the event (or was it the doughnut)!

My mother brought home some TMNT doughnuts for me and my father and COWABUNGA, they surely taste great.  I was able to eat four different TMNT doughnuts in one sitting!  Thanks Krispy Kreme and director Michael Bay for bringing the Turtles back to the big screen.  Movie events are really something to look forward to.


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