The Batman Theme Song Medley by The Piano Guys

Consisting of four very talented individuals namely Jon Schmidt - playing the piano, Steven Sharp Nelson - playing the cello, Paul Anderson - the videographer, and Al van der Beek - the songwriter, The Piano Guys has gained fame and popularity in such a short time.   They have made several YouTube hits themed around movies like Star Wars and Frozen. 

Watch them now as they pay tribute to the legendary Dark Knight who is celebrating his 75 years of existence.  They'll be performing the theme song of the Caped Crusader's TV and movie hits spanning 50 years of the superhero's history, recreated with piano and with over 100 tracks of cello with 3 legendary Batman mobile alongside them.  It starts with the Batman TV series popularized by Adam West way back in 1966.  Followed by the Batman theme song in the 1989 movie directed by Tim Burton and starred by Michael Keaton. Lastly the Piano Guys will render the theme song from the Dark Knight Trilogy made popular by no less than Christian Bale and ably directed by Christopher Nolan.  Great and entertaining, isn't it?  Which Batman theme song did you like?

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Please note that the Batman Theme Song Video is currently unavailable.  I'll just keep you posted on any updates as to its availability.

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