Best of Both Worlds - Movies and Workout

With the Holiday Seasons just around the corner, most of us would surely try to find the time to catch up with some (if not, all) of the great and interesting Hollywood blockbusters that we might have missed during the year.  Or, if you have your own movie collection, now might be the right time to see once more those old movies that have made you cried or laugh, and reminisce those good old days.  

With the cold and chilling winds blowing outside, one has the tendency to spend more time indoors and while away much of their time by sitting in front of their television and watch movies.  For most of us, a great accompaniment to watching movies are great snacks like popcorn, sandwiches, chocolates, candies, chips, a slice or two of your favorite cake, even ice cream and a whole lot of other stuff.  Such inactivity makes us gain more weight during the holidays.

But such need not be the case as shown above.  I glanced upon this article and thought that it would be worth sharing with you.  Its from and it states that one can spend time in front of their TV and still be fit.  Movie Night Workout is the title of the infographic and it shows several exercises that one can perform while sitting and not miss any important part of the movie that they are watching.  It is like the saying "Hitting two birds with one stone", enjoying a good movie and still being fit.

These are her advises:

What Part Of Our Body These Workouts Are Good For: These exercises and workouts are ideal for the quadriceps area, front hip flexors, the lower abs, abductor muscles, as well as the shoulders.

Her Tips: These exercises are great for tendon-strengthening and at the same time they are low-key and gentle workouts. But if you really want to get the most of these exercises, shorten your rest time before repeating sets by 30 seconds.

For Better Impact: Because these exercises are done while you are sitting down, so there is not much movement in your muscles when you take a punch. Take your punches to a different level by tightening and tensing your biceps and clenching your fists harder as you make a punch. By doing so, this will increase the resistance load on your muscles thereby making your arms work extra hard. 

For the Most Impact: When you are performing the leg swings, you can straighten your leg out by locking your knee and keeping it locked in that position and tensing the thigh as possibly hard as you can. Then after a few seconds you will begin to feel a cramp but do not relax. Maintain the tension, forcing the quadriceps muscles to tighten up a bit until you finish all your leg swing routine. This will help increase the strength in your thighs even though you are maintaining the sitting down position.  

For What Body Types These Exercises Are Good For: There are no restriction on body types when it comes to movie night.

Who Will Benefit Most From These Exercises: These exercises and workouts, according to Neila Rey, are ideal for film critics, television journalists, most especially movie buffs and fans and all people who feel that exercises and keeping fit and healthy need not be forsaken and forgotten just because it happens to be movie night.  


One must stay fit, just look at all these impressive lineup of upcoming Disney movies:


This is what I'm longing for....


... Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens, scheduled to be released on December 2015 featuring the original cast members.

I hope this post will help you.  As Arnold Schwarzenegger would say "Hasta la vista, baby."   See you on my next post.