What the Buzz is All About With The Interview?

Everyone might have heard the supposed-to-be upcoming film, The Interview, right? Okay, I know some of you did, and most of you are wishing to see Seth Rogen and James Franco team-up again. Unfortunately, the film has been pulled from every theater. Why is that? Well, we will get to that later. Welcome to Dateline Movies once again, and today we'll be tackling the most-heated controversy in filming history today. Listed below is the timeline of events that ensued.

1. The Film That Started It All...

For those who are not aware of what the movie is all about, let me tell you the details. Seth Rogen and James Franco stasr as Aaron Rapoport and Dave Skylar respectively. The duo are famous for their late-night talk show, "Skylar Tonight", wherein Dave hosts the show while Aaron produces. North Korean ruler, Kim Jong-Un, played by Randall Park, invites the two for an exclusive interview with him, since he is a major fan of their show. However, the Central Intelligence Agency or CIA has other plans for them. Agent Lacey, played by Lizzy Caplan, tasks Dave and Aaron a plot so difficult, that they are not even close to being the people worthy of the job: to Assassinate Kim Jong-Un!   

Needless to say, the premise itself could really attract a whole lot of unwanted attention. It might be for some, while others may contrast with a big no. The real Kim Jong-Un disapproves this movie. Of course, a movie about killing a person will obviously hurt someone. North Korean officials demand the movie to be unreleased, or face the consequence of a possible military reaction. American cinema retaliates by saying that the film may start a revolution in the Korean nations for the people to finally fight back. It was only a few, harmless debates when number 2 happened!

2. The Cyber-Crime of The Century!

"We will clearly show it to you at the very time and places The Interview be shown, including the premiere, how bitter fate those who seek fun in terror should be doomed to. Soon all the world will see what an awful movie Sony Pictures Entertainment has made. The world will be full of fear. Remember the 11th of September 2001. We recommend you to keep yourself distant from the places at that time. (If your house is nearby, you’d better leave.)
Whatever comes in the coming days is called by the greed of Sony Pictures Entertainment. All the world will denounce the SONY." - The threat sent by the "Guardians of Peace" to Sony in order to prevent the release of The Interview.

Nobody likes more fuel to a fire, undoubtedly. But if someone thinks the fun is only starting, you better be prepared for some seriousness incoming. Last November 24, an enigmatic group known as the "Guardians of Peace" successfully entered Sony Entertainment's company database and leaked several valuable and undeniably classified information. E-mail accounts, passwords, future movies and employee records have been exposed to the public eye. It's a nightmare for the celebrities and staff members of the studio to have their secrets revealed. The Federal Bureau of Investigations or FBI have claimed that North Korea is the one to blame for the attack. Although the nation denies the accusation, Kim Jong-Un promised to deliver something dread to come soon.

3. Better Safe Than Sorry
As a result of the disaster, James and Seth publicly stated that the film will no longer be shown, fearing that innocents may be caught in the line of fire. As said in the threat above,  the "Guardians of Peace" may go through great lengths in order to stop the premiere. Even going as far as to mention the 9/11 incident. Some people are glad that the movie was discontinued in order to protect many civilians as possible. However, the vast majority of media figures and movie goers alike believed that this course of action is a huge mistake. People believe that censoring the movie means to surrender to another nation one's freedom of speech and creativity. Some would even say that this is cowardly. Either way, it's better safe than sorry.

4. What's Yours Is Ours...
Source 1, Source 2, Source 3, Source 4, Source 5
Like I said before, several secrets of the company have been publicly exposed. Some of which may be to humiliating to even talk about. A few of the revealed things in their little vault are their proposed ideas or scripts that may or may not be green-lit. I'll give you a short list of some of their ideas in their think-tank.

A. Doom for the Web-Head?: Following the disappointing release of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Sony may be thinking of a possibility of rebooting yet again the Friendly Neighborhood hero, with a new lead and, as part of the Avengers? That's not all, there's the possibility of creative team Phil Lord and Chris Miller making an animated Spider-Man film that is set for a more comedic approach.

B. A Ghostly Reboot: Nowadays, people who watched the classics are now feeling more and more desperate when they watched the classics again but in a more contemporary style. E-mails originating from the attack say that an all-female reboot is on the way, as well as a spin-off for the franchise would be done.

C. Partners-In-Intergalactic Crime: Crossovers are usually overkill, so why make a crossover between the humorous 21 Jump Street guys and the slick Men-In-Black? I guess we'll never know.

D. Double Uh-Oh!: Daniel Craig returns as the legendary James Bond or Agent 007, but this time, hunting down the mysterious organization known as Spectre. Excited? Sorry to burst your bubble but the script, according to reviewers, claim it isn't as good as the premise. Think that's shocking? Wait 'till you hear who Sony thinks should be the next James Bond.

E. Memories of Studio's Past: Recently, Sony has released some good and some not so good films. Some of the leaked data included the scripts of these films. They also have a few post-production films coming out next year. Just don't read the e-mails if you don't want spoilers.

5. The Truth Hurts

Remember when I said most of the leaked data are humiliating? Well, it can't get anymore embarrassing with what the staff members of the studio think of several celebrities. Some of those inner thoughts can be considered as constructive criticism, but let's face facts, would you really calm down when someone says something bad about you? To sum up what all those e-mails said, let's just say, they're all sad for every fan who reads it, somewhat annoying to even give a peep or very or not so offensive to the people seen in the image above. Just click here to learn all about it, plus there's this whole unfairness in some of their paychecks and the slightly shocking look at they're alter egos.

6. Piracy Is The "Best" Policy

Ahoy, maties, we now reach the final and latest event regarding this whole Interview madness. Who says that honesty is the best policy? Technically, not the pirates who want the movie badly. All over the world, people are begging to watch the movie in order to experience it. Now we can, through either legal purchase from your local video rental store or illegally download the movie like a true pirate. Not just that, it seems that free speech has also won this battle since according to sources, The Interview was released in a limited scale. Close enough! I guess it's happily ever after all, right? Not so much, the Interview recently received mixed reviews as well as lack of box office to recover. Don't worry Sony, there are always times we fall.

At this time, many people affected by the attack are currently recovering and hopefully would continue to entertain us. I guess that's it for us here. Have a Happy New Year to our fellow readers!!!


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