Dateline Movies Presents: A Salute to Cinematic Girl Power!

Have you ever watched a movie wherein you enjoyed all the action, but then you suddenly realized and asked yourself this question, "Why isn't there enough girl power?" Welcome once more to Dateline Movies, and today, we'll discuss the possible lack of female protagonists in several films, or the stereotyping of the said gender. As a movie blogger, I noticed that in several films, women are often made as minor characters in films, but I believe they should have a spotlight on their own. So while we cook up more Spotted! posts, join us, as we discuss whether or not there should be any room for female protagonists!

Reasons To Have Female Protagonists

1. They may create something new.

Out of all the brightest possibilities of having female protagonists, this one has to be the best. Originality is one of the core things movies these days are completely lacking in. Whenever you watch a flick nowadays, you would probably predict what's going to happen next or in the end just by reading the synopsis, looking at the trailer or oddly, staring at the poster. You know it is going to be a really terrible film if everyone knows the story by just staring at a piece of paper. So why not add something new into the mix? Female protagonists in a story are less prone to falling into stock character or stereotype territory. Just watch the trailer for Tomorrowland, which stars George Clooney, Britt Robertson and Hugh Laurie and from The Incredibles director, Brad Bird, and see something new and exciting.

2. They may increase gender equality in the field.

One point of criticism in some films is the lack of females. If women were present in the film, they are often portrayed in a cliched manner, often portrayed as side-characters to the male protagonist. However, more and more female leads are marking their spot, both in the big and the small screen. A handful of these include the classic films and even a few shows like the upcoming AKA Jessica Jones, which is a part of the popular Marvel Cinematic Universe and will star Krysten Ritter, David Tennant, Mike Colter, Rachel Taylor and Carrie-Anne Moss. This show, similar to Agent Carter, another Marvel show, proves that girl power exists even at the most masculine film or series.

3. They may become popular icons.

One thing that is unique for a lead woman is that it is often more memorable than the more masculine type. Sure, male protagonists are often remembered for their stereotypical macho, heroic and charismatic attitude, but the women are honored for their intelligence, wit, kindness, or simply put, their human spark. Okay, I don't have any charts or research to prove that, but admit it, you probably recognized at least half of the characters from the picture above. From the brave heroines in comics, to the amazing fighters in the video games. From the spectacular icons in young adult fiction, to the adventurous chosen ones in film and the awe-inspiring leads in anime, there is no reason not to have any girl power in the world!

Reason NOT To Have Female Protagonists

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1. They may be mishandled.

The problem with most female-lead flicks is that it is often mishandled. The studios often green-lit several projects and would often overlook the stereotypes that they are inserting into their films. As a result, most women are portrayed as somewhat of an eye-candy, instead of being an independent character. Have you ever watched Elektra? How about Catwoman or the Resident Evil series? If you have watched any of these films, then you would know what I mean. I get that they are adaptations and are meant as different interpretations, but if you also knew what these characters were like in their respective source materials, then you would once again know what I mean. Aside from this...well, actually there aren't really any other problems, besides the carelessness. So hopefully movie makers would be more mindful on how they portray their female protagonists.

Well I guess that's a wrap. So who's your favorite female lead?

But wait, what day is it today? Oh yeah, it's Mother's Day. I would like to wish my blogger mom a Happy Mother's Day! Stay classy, Mom! That's my mom there! Woo-hoo!


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