The Unofficial Movie Guide For Parents (As Told By Memes!)

Well, not entirely. Welcome once more to Dateline Movies, and for our parent readers out there, we'll be giving you some guidelines and some useful thoughts about the world we all love, the world of movies. With so many risky stories being employed to movies, some confused kids may get the wrong idea and might sometimes go to the point to imitate some scenes they have seen in movies or worst get scarred for life. Hey, I may not be a parent, but I have one awesome dad (plus God) and one smart mom who taught me a thing or two about movies.

Some of these details would be considered exclusive for mature audiences. So in order to avoid showing and needlessly promoting explicit content, while at the same time dodging online censorship, we decided to use memes to convey our thoughts. And because...

...we'll be using movie memes. So get ready to be trolled, even though nothing in this post will annoy you in this almost "memefied" Dateline Movies post. 


A lot of cinema-goers would often take the power of a film rating for granted. Although this was meant to warn the viewers regarding a movie's content, a lot of viewers think that the higher the rating, the cooler the film. Sure, most flicks that carry the R-Rating are thought-provoking and do entertain, but remember, there are some scenes that entertain adults, but might give youngsters the wrong impression. Do note also that there are debates regarding how movie violence can affect the mind of a child. So as a good parent, shield your kids' eyes!  


Check the trailers, the leaked videos, everything. If you think that all of those clips can potentially alter your children's perspective, don't buy any tickets to that film.  If the kids are going to the movies, it is always advisable that grown-ups accompany them, adults who can handle violent scenes, except for explicit bits, because we all know how unsafe those are even for adults. But then again, your child may become curious. So it's best to just hang-out with your kids. Be patient, since when they mature, they'll be old enough to watch with you! Just remember though, never watch the explicit movies!


I understand that not much parents have time to read about controversial movies. However, you can go online and do some research at home or at the office. If either your son / daughter is asleep or you're having a day-off, you can go have a check at a lot of websites or blogs such as ours that focus primarily in the filming industry. There are so many of them and I can give you some websites that could be helpful. Some of them are IGN, Cinema Blend, Moviepilot and of course, us.


Every movie's strength comes from the audience's first impression. If the poster looks good, then there is no doubt the film would be great and family-friendly, but then again appearances do look deceiving. If the poster looks like an advertisement for an adult film or a mature-toned satire that hackers are angry at, then it is probably best to walk away.


Okay, this one is a little bit of a stretch, but there is one thing that could really help you out when you are safeguarding your children from the film horrors, your common sense! Say, you are walking by the theaters and you noticed that something about the people's reactions upon exiting the area. You would probably say, "I don't think this is a good film for you. I mean did you look at their faces? It's probably not good at all.", instead of "Hey everybody looks disturbed. This looks cool. Let's go kids and get ready to be traumatized!". Do you see what I mean?

Well, I guess we just covered a lot of ground here, but before I exit, there is one more thing...

Yep, I guess that really is it. All original scenes belong to their respective films, by the way. What's your favorite meme? Also, do you mind if I ask if this was helpful? Let us know in the comments. We'll be back with more posts and...

Deadpool: Wew, am I late, guys?

Pio: Wait, Deadpool? What are you doing here?

Deadpool: I heard you dudes were making a post with movie memes, and I just couldn't resist to be a part of it.

Dad: Um, sorry Deadpool. You are not a movie meme, you are more of the comic book type.

Deadpool: Oh, is that so? Was it just because of X-Men Origins: Wolverine? Sure, everybody remembers that, but not my upcoming, action-packed, R-Rated film which will be released on February 14, 2016!

Pio: No, it's not that. It's just that you are from a different category, and besides everybody is excited for your film. Don't worry, Wade, we're making a tenth Spotted! post, with your name on it! It would also mark our one-hundredth post...

Deadpool: I couldn't care less about that. But I'll be back on your Spotted! or whatever. And honestly, Spotted? that's the best you got?

Dad: Hey, don't judge us.

Deadpool: As Arnold Schwarzenegger said in the Terminator, I'll be back, on your tenth Spotted! post. And did you just tagged my dialogue? That's it, I'll be back, and I will mount your heads in my fireplace!

Pio: He's not serious is he, dad?

Dad: Hey don't look at me, you know him more than I do.

"Deadpool Created By Rob Liefeld and Fabien Nicieza"


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