Movie Fact: The Path of the One

The Matrix Trilogy has been noted as one of the most influential and, formerly, the most bankable film franchise around. Even with all the religious analogies and references, you might think that no one on this Earth would take the film seriously. Guess what my friends, you are wrong! Why are you wrong? Because...

No, it's not a glitch in The Matrix. You read that right. There really is a religion based on the film series.

According to Wikipedia, this movement also goes by the name "The Path of the One", and they not only base their beliefs on the movies and other companion pieces themselves. They also extend their thoughts to The Promulgation of Universal Peace, and some aspects 'Abdul'l-Bahá's journey in United States of America. Just research that on your free time, because that part is beyond our knowledge.

The group was founded around the year 2004 by an unknown group of individuals, and in 2005 they claim to now have 600 members in total. Matrixists carry only four beliefs known as "The Four Tenets of Matrixism". First, they believe in a messianic prophecy. Second, they make use of drugs? Third, they see reality as more than what it seems. And fourth, they respect other religious beliefs.

Their symbol is the Kanji figure for red, painted in the said color. This is said to be a reference to the red pill taken by the Keanu Reeves character Neo to see the truth in the first movie.

Say what you want about this fact, but we'd say it's true, because for one thing we already have enough evidence to back me up. And besides, who knows...

If you still don't believe us, click here to visit their "website". I put the quotes in because there is this message saying it's now archived.


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