Where is Hulk and Thor While Civil War is Happening? (A Spotted! Tie-In)

Captain America: Civil War is making waves faster than Quicksilver running, and one of the many questions that are lingering in the TV minds of fans everywhere is this, "Where is Hulk and Thor?". Aside from logical conclusions, such as the fight between #TeamCap and #TeamIronMan would be over in only a matter of minutes if these two mighty Avengers were involved, there are many speculations regarding the whereabouts of these two, and we have some interesting theories on wherever they are on the universe! Join us here at Dateline Movies, and maybe, just maybe, we can figure out what would they be doing while the Avengers dish each other out.

Spotted! Hidden Surprises and Trivia (Spoiler Alert!)

First, let's take a look back at what has happened to Thor during Age of Ultron. The last time we saw him, he was mind-controlled by the Scarlet Witch, into experiencing his deepest fears, but not after underestimating her abilities. In his weird Asgardian rave dream, we saw that Heimdall, played by Idris Elba (Pacific Rim), is somehow losing his mind. We saw that the pupils in his eyes were missing, and when asked by Thor what has happened, Heimdall replied, "We are all dead! Can you not see?". Afterwards, we saw some brief flashes of some stones, until finally he returned to reality.

We later learned that the stones in Thor's vision were the Infinity Stones, which included the Tesseract, the Sceptre, the Aether and the Orb - all of which are mystical artifacts of power. This leads him to investigate further into Asgard. Okay he's just going to do some research and come back right? But, did you all forget that a certain trickster is masquerading as Odin?
Yep that's right, Loki's back again. After faking his death in Thor: The Dark World, Loki makes his way to Asgard, and is suspected of probably killing Odin, leading to him playing your highness in Asgard. In other words, Loki has taken over Asgard. The probable reason why he may not be joining the conflict is because maybe Loki has captured Thor. But isn't Thor a God and he would never give-up easily? We'll get back to Thor later, but now let's see what's the Hulk been up to?
When we last saw the Green Goliath, he sends himself to an exile using one of the Quinjets. Now hiding and very much away from all of his friends. Although some might say this is a set-up for a Planet Hulk adaptation, I believe it is something else far more interesting, but that does not rule-out the possibility.
Loki, still angry at the Hulk for beating him up, decides to capture Bruce Banner, wanting to use him as a secret weapon of his own, which brings us to another Marvel movie. That is Thor: Ragnarok!

Note that both Mark Ruffalo and the studio itself confirms that the Hulk is in the third Thor movie. It would make perfect sense now! What if the reason why they aren't in Civil War is because Thor is captured and Hulk is enthralled?

So what does this mean for Thor: Ragnarok? I believe the story would go like this.

Thor escapes captivity, and helps the Hulk escape Loki's control. However, they are outnumbered as Loki has a lot of minions, including a handful of Frost Giants, Dark Elves and many more beasts! However, they are forced to team-up with Loki to combat the maniacal Surtur, a powerful being hellbent (literally) on enslaving the Nine Realms.

So I guess that's our entire speculation right there. What do you think will happen in Thor: Ragnarok?


  1. I think for Thor it's more to do with Ragnarök and we'll find out more when the time comes and with Bruce it's just that he's hiding again and won't come out until really needed in the Infinity War.

  2. I think you're right, Paul. It really is all just a matter of time. I guess we just have to wait for both Thor: Ragnarok and Avengers: Infinity War.