Ma'Rosa: The New Movie by Brillante Ma. Mendoza

I'm not a huge fan of mainstream Filipino cinema. There, I said it. Usually, I would watch them on cable with my family, and at most times we find entertainment mostly at the movies' many flaws. No offense to those who love them, this is just my opinion. But there is one part of the Filipino filming industry that I truly admire, and that is the corner of indie movies. I'll admit I haven't watch much of them yet, but from what I hear through several commercials, it sounds like it really is worth the watch. This coming July 6, 2016, two flicks from the indie Filipino side will be shown to the public, and Dateline Movies is here today to promote those films. The first of the two is the new feature by ace director Brilliante Ma. Mendoza, Ma'Rosa!

Ma'Rosa (2016)

Rated NR: This film currently has no rating.

Running Time: 110 minutes (1 hour and 50 minutes)

Genre/s: Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller, Suspense

This film is to be released on July 6, 2016 (PH Release Date; Limited Release Only)

Presented by Centerstage Productions and Solar Pictures

Creative Consultant: Armando Lao

Director of Photography: Troy Espiritu

Writer: Troy Espiritu

Director: Brillante Ma. Mendoza

  • Jaclyn Jose as Rosa
  • Julio Diaz as Nestor
  • Andi Eigenmann as Raquel
  • Felix Roco as Jackson
  • Jomari Angeles as Kerwin
  • Mark Anthony Fernandez as Castor

What is the movie about?

Journey into the private crime-ridden world of Rosa, played by Jose (Mano Po 5: Gua Ai Di), with her equally desperate-for-money husband Nestor, played by Diaz (Taklub). In the eyes of their neighbors, they are just a simple family running a home-based convenience store, or a "sari-sari store". In reality, it is more than just a place to get your ideal items, it is also a front for a local meth-dealing operation, with the couple using income from both the drugs and their legal merchandise to earn a living.

One day, one of their neighbors ratted them out to the police, and soon they are arrested. The raid team lead by Sargent Castor, played by Fernandez (Boy Golden: Shoot-To-Kill) demands that the couple give-up the name of their meth supplier in order for them to get their freedom, but the police want more than just information. They want money, fifty thousand pesos in cash to be exact.

To be free of their current predicament, Rosa asks for the aid of her children, Jackson, played by Roco (Death March), Raquel, played by Eigenmann (Tragic Theater) and Kerwin, played by Angeles. But it's no easy task. To get the required amount of money, the three children will have to fight with their wits and put everything on the line for their parents' freedom. Raquel endlessly asks for friends to lend her some cash, Kerwin becomes a male prostitute for a gay benefactor, and Jackson sells all the household appliances to make ends meet. But will it be enough?

Fun fact, did you know that Jaclyn Jose received an award for best actress during the recently concluded 69th Cannes Film Festival? She is also the first ever Filipina to win such award, beating actresses Charlize Theron and Marion Cotillard. It really is such an honor for the Philippines. No less than Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen and Iranian producer Katayoon Shahabi handed her the prestigious award and with George Miller as the President of the Jury . Besides, the newly elected president of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte was so proud of her, that he promised that he will fulfill Jose's suggestion of ridding crime. Don't forget to catch the award-winning Ma'Rosa in cinemas near you on July 6, 2016!

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