Pogo: Typical Music For The Typical Moviegoer

Whenever I write new posts, I would always require the assistance of music to keep my focus intact. If you're wondering what music I listen to, I listen to some old school tunes such as Michael Jackson and Queen, on occasion some pretty decent tracks from Fall Out Boy, Panic! at The Disco and My Chemical Romance, and even Filipino originals from Rivermaya. However, if none of their songs help me out, I would go and listen to some remixes made from sound bits from movies and TV shows. This artist, whose real name is Nick Bertke, and known by the stage name Pogo, used a lot of these bits to create some really uplifting and catchy remixes. While we currently finish writing our posts, enjoy Dateline Movies' first short post in a long while. We will be sharing much of Pogo's work in this post, since his pieces have been somewhat tributes to a large roster of movies, and he doesn't seem to have that much recognition. Enjoy!

Lead Breakfast (Sounds From The 1994 Movie "Pulp Fiction")

Upular (Sounds From The 2009 Movie "Up")

Boo Bass (Sounds From The 2001 Movie "Monsters Inc.")

Murmurs of Middle-Earth (Sounds From "The Lord of the Rings Trilogy")

Time Machine (Sounds From The 1985 Movie "Back to the Future")

Davyd (Sounds From The 2001 Movie "A.I. Artificial Intelligence")

Toyz Noise (Sounds From the 1999 Movie "Toy Story")


Alice (Sounds From The 1951 Movie "Alice in Wonderland")

You can take a look at more of his works in his website by clicking here. These include much more movie remixes, TV show remixes, and original scores. Also, why not leave a subscription on his YouTube channel for more awesome tunes? You can also listen to a lot of his music in Spotify! Up next, there might be less speculation-related posts due to time constraints and a little something known as "Writer's Block", but more short posts as we speak to keep the website afloat! Stay tuned for more Dateline Movies!

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