Interconnecting Realities of ZOOM

Philippine Release Date: August 03, 2016  

Logline: Who’s zooming who?

Director: Pedro Morelli

Screenplay: Matt Hansen

Produced by: Niv Fichman, Fernando Meirelles, Paulo Morelli

Stars: Gael García Bernal, Alison Pill, Mariana Ximenes, Jason Priestley

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Animation

MTRCB Rating: R16 (Strictly for 16 years of age and above)

Running Time: 1 hour 38 minutes

Released by: Solar Pictures

Three great minds meet together to create an utterly different approach to making a one-of-a-kind film.  Pedro Morelli, Niv Fichman and Matt Hansen, three creative geniuses, forged together their minds to bring to the big screen ZOOM. ZOOM is a fast-paced, pop-art inspired, multi-plot contemporary comedy.  A compilation of three different movies, interconnected with one another, to create one ingenious outcome.  Mind-boggling and somewhat indifferent but a movie worth seeing. Zoom is a combination of live action movie and animation. Three characters, Emma, the cartoonist-comicbook artist, Edward, the filmmaker and Michelle, the model-novelist, existing in three different universes, write stories that somehow interlink and interface with each other.

Emma The Cartoonist

Looking at the gorgeous and shapely dolls she works at everyday, Emma is somewhat dissatisfied with her own figure. Working at an adult doll factory, Emma, one day decides to take matters into her own hands by going to surgery to alter her flawed body.  Although the operation was a success, she doesn't quite feel the same, like a stranger is trapped in her own body.  She wanted to reverse the surgical procedure but unfortunately she doesn't have the available funds right now.  

“The thing about Emma is that a lot of people know a girl like this,” says writer Matt Hansen. “She’s nerdy but not in a pejorative kind of way. She’s caught up in this society of perfect appearances, but unable to see her own inner beauty.” Emma’s inner beauty captivated producer Niv Fichman as well. “Emma is someone who I would love to meet,” says Fichman.“She’s a secret artist, she draws really well. I feel sorry for her because she has this problem where she is not as confident as she looks and wants to be augmented. But this unrealistic image of beauty is something society has imposed on all of us and that is one of the main themes of the film.”

In her free time, Emma likes to draw cartoons and creates a comicbook about the life of a filmmaker named Edward.

Edward The Filmmaker

As a cartoonist-comicbook artist, Emma created a character named Edward as the perfect gentleman every women desires - good-looking, handsome and successful. Being a top and famous film director, Edward is drawn into the world of fame, fortune and vanity.  Everything suddenly turned around when Emma decides to change the character's good fortune - his anatomy, into a nightmare.

The character of Edward is far too familiar to those in the film industry. “Edward’s a caricature of a variety of directors in movies that both Niv and I have come across over the years, in that he’s a commercial guy who is trying to make something meaningful or arty,” says Hansen. “He’s a parody of that type of filmmaker, the process of making a film as well as having various people influencing the work, for better or worse.”

Edward's latest project is a movie about a successful Brazilian fashion model who strives to be a novelist.

Michelle The Novelist

Edward, in his world as a filmmaker is making a movie about a Brazilian fashion model character named Michelle, who is living in Toronto.  She is deep into writing and aspires to become a novelist despite her manager-boyfriend's disapproval.  Michelle one day got her enthusiasm as a novelist gain momentum when a revered publisher, seeing one of her unfinished project - about a discontented worker named Emma who works at an artificial love doll factory, persuades her to finish it.  To focus on her work, Michelle travels back to her roots in Brazil leaving behind the life of a model. 

Michelle’s character was created around the concept that one should not judge a book by its cover. “Michelle is that kind of girl who people think is just beautiful,” says Hansen. “She has all these advantages in life: she goes to the front of the line; she can get what average people can’t and she sees the benefits and disadvantages to that---one of them being that she is not taken seriously as a writer because she’s only seen as beautiful.”

Throughout her story, Michelle is writing a book about Emma, an insecure woman who works in a factory that makes love dolls. 

And these are the three seemingly interconnecting realities that crosses the paths between the three characters of ZOOM - the cartoonist, the filmmaker and the novelist.  Each character living a different life in different worlds but each being an author of a story about the life of the other.    


 And so it goes ...

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