A Grade of A for Arkeo Film's Apocalypse Child

“A” for Apocalypse Child
Cinema Evaluation Board hails surfing film as a potential hit

Arkeo Films’ newest production Apocalypse Child continues to receive acclaim as it is the latest Filipino film to receive a grade of A from the Cinema Evaluation Board (CEB). The grade entitles the movie, which opens in cinemas on October 26, 2016 to get a 100-percent tax rebate. 

Apocalypse Child tells the story of Baler-based surfing instructor named Ford (played by Sid Lucero) who is supposed to be the son of a well-known American director, Francis Ford Coppola. Francis Ford Coppola stayed in the Philippines for a while during the 1970s because he is directing a Vietnam war movie titled Apocalypse Now.  One summer, this often-told tale comes to fore as the surfing instructor’s childhood friend named Rich, who is now a Congressman of Baler (played by RK Bagatsing), has managed to arrange a DNA test for Ford and had pulled some strings for the director to finally acknowledge Ford as his son. Chona (Ana Abad Santos), the mother of Ford, is ecstatic. This development comes at a time when Rich is engaged to be married to Serena (Gwen Zamora), and Sid has a romantic affair with a young Fil-Am tourist Fiona (Annicka Dolonius). 

The Cinema Evaluation Board’s summation noted the excellence of the ensemble cast. The CEB said, “Aside from Lucero, also a standout was Gwen Zamora, leagues away from her ‘Bubble Gang’ persona as she evokes a simmering sexiness… The support was also very good, from RK Bagatsing… to Ana Abad Santos as Ford’s mom… to Annicka Dolonius and Archie Alemania in their respective depictions of wasted but still hopeful youth.”

The Board hailed the film’s production values. It described the editing as “sufficiently contained,” the cinematography as “imaginative,” and  the music by Armi Millare of the band Up Dharma Down as “apt as it captured well the melancholic surf vibe.” The CEB praised the production design by artist Christina Dy for maximizing the scenic locale “to the hilt.”
Apocalypse Child cast members Sid Lucero, RK Bagatsing, Ana Abad Santos, Annicka Dolonius, with co-writer
The members of the CEB also gave kudos to director-writer Mario Cornejo and co-writer-producer Monster Jimenez. The summation made a reference to the duo’s previous work, the 2005 Cinemalaya film “Big Time,” when it stated, “It is films like (Apocalypse Child) that remind us that there is always a fresh way of telling a story, and like the director’s maiden project with Monster Jimenez, Big Time, it is a potential sleeper and helps keep the indie spirit alive.”

Apocalypse Child is a film collaboration between Mario Cornejo as the director and Monster Jimenez as its producer. It is made by Arkeo Films and Skinny People Productions. It is distributed by Solar Pictures. The movie is supported by Belo Sun Expert. For updates, like the Apocalypse Child Facebook page and check out their website https://apocalypsechild.com/ 

Enjoy the trailer of Apocalypse Child while listening to Armi Millare of Up Dharma Down with her very beautiful song Young Again.  And if you liked the song (Like I did) here is another video of Armi Millare and her song Young Again now shown with lyrics.


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