Who is David Thewlis Playing in Wonder Woman? (A Spotted! Tie-In)

And now, we have finally found time to finish this Spotted! Tie-In. When we last left in our fourteenth Spotted! post, the one that tackled the upcoming third installment in the DC Extended Universe, Wonder Woman, we were not able to discuss David Thewlis' currently unknown role in the forthcoming flick. Honestly, given that the movie is mostly kept under wraps, from story points, to major character names, there are a lot of possibilities to choose from.

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David Thewlis' role has not been confirmed as of this moment, and he did not even appear in any of the two trailers, which basically concludes that his character may more or less just be a background character, or potentially a recurring character simply making a debut here. Seriously, not even any hints whatsoever, are given with regards to his actual role. Anyway, here are all of the probable roles of David Thewlis.

A pretty obscure supervillain by today's standards, Helmut Streicher was a Nazi general, who created a power armor of his own, and did battle with Wonder Woman, who was actually, at that time, a disguised Hippolyta. Given that he once played a German soldier in the movie "The Girl With The Striped Pajamas", we believe in the possibility that he might play this one-and-done evildoer, potentially as a pawn to Ares' plans.

A Greek demigod, and a henchman of Ares, the Duke of Deception is an enigmatic figure who manipulates various members of military forces to create war-based tragedies. Again taking the form of a henchman, it is possible that Thewlis' role could be that of a twisted villain, wherein the Duke of Deception is orchestrating all of the events in the movie for Ares, through Danny Huston's other potential role, Baron Blitzkrieg. Since the Duke of Deception is a godlike being, it is possible that he could even be a returning antagonist in future films. This is also another probable role for Danny Huston, wherein he is only acting as a subordinate for the real Ares, who could even be David Thewlis.

A Nazi concentration camp commander named Reiter was horribly disfigured after a vial of acid was thrown onto his face. Because of him being a close associate of Adolf Hitler, the would-be world conqueror decided to give him superpowers, which the Third Reich greatly benefited from. Similar to the Red Panzer, Thewlis could play Baron Blitzkrieg as a henchman granted unique abilities by Ares, because of his previous role as a Nazi soldier. This could also be Danny Huston's role, wherein he is a superpowered army general, and receives his deformity only by the end of the film.

As the movie is set in a time before Superman, played by Henry Cavill (The Man from U.N.C.L.E.) arrived on Earth, it is possible that we might see at least a single hero from DC Comics' Golden Age, with most of these probably having ties with the supernatural world.

Some of our candidates include Giovanni Zatara, a Golden Age sorcerer, and the father of famed magician slash superheroine Zatanna. Since this flick is set many years in the past, combined with the fact that he makes use of magic, it is possible that he could be an immortal in this universe.

Next, and the last of the likeliest of all of the Golden Age heroes, we have, Kent Nelson, or the Golden Age Doctor Fate, a sorcerer who is granted magical abilities through the use of a certain golden helmet by the Lord of Order Nabu. Similar to Giovanni Zatara, he could appear here as an immortal, and would probably make an appearance by the present setting of the flick.

Other Golden Age heroes, who like our previous two would either appear in cameo roles as allies to Wonder Woman of that time-period, or contemporary crime-fighters include Wesley Dodd / The SandmanRex Tyler / HourmanJohn Sargent / Sargon The SorcererDoctor Richard Occult, and many, many more that we cannot list here. Since the movies are taking a more grounded approach to movies, instead of the usual "floating timeline" approach, much of the aformentioned heroes are outlandish suggestions, given that they are mortal in the comics, so the best bet would have to be that David Thewlis' character is a magic-user.

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Again, because of the obvious and major Greek mythology inspiration that the film took, there are bound to be more than a single legendary figures that are set to make an appearance.

In the trailer, we hear that Wonder Woman is the daughter of the lightning god Zeus. Not only that, but it has also been confirmed that Zeus would make an appearance in the upcoming Justice League movie. While he did not appear in the trailers themselves, it is highly possible that he would appear in a cameo here, to set-up Justice League.

Or we could even see Wonder Woman's real father, the darklord Hades, again in a probable cameo.

The movie is set in a clearly distant timeline, and since the DC Extended Universe contains a lot of mysticism, chances are that we would be encountering some immortal beings along the way. And coincidentally, DC Comics has a lot of characters who have cheated death time and time again. Note that since most of these characters are major players in the comics, they could only appear here as cameos.

Our first bet would have to be, if we are to follow the assumption that David Thewlis' would have to be none other than the most notable immortal fiend that have ever roamed the DC Universe is Vandal Savage. From the fall of the Roman Empire, to the end of the Second World War, Savage has seen war in all of its different, terrifying forms.

He could even be the slightly obscure supervillain, General Immortus. A criminal that has lived through the ages through the use of an elixir that prolongs his life, General Immortus has joined the somewhat unknown Brotherhood of Evil, by today's standards, and has done battle with other superhero teams, including the Teen Titans and the Doom Patrol.

Of course, no list of immortal evil-doers would be complete without one of the Dark Knight Batman's notable enemies, the eco-terrorist and criminal mastermind, the Demon's Head, Ra's al Ghul, who was played by Liam Neeson in Christopher Nolan's Batman Begins.

For our last two candidates, both of them are not bad guys, and are in-fact heroes. They also happen to be at the bottom of DC's barrel. First we have the Immortal Man, who, as his name implies, has roamed the Earth for a couple of centuries now, and has been alive ever since 12,000 B.C. The other one is Congorilla, and it sounds like he will be the likeliest of all the immortal choices, as the character was involved in the First World War, in a way. Oh, and he has the power to switch bodies with a golden gorilla who cannot die and has super strength.

And now, for our final possibility, we have Maxwell Lord. Like most of our selections, the telekinetic supervillain Maxwell Lord could appear in only a cameo, but the only difference is that he may not appear in flashbacks, but rather, in the present setting, wherein he could be seen being set-up as a major villain in the future. Since the film is mostly through flashbacks from Wonder Woman, we might see Maxwell Lord as a sinister government agent, like in the comics, who is searching for Wonder Woman after her existence has been confirmed by the events of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Well, we had a pretty hectic time making this one. A lot of ideas come and go, and the experience gave us quite the headaches. Anyway, are you guys excited for Wonder Woman? Let us know in the comments! Also, be sure to check out one of the Epic Rap Battles of History, with this one featuring Wonder Woman and singer Stevie Wonder. Stay tuned for more Dateline Movies!


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