Movie Fact - Jackie Chan's Oscar Award Victory!

Last year, people celebrated the triumphant achievement of Leonardo DiCaprio's highly demanded Oscar win! After a string of nominations, and effortlessly powerful performances that are often overlooked by the awarding committees, Leonardo DiCaprio finally, finally received the award that he highly deserved for his performance in Alejandro G. Iñárritu's semi-biopic epic, The Revenant. But Leonardo DiCaprio is not the only one who deserves to get a long-awaited recognition, because...

Yep, after two-hundred plus movies and several life-threatening injuries brought upon by his deadly stunt work, including those of him appearing as a Bruce Lee stunt double in one of the Dragon's films, only now did he get an Oscar. He was introduced by his former Rush Hour co-star Chris Rock, alongside Tom Hanks and Michelle Yeoh. Jackie Chan gave an inspiring thank to all of his fans for their endless support in his Facebook account.

It’s been 56 years since I filmed my first movie when I was six, and I’ve worked on over 200 films to date. I’d like to say a heartfelt thank you to the Oscars for giving me this award of encouragement and recognizing my achievements while I’m still "young". I’m absolutely honored to be the first Chinese in history to receive this award.

The JC Stunt Team has always had a motto: We don’t ask why, we just do or die. This was one of our fundamental principles, and also a kind of passionate attitude that we, as action movie stars, kept at heart. To be honest, making an action movie isn’t easy. It’s normal for us to get hurt and bleed. Many of us have sustained a body full of injuries and I’m no exception to the case. That’s why I’d like to share this honor with my brothers of the JC Stunt Team who have been with me through good times and bad times over the many years, and I’d like to share this award with every action movie star from all over the world!

I’d like to say thank you to my family; thank you to every outstanding, talented and professional person I’ve worked with on the movie set; and thank you to all the business partners who have continuously supported me. I’ve actually set myself a “little goal” and hope that this honorary golden statue won’t be my last one. I don’t think the Oscars have a rule where you can’t win another golden statue after receiving an honorary award, right?

I’d also like to take this opportunity to say a big heartfelt thank you to all my fans who have endlessly given me so much support. You’re the reason why I’m motivated to keep moving forward. Thank you!

很多年前成家班就經常說一句話,We don't ask why, we just do or die.這是我們的信條,也是所有動作電影人的態度。拍動作電影很辛苦,受傷流血是常事,很多人都落了一身傷病,我自己也不例外。所以,奧斯卡這份榮譽,我要把它要与几十年來与我共同出生入死的成家班兄弟,与全世界的動作電影人一起分享!

Wow, he truly deserved that Oscar! After all, doing actual stunts is no easy task! Besides, he did appear in a lot of my childhood favorite action-comedy movies. This man is truly a legend, and he indeed deserves to achieve such an honor! Before we officially end this reasonably short post, here is a look back at Jackie Chan through the ages, in this small, simple tribute made by the YouTube channel known only as "THE MASTER". Stay tuned for more Dateline Movies!


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