Dateline Movies Countdown: Ranking All of 2017's Superhero Movies!

To briefly explain our one-month inactivity, here are two words for you: "We're tired".

With that out of the way, we believe that it is long overdue for us to rank all of 2017's superhero films. Marvel Studios' latest adventure, Black Panther, is currently out now, and not only has it met our expectations, the feature has surpassed all of them, as the critics say. So for all of you who still have not watched it yet, like me, who is sick at the moment, let us first see as to how the superhero chronicles fared last year. Welcome back to Dateline Movies, and this is our countdown of the Seven Superhero Movies of 2017!

7. Justice League (November 17, 2017)

We kick-off our countdown with Justice League, the DC Extended Universe's attempt at an Avengers team-up. We have a decent cast, a pretty great marketing campaign, and a promise of a thoroughly entertaining time at the theaters.

There is just one problem: actor Henry Cavill's CGI-ed facial shave. Oh, I almost forgot. There are also other problems, ranging from forgettable characters, and an even more forgettable teaser story. Needless to say, while the actors, specifically Ezra Miller as The Flash, and Jason Momoa as Aquaman did the best that they could, and it is still a slight improvement over previous failures, including an appealing humorous tone, the highly anticipated crossover is still sadly crowded with a mixed bag of flaws. Zack Snyder and Joss Whedon tried everything that they could, but even they are not to be entirely blamed for everything, as corporate meddling, and a muddled timeline has unfortunately doomed Justice League from the start.

Come on Aquaman, you can bring the DCEU back from the dead like Wonder Woman did!


The first Guardians of the Galaxy was mind-blowing! With an offbeat sense of humor, a killer 80s-themed soundtrack, and an all-star cast, we all wanted to get the exact same things that made the first movie work. Well we did get all of those things, but that is also why Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 did not feel as original as it was at first.

We have twice more enemies, twice more mysteries to crack, and twice the ticklish amounts of cosmic humor, but we also encountered oddly placed, body-related jokes, the exact same gags, and the almost lack of actual stakes. However, what this fun sequel lacked in originality, managed to make it all up with the always likable chemistry between its returning and latest cast members, the colorful, out-of-this-world visuals, and its surprising emotional punches. The best part about this film is its spectacular handling on the father-child theme.

While yes, cliches are aplenty, and a whole lot more of the jokes are plainly recycled from the first film, there is still some to go around for all audiences.

5. The Lego Batman Movie (February 10, 2017)

Are you complaining about the Dark Detective Batman's current status as an overly powerful superhero, despite not having superheroes? Are you tired of seeing him steal the spotlight from all the other interesting DC properties? Warner Bros. Animation has heard all of your complaints, and instead of actually solving any of them, they decided that this is the best opportunity to make a satire.

Introducing the perfect, comedic deconstruction of the Batman mythology, now in the format of your childhood's favorite collectible toy series, The Lego Batman Movie is this year's biggest surprises. While The Lego Movie proved that this film will no doubt be a surefire mega-hit (unless it is The Lego Ninjago Movie), no one technically expected it to be painstakingly magnificent. Ha ha. Just kidding. It was totally expected.

With a near pitch perfect blend of Easter Eggs and clever callbacks to previous on-screen incarnations of the Caped Crusader, and a fitting amount of emotional appeal, plus the ever lively animation, and its charming Will Arnett-lead cast, The Lego Batman Movie is definitely your above average superhero satire!


4. Wonder Woman (June 2, 2017)

The first, and so far, only DC Extended Universe entry with an actual "Fresh" score on Rotten Tomatoes, which is almost every DCEU die-hard fans' worst nightmare, Wonder Woman managed to surprise literally everyone. No seriously. I actually thought this movie was going to bomb much worse than how the world was bombed in the Fallout video game series (which, fun fact, was supposed to have a movie).

What we got instead is thankfully a heartfelt, typical fish-out-of-water, superhero adventure set in World War One, and one that is totally not gritty. Oh wait, that sounds like Captain America: The First Avenger? Well, yeah, but the one thing that Wonder Woman succeeds in is its earnest message on love. It sounds cheesy, but trust me, it is just spellbinding. In addition, this movie finally broke the awful female-led superhero movie curse, after both Catwoman and Elektra sunk down to the depths of Tartarus, giving young female moviegoers an on-screen role model that they deserve.

While it is still not free of any form of flaws, including having generic characters, generic story elements, and generic, oddly placed humor, and let us not forget that slightly underwhelming climactic battle, Wonder Woman, thanks to its superb leads in the forms of Gal Gadot and Chris Pine, its awesome No Man's Land sequence, and its killer theme song, is truly wonderful!


Three reboots in, and thank God Almighty that the old web-head's homecoming is such a blessing!

Tom Holland absolutely steals the show, and brings the comicbook accurate iteration of the friendly neighborhood hero to full, breathing life! Going toe-to-toe against Michael Keaton's expertly acted winged menace, The Vulture, Spider-Man: Homecoming sees Spider-Man, and the audience, in a much  more distinctive side of the Marvel Cinematic Universe: high school. The film takes cues from John Hughes classics, and the story benefits further from the screenwriters' and director Jon Watts' in-depth exploration of the more leveled world, underneath all of the battles up above them, providing us with a different perspective of the inner workings of the universe.

Admittedly, this Spider-Film, much like the Sony-produced predecessor, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, has instances that make the experience feel more like a typical visit through the Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki. However, with a much more focused narrative, and a deeper emphasis on Spider-Man's inner struggles as a newly established hero, as well as some decent action scenes, this one is a doozie!

2. Thor: Ragnarok (November 3, 2017)

Let us be clear here. The first Thor movies suck. Okay, that is an overstatement. Let us just say "disappointing". And now, after five plus movies, Chris Hemsworth finally gets to shine in his third, and quite possibly last solo adventure.

Ditching Earth, the attempted realism, the trademark haircut and hammer, and Jane Foster, Thor: Ragnarok takes the God of Thunder headfirst into the mythical side, his rightful place in the franchise. The result is your not-so typical cosmic adventure, taking us from one colorful set-piece to another. Packed to the brim with a goofier sense of humor and self-awareness, almost reminiscent to the style featured in the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie, that one Led Zeppelin song that you just can't get enough of, and some interesting character developments, as well as the ever-enlightening presence of Jeff Goldblum as The Grandmaster, and of course the stellar supporting cast, director Taika Watiti finally delivers to us the definitive Thor movie.

Fine, Cate Blanchett's Hela still sucks as a character, and you might find it odd that a story about the end of the world is turned into a comedy. But who cares? This film is awesome!


1. Logan (March 3, 2017)

And finally, we have reached our obvious top-pick. Heck, this one even got itself a nomination for "Best Adapted Screenplay" at the upcoming 90th Oscars Ceremony.

As both Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart's ultimate swan song, before finally leaving the X-Men film series for good (or not, since we might be seeing them again in the MCU), Logan wholeheartedly embraces the title character's grittier aspects. Thanks in no small part to Deadpool's success as a mainstream R-Rated adaptation of a Marvel property, with some credit for Wesley Snipes' Blade trilogy, writer-director James Mangold mixes all of the best ingredients that one can wish for a Wolverine movie. Blood and gore. Ultra-violence. An emotionally moving story at its core. An astounding performance from the main lead, and his young co-star. Everything is there.

To sum it all up, Logan is a near-perfect anti-superhero movie that honors the legacy left behind by Hugh Jackman's memorable portrayal, and the original comicbook character whom he portrays. It definitely deserves its spot not only here in our countdown, but also its place among the nominees for the Oscars.


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Black Panther is out now, ladies and gentlemen, and as we have said before, it is awesome, as said by almost everyone universally. So what better way to conclude this post then by leaving a parody video of Jaden Smith's "Icon", with a Marvel twist? Straight from Nerdist, the same guys who made the Spider-Man-themed parody of Bruno Mars' "That's What I Like", this is "Young King". Stay tuned for more Dateline Movies!


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