FDCP Channel presents: CineKabalen Film Festival 8.5: Here Comes Sinukwan


The Cinekabalen Film Festival 8.5: Here Comes Sinukwan is now happening at the Film Development Council of the Philippines' Channel.  It started last April 14 and will end at April 21, so you still have a couple of days to watch and show your support for these promising and enjoyable short films worthy of your time for free by just registering an account at the FDCP channel's website.  Here's how:

Watch the grandest film festival from the Culinary Capital of the Philippines and support the films of these aspiring talents as seen from these Kapampangan’s excellent films and stories. 

The synopsis for some of the competing films under the Kapampangan and Central Luzon Category that you can watch for free are:

Amigo by JL Mallari (City of San Fernando)

Thomas, who’s caught up in a drug dilemma that had him going out on an escapade, goes back to his hometown to relive his carefree life and reminisce the days he had with this lifelong friend.

Kalinguan Tane Ing Lutu Nang Ima (Time To Forget Mother's Cooking) by EJ Gagui (Minalin)

Letty goes home to her hometown for her mother's first death anniversary. Her relatives begin calling her and requesting a bringhe, the specialty her mother has been known for in their family. From that, Letty is forced to attempt her mother’s cuisine and realize its good taste despite their mourning.

Mipasoso (Carried Away) by Raven Manalese (Bacolor)

A deprived photographer takes his bike away from heartbreak, peer pressure, and his weary at school. Worn out of everything, he meets another biker who will shift his discontent to peace of mind.

Quing Lalam Ning Aldo (Under The Sun) by Reeden Fajardo (Floridablanca)

Budang, a gay sampaguita farmer, decides to renovate their neglected kitchen as soon as he hears that his son is coming back home. But things will not work as planned.

Saingsing (Complaint) by Chic Mirano (Sta. Rita)

An unhappy mother locks up her naïve and helpless daughter in a room away from fears and judgment.

Sangkan (Reason) by Morissey Hans (City of San Fernando)

Struggling to accept the inevitable, a man tries to go on through his day, but fails to keep his composure and feelings intact. This is the day he fears to come yet cannot do anything about it.

Yellow by Stephen Canlas (Mabalacat City)

Two long-time bestfriends, Bert and Tasho, have a very meaningful conversation about one’s overthinking problems. The night ends up tragically when Bert took a shot of the ‘magical’ potion Tasho offered him.

Ang Huling Hantungan (The Last Destination) by Vahn Pascual (Bulacan)

Atiya, a 17-year-old girl, battles her conscience as she paces towards the house where she plans to give up the unborn child. However, various scenarios come rushing, clouding her mind with uncertainties.

Babuyan (Piggery) by Aaron Alsol (Bulacan)

A story where a mother and her child, and their three little pigs, struggle to make it through life.

Coda by Tristan Castañeda and Denice Quimbo (Bulacan)

A short film about a young boy who is inspired by his late older brother to start playing the piano and his father who disapproves of it. The story follows the young boy through his school and home life as he finds his passion for music.

Habulan (Run) by Rey Tamayo Jr. (Pampanga)

An action-comedy film focusing on a hot pursuit shared between the police and a group of bystanders deep in the slums. The chase ends when the police follows the bystanders to their hideout.

Home For The Ages by Yuuka Tanaka (Bulacan)

An aged mother lives in a house that is passed onto her by her parents. Her attachment to her home and her farm gives her enough contentment and safety. Her son Anthony, however, has a different plan in mind that he thinks is best for his mother. Anthony tries his luck into convincing his mother once again into making her go to a home for the aged.

Huling Hiling by Michaella Anne Ancheta (Pampanga)

A man gets convicted for a merciless crime, and is placed on death row. But on the day before his execution, he makes one unusual request.

Kibo (Response) by Jay Francis Letrillard (Zambales)

Before the last day of school, a mute teenage boy plans to confess his feelings towards his long-time crush.

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