Movies that Show Different Ways of Achieving Career Advancement

Career advancement is something everyone hopes to achieve in the fastest and surest way possible. People have different ways of achieving this goal. Let's try to see this through movies.

Cheat Your Way

Not exactly a recommended option, cheating one's way to the top has worked for some. Similar to what was shown in the movie The Wolf of Wall Street, some work their way up through questionable means, if not outright fraud. Unfortunately, very few escape the eventual downfall that comes with such a choice. 

Impress the Boss

Others choose to impress the boss in the hope of getting the much-desired promotion. In SpongeBob Squarepants The Movie, we see that it does not always get the desired results. Some bosses can be blind to an employee's capabilities and lead to an otherwise qualified worker being bypassed.

Tap on Intelligence

There are job positions that really require innate intelligence and developed capabilities. In Hidden Figures, the careers of the main characters eventually did advance after much difficulty. They are actually the brains behind the accomplishments attributed to others. The quest to be more equipped in knowledge and skills through training and getting certified can be initiated through sample questions.

Pursue Education

The traditional way of even landing a job is through education. The main character in the movie Legally Blonde found success by pursuing further studies even if it was not initially expected of her. For those who are particularly challenged with traditional schooling, considering certification courses can be a good option. 

Train and Work Hard

Important certification questions can be answered by a simple inquiry if this proves to be of interest. As seen in the movie The Pursuit of Happyness, hard work, perseverance, and willingness to learn and training pays off in the long run. This is usually the most rewarding route to career advancement. 


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