Are You Being Paid Enough as a Singer?

One of the more popular movies that featured a singer in the lead role is of course the comedy hit "The Wedding Singer". The story starts off with the singer being left by his fiancĂ©e as she realized she hated the idea of being married to "just" a wedding singer. Of course, everything turned out fine for him in the end with someone who appreciated him for who he is.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average wage for professional singers is about $30 an hour, which works out to about $60K a year. It’s important to notice the keywords being “professional” and “average” because for every superstar singer you can think of, there are countless others who are just scraping by in order to balance out that figure. 

If you’re not hitting that financial marker, or you’re a part-time singer trying to make it full-time, then let’s take a quick look at a few extra ways to make more money as a singer. 

Wedding Singer

Getting into the wedding business can prove to be extremely lucrative. Couples spend a lot of money to make their wedding perfect. On this very special day, the bride and groom have invited their closest friends and relatives to celebrate with them. They want to have a memorable wedding experience and they’re willing to spend the money to make it happen. Lining up a wedding or two each month is a surefire way to bring in extra income. 

Cover Band

Singing in a cover band is another great way to bring in extra money. Think about your favorite band. How often do they tour? On top of that, how often do they play in your area? Chances are, that it’s only once a year at most. But people love live music and will pay to hear bands play at local bars and venues. Playing in a cover band gives you an opportunity to make money playing for music lovers who want to hear quality live music. 

Give Singing Lessons 

Another way to make more money as a singer is to teach others. You could organize group workshops for students or local community groups, or offer private lessons instead. Not only will you be putting money in your pocket, but you’ll be using your talents to help others achieve their singing goals as well. 

Lounge / Club Singer 

Many times lounges and clubs look to have regular singers and bands play at their venues. These can be public spots or private clubs that only cater to members. Either way, these venues look for musical talent to entertain their guests. Opportunities can be rotating performances or more regular such as monthly or even weekly spots. Speak with local promoters and venue owners to see who is looking for singers for hire to perform for their patrons. 

Entertainment Staff

This can cover a wide range of employment opportunities such as children’s camps, community events, private businesses, casinos, resorts, and even cruise ships. Consider the last vacation you took. There was probably a band or singer at the resort, featured at attractions, and livening the party on the cruise ship. Well, that could be you! 

It’s important to think outside the box and consider alternative ways to make money doing what you love. There are lots of opportunities out there, you just have to find them and take some initiative with getting hired. 


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