How Not to Get Lost in Translation

How does it feel to be "lost in translation?" For Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson in the titular 2003 movie, it involves not being able to express one's feelings accurately or appropriately. As the tagline says, "everyone wants to be found," and for the both of them to come to terms with their feelings, they would need to rely on each other. 

The film's Japanese setting reminded me of two things: the Filipino romantic comedy drama Kita Kita (which puts the romance to the forefront, unlike Lost in Translation's more existentialist approach) and the Japanese language classes I took back in high school. In both cases, I am reminded of the struggle of finding the right words to express what we want to express.

This challenge also stretches to what filmmakers experience. For most of them, one of the most difficult challenges that they would face is figuring out how they could best connect with different audiences. Some may be able to tackle themes that tug people's heartstrings, but even the best ideas may be lost in translation.

As someone who has watched tons of Filipino movies, I understand where other viewers are coming from when they are unable to pick-up on major story beats without subtitles to help them out. All of this is made much more difficult when subtitles either had inaccurate translations or extremely obvious typographical errors.

Fortunately, one does not need an existential crisis for proper, reliable translation services when there is ProTranslate.

Having already served more than 65,000 customers across 163 countries and boasting a 97% satisfactory rate, ProTranslate offers to translate files and websites. Besides catering to a wide variety of languages, ProTranslate also offers something on the more technical side. Here, translators who are also experts in law, medicine, and engineering among other fields will work on your outputs to ensure that nothing gets mixed-up along the way.

Just upload any file of your choice or encode a small text, then choose from the three offered service levels that would suit your preferred price: the eco price option for simple translation needs, professional for more detailed outputs, and premium for more carefully processed works from handpicked specialists and even a project manager.

You can also decide how soon the translation services can be done. If you need something accomplished as soon as they can (but in a reasonable and realistic pace), let ProTranslate's 24/7 assistance help you faster than the Flash can run through the Speed Force.

For YouTube content creators, this handy dandy website also offers a captioning service. Simply grab a video link, paste it in the provided text bar, then let the experts work their magic until they notify you once it's all done.

That's not all. For those overburdened with lots and lots of writing tasks, ProTranslate is also open to writing for you. Yes, they are very much willing to write blog posts, instructional articles, and press releases among other types as your heart desires. By choosing either standard for more "lightweight text control" or expert for more intensive proofreading, users would be treated to well-crafted articles that tackle topics such as architecture and even parenting.

So if you are a filmmaker with a story to tell, then there is no other option but the efficient way. This is how you don't get lost in translation.


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