TBA Studios takes part in Yuchengco Museum's inaugural online film festival

 Yfilms.ph To Archive Filipino Films, Old and New

Yvonne Yuchengco of Yuchengco Museum has announced that the museum will soon launch yfilms.ph, a digital platform that would cater to audiences looking to access quality local movies.  Starting February 22, 2022, movie fans can watch a variety of titles from renowned directors as well as up-and-coming student filmmakers for free via a 7-day online filmfest called Y2M (Yes2Movies), which will run until February 28, 2022.

Says Ms. Yuchengco, “We feel this auspicious date would be a good way to get started with our mission-vision to archive Filipino films, old and new.”

Some of the featured works in the inaugural festival include some of its groundbreaking and critically-acclaimed works from TBA Studios, one of the Philippines’ leading film production and distribution companies. Among the TBA Studios titles that movie fans can access are the historical epic “Heneral Luna,” quirky romcom “I’m Drunk, I Love You,” award-winning drama “Women of The Weeping River,” romantic film “Write About Love”, and TBA Studios’ latest legacy project, “Habambuhay: Remembering Philippine Cinema.”


Ms. Yuchengco added, “We have solicited and gotten the support of TBA Studios. Our website will drive its visitors to the link that will enable them to watch their films for free on their channel.” In response, Mr. Ting Nebrida, executive consultant for TBA Studios, said “We’re pleased to align ourselves with the goal of yfilms.ph which is to bring together Filipino films and make them available to all.  We’re just glad to help jumpstart the process of getting the ball rolling on this important mission-vision.” 

After the 7-day Y2M filmfest, yfilms.ph will reopen itself officially sometime in April 2022, when it will already have a wider and longer list of available Filipino film titles.


Also included in the Y2M filmfest are four works from this year’s batch of student films (features and shorts) from CineMapua.  Schools and students nationwide are encouraged to submit their films for archiving in Yuchengco Museum’s yfilms.ph website. 


Y2M is available globally and will be accessible 24 hours a day for free on the yfilms.ph website.  


For further info, please contact Yuchengco Museum

Email:  info@yuchengcomuseum.org

Ph:  (8)889.1234 / (8) 887.5144. 


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