Three Things That My Blog Will Do Better in 2023

Since 2014, I have been doing something that I love to do very much which is to review movies through Dateline Movies. As my personal responsibilities increased through the years, however, I wasn't able to dedicate as much time as I used to. This led me to think on what my blog can do better for the year 2023.

Photo by Alvaro Reyes on Unsplash

Since I have every intention of continuing this passion of my mine, here are some of the things my blog will do better for the year 2023.

Watch More, Review More

There is no question that I watch movies every chance that I get. Whether it is during family time, in-between class schedules, or just relaxing before I sleep. Watching films is my go-to activity. In truth, I still get to watch a lot of them.

The problem is I don't have much time left in my hands to write about what I watched, much less to do a review. I decided that I will set aside a specific weekly schedule for my blog. After all, giving time is essential to this kind of goal.

Improve Blog Look

The look is one of the most important elements of a blog. Aside from time, this would require funding. A professional yet viewer-attractive look is what I am hoping to achieve this year. I guess I will need to start saving up for this expense.

I have actually started reading on how to save more. This brought me to Savings Calculator from Hopefully, I will be able to save enough to get professional assistance this year. One thing I'm sure of though, I will not stop trying to improve the look of my blog for my readers.

Better Content

While I know that  blogging is essentially a writer's format for sharing, I will not forget to think of my readers when doing so. I plan to discover ways on how to express my views which could be more helpful or entertaining to my readers. But of course, this will not be at the expense of creating content just to please.

I love writing too much to reduce it to such level. The result should be something that I care enough to write about and that readers should consider worthy enough to spend time reading or viewing. To my mind, this is how blogs continue to exist.


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