"Filipino movies and unused screenplays ... we review them!"

The name's Pio, and I talk about movies! 

People think that Filipino cinema doesn't have anything to offer.

Us in Dateline Movies beg to differ.

It's a whole world of its own, and it's one worth diving into.

Joining me in this task is Dad, who shares the same passion as mine.

I'm an active student journalist since 2013.

I cover mostly current events and alternative news.

I'm also a comic book and video game person.

I'm currently taking-up BS Development Communication.

Join us as we review new and old Filipino features,

discuss trending issues in Filipino cinema, 

get creative with a few story pitches,

and even have a look back at what could have been with unused screenplays.

Come and see the often overlooked world of Filipino cinema!

Welcome to Dateline Movies!

It's a date!

For business inquiries or review requests, contact me at


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where I contribute from time-to-time:

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