Fury: The Next Brad Pitt Movie

Brad Pitt will be returning in another war movie.  Last time I saw him was in the movie, Inglorious Bastard in 2009 which was directed by Quentin Tarantino.  Set during the last days of the war, the 50 year-old actor, Brad Pitt plays the role of a US Army Sergent named "Wardaddy". He and his crew, must take his Sherman Tank called "Fury" deep into enemy territory against considerable odds and strike within the heart of Hitler's forces. Written and directed by David Ayer, (Training Day, Harsh Times, Fast and the Furious) this movie is a definite blockbuster to be released sometime in November.



The poster for this movie is in contrast with Brad Pitt's last war movie, The Inglourious Basterds wherein Pitt can be seen with eyes staring straight at the audience, rebellious and confident as against his upcoming movie wherein he appears worried, concerned and sad. 


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