Movie Spotlight: Suburbicon

Directed by: George Clooney

Produced by: George Clooney
                        Grant Heslov
                        Joel Silver
                        Teddy Schwarzman

Written by:      Joel Coen
                        Ethan Coen
                        George Clooney
                        Grant Heslov

Starring:        Matt Damon
                       Julianne Moore
                       Noah Jupe
                       Oscar Isaac

Music by:        Alexandre Desplat

Running time: 105 minutes


SUBURBICON is based on the research by Oscar Award winner, George Clooney, from a 1957 documentary film “Crisis in Levittown”, a true story of what happened when William and Daisy Meyers became the first African American family to move in to Levittown, Pennsylvania.

Clooney recalled a script the Academy Award winning, Coen Brothers, Joel and Ethan, sent to him back in 1999 called “Suburbicon.” It was a comedy/thriller with similar themes to Fargo and Burn After Reading: hapless characters making really bad decisions. Together with the producers, they thought that it seems a good time for a film that feels angry; combining the existing Suburbicon script and setting it in Levittown during the week the Meyer’s moved in.  

Suburbicon tells the story of America’s emerging middle class, in the decade following the Second World War, moving to the suburbs: idyllic, affordable homes in planned communities. For many, the American Dream of owning a home was becoming a reality for the first time.  It is a picture-perfect 1950s suburb where the best and worst of humanity are reflected through the deeds of ordinary people.  But when a home break-in turns deadly, a family must turn to blackmail, revenge, and betrayal in order to survive. 

There’s a great deal of irony and social commentary in the characters’ story. They’re a growing family in search of the American Dream and feel like they’ll be welcome and safe in their new home. Unfortunately, their new neighbors are really disrespectful and sometimes dangerous. Meanwhile, there’s a real problem next door no one is addressing.

Starring the Academy Award winners, Matt Damon, as the model father and husband named Gardner Lodge, and Julianne Moore, who portrays as the wife Rose and the twin sister named Margaret , SUBURBICON also features Oscar Isaac as Bud Coopera, the suspicious insurance inspector, and the young and talented Noah Jupe as Nicky Lodge, Gardner’s son, your average kid in a murderous town.

Exclusively distributed by Solar Pictures, Suburbicon is showing on several moviehouses beginning on the 22nd of November nationwide. For more information, visit solarpicturesPH on facebook, twitter, and instagram.


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