Movie Spotlight - Pagbalik (Return)


"Kwento nang pagmamahal, pangarap at ng pamilyang Pilipino".            

Release date: September 13, 2019, an official Pista ng Pelikula Entry,  
                       Sandaan Showcase

Directed by: Hubert Tibi and Maria Ranillo

Cast: Gloria Sevilla, Vince Ranillo, Suzette Ranillo, and Alora Sasam

Production Companies: Nuances Entertainment Productions and PRO.PRO, released thru Solar Pictures, Inc.

Genre: Family Drama  

MTRCB Rating: G (General Audience, all ages admitted)

Running Time: 1HR 33MINS (including hardlock of 5-minute shortfilm “Kanlungan”)


Rica (50s), after working abroad, comes home to stay with Choleng (85), her ageing mother, until she finds new work. She learns what her mother has done all the years when she was working abroad.


Rica (50s), after working abroad comes home to stay with her ageing mother until she finds new work. She is disappointed to discover that all past years of sending money to the Philippines to repair their old home amounted to nothing. It looks the same way as she left it years ago. Her son, Vincent (18), is finishing college and needs to focus on his studies so Rica takes over to be a caregiver to her mom, Choleng (85). 

Taking care of her stubborn elderly mother is a nightmare. She never thought that it can be so difficult. Choleng complains about everything and treats Rica like a child which she really despised. Afternoons are spent on prayer meetings and evenings on more praying. Rica realizes that her mother's difficult behavior is caused by her impaired hearing. With the help of their prayer meeting group they pitched in to buy her a hearing aid that she refuses to use. It reaches a point that Rica and Choleng start fighting. Rica blames her mother for her futile sacrifice of working abroad. Rica decides to accept an offer to work abroad again. Choleng requests for her not to leave anymore. Rica thinks otherwise. In the end, Rica learns what Choleng has done all the years that she was working abroad. 

Pagbalik is one of the official entries for Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino 2019.  It is the only Visayan entry to this year's festival. 


“PAGBALIK is a quiet family drama which people of all ages can relate to.” Suzette Ranillo

“Gloria Sevilla’s brilliantly-restrained acting in PAGBALIK is complemented by Suzette’s subtle performance that gradually builds up and detonates.”


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