The Force Awakens Final Trailer And Poster Revealed! (Spotted!: Part 6.5)

I sense, a new trailer within the Force! Welcome back, good people of the world to Dateline Movies! We know that you might be saying, "Yet another Star Wars post? Are you guys running out of ideas?". No, no we aren't. Let's be honest here, the trailer was too good not to talk about or breakdown! So let's not waste anymore time, and let us continue our Spotted! Part 6 with a shot-by-shot observation of their latest preview! But first, let's have a look at the masterpiece that is the poster!

Spotted! Hidden Surprises and Trivia (Spoiler Alert!)

7. Picture Paints Nostalgia: The official theatrical poster for the much awaited movie of the year is out. We can see Han Solo, Chewbacca, R2D2, C3PO and Pricess Leia right in the middle, on the lower left are X-Wing Star Fighters and on the lower right the Millenium Falcon, TIE Figthers and Imperial Star Destroyers. New characters Kylo Ren, Rey and Finn dominate the upper portion of the poster and another new character Poe Dameron stands on top of the Star Wars logo. Unfortunately Luke Skywalker is missing! Where could he be? There have been claims that he would be the new Obi-Wan Kenobi for the new trilogy, being the mentor to the new trio of adventurers! Does this mean he'll die earlier? Please no, Mark Hamill is too cool to die early in a possible film series.

Here is the new trailer of the movie. It really looks mesmerizing.

What we saw in the trailer?

8. "Who are you?" - Princess Leia Solo: Well, this is Daisy Johnson's Rey, as evidenced by her outfit and the scene's setting. For those who probably don't know who she is, Rey is a scavenger searching for items lost in the war. In this scene, we see her exploring a large, abandoned vessel that has been left behind from the events of the original trilogy. Is this the Millenium Falcon or an Empire or Jedi battleship? If so, she may be the one to discover the history behind the Jedi, Sith, and most importantly, the Force.

9. "I'm no one!" - Rey: But why is she wearing a Stormtrooper outfit if she is one of the good guys? And where the heck is she? She is in Jakku, a desert planet. According to Wookiepedia, this is a desolate planet filled with various figures scrapping the remains for something to cash-in. She must have recovered a dead trooper and made use of the clothing.

And it looks like that's not the only thing she brought home. Judging by this picture, Rey may be witnessing the coming of a possible danger. It is possible that she could just be having deep thought, but then again, they are in a planet filled with treasures.

10. "I was raised to do one thing...": This is a close-up shot of clone trooper Finn. In this scene, Finn must have witnessed the New Empire's plans and sinister ambitions, and he might have realized what he was bred for. That reason is to do Kylo Ren's bidding. In the next scene, we see possibly him escaping with a TIE Fighter, and crashing into what is probably...

11. "...but I got nothing to fight for" - Finn: Jakku! Yes that's right. This is Jakku, and it is the same Jakku that is home to Rey.

Is it possible that Finn could be the very thing that made Rey bring the attention of the New Empire?

12. "Nothing will stand in our way...": Next, we see Kylo Ren plotting his plans. But where is he standing? It is possible that he could be in a rebuilt Death Star, or a fully-functioning cruiser.

This is further evidenced by the next line Kylo Ren said, with the shot of Darth Vader's destroyed helmet being held-up high. There is a strong chance that Kylo Ren could be a Skywalker, and the son of Luke Skywalker if not the least. He might have gotten to know more of the Dark Side's history, and decided to turn against the Force. It is interesting to note that the original ending for Episode VI: The Return of The Jedi is meant to show Luke becoming the new ruler of the Sith Empire. What if Luke is Kylo Ren and the actor, Adam Driver, is just his "padowan"?

13. "I will finish ... what you started" - Kylo Ren: Well, there goes that "Luke being the bad guy" theory out of the window. He might really be a Skywalker, but not Luke. He may be a descendant of his bloodline. In this scene also, we see Oscar Isaac's X-Wing Pilot Poe Dameron being tormented by Kylo Ren...

...followed by a quick glimpse of an explosion. He might be caught by the bad guys, most likely when trying to infiltrate the Empire, and Kylo Ren decided to give him a preview of what his power can do. Unless, this could be a flashback, and Poe might have witnessed the Sith attack his home planet.

14. "Those stories about what happened." - Rey: After which, we see a really exciting Millennium Falcon and TIE Fighter chase through Jakku, which I have to say is really great to look at. Could the Millennium Falcon be what Rey discovered at her home planet?

15. "Its true... all of it...": Then we finally get to see  what appears to be a now tidied-up Millennium Falcon, with Han Solo on-board? Based on the screenshot, Rey and Finn are in for a big surprise!

16. "The Dark Side, the Jedi... they're real." - Han Solo: Based on what we heard from Harrison Ford's Han Solo, we could be seeing a world wherein after years of peace, the Jedi have disbanded, leading to everyone believing that everything from the first two trilogies were fictitious works.

This has been followed by awesome "blink and you'll miss" shots, including Kylo Ren with an all-black Stormtrooper unit by his side under a heavy rain. What could they be after? In addition, what's with the battle on this certain planet? We might be seeing yet another battle on Kashyyyk with Poe and Finn, similar to that with the Ewoks on Episode VI, and with Master Yoda's escape in Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.

The most eye-popping of all images is the one above. Who is that hooded figure? It's the one, the only Luke Skywalker. The chosen one, and Mark Hamill's most notable big screen role. Don't believe me? Remember in Episode VI again that Luke lost his hand during his battle with Emperor Palpatine. From the looks of it, Luke might have witnessed Kylo Ren's devastation, with his companion R2D2. As such, he gains enough strength to fend-off Kylo Ren and his evil. The reason also that we may be seeing less of Luke in teasers is he might have only a minor role here, and is set to be a major player in future installments, or maybe he will die here.

17. "The force, it's all into you...": Adding more to the excitement, we also get to see more battles, but this one shows Hoth? Yes, the icy planet from Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back has made a return, plus some hyperdrive action. We also see Princess Leia and Han Solo being reunited, yet Luke is completely absent. Where is he? I'm starting to have a bad feeling he really will die here. Yeah, this will definitely happen, as evidenced by Rey's distress at what looks to be a dead body.

18. "Just let it in." - Princess Leia Solo: The last shot shows Finn and Kylo Ren getting it on in what appears to be Hoth again. Maybe their base is here. After this, we get to see the glorious title!

I guess that's a wrap my friends. Be sure to clear your Christmas schedule! But for now, let the Force flow through you.


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