Baron Zemo's Civil War Plans? (A Spotted! Tie-In)

And we're back! Last post, we weren't able to tackle the mysterious Baron Zemo's grand scheme in the movie! Don't blame us! The post was getting really long anyway, so it's really best to save an entire story for last! Also, wasn't our previous post already a tie-in? Well the difference here is that our .5 posts are updates of entries, while tie-ins refer to the bits and pieces that are lengthy and deserve their own post. So without further ado, here is Baron Zemo's sinister plans, based on our observations. This is Dateline Movies, and please don't be mad at us because of the possible spoilers! But first, here's an international TV spot featuring the villain in some shots!

Spotted! Hidden Surprises and Trivia (Spoiler Alert!)

To recap, we had two theories on how Zemo fits in the story.

Theory 1 is about Tony Stark and Zemo joining forces as Zemo masquerades as a philanthropic figure who helped designed the Raft. The two were able to capture and brainwash the Winter Soldier in hopes that he may cause an incident that will push forward the Sokovia Accords, a bill that forces heroes to be controlled by the government. Unfortunately, things go awry, as the Winter Soldier goes berserk, and Zemo instead blew-up the building, much to Tony's grief.

While Theory 2 follows the Winter Soldier attempting to stop a bomb that will result in the Sokovia Accords being passed. He instead encounters Tony Stark, who is furious that he killed his parents, and the two engage on a standoff. With them distracted, Zemo blows-up the building and frames Bucky for the incident. The following would describe possibly Zemo's master plan in the film. Note that the predictions below support both theories.

Zemo tasks Crossbones and at least a few HYDRA agents to steal a viral strain from the IFID facility. To keep the Avengers at bay, Crossbones had to take some hostages. If they try to attack, one hostage will be killed, or possibly, release a contagion that can wipe out an entire county.

In the meantime, Zemo is placing a bomb in the United Nations congress during the hearing on the Sokovia Accords, hoping that the Accords will pass. Bucky, after tracing Zemo, tries to stop the bombing, but is prevented by Tony, who thinks he's up to no-good. If we are to follow Theory 1, Zemo and Tony allow a brainwashed Bucky to start an incident that can pass the act, but Zemo double-crosses him, and instead detonates a bomb, which was never a part of their deal.

Successfully framing Bucky, he now has all the heroes distracted, with Captain America trying to clear his name, while Tony is hellbent on apprehending Bucky. The next phase of his plan moves him to Wakanda who, as we would expect, is in need of some Vibranium. In the comics, raw Vibranium is powerful yet highly unstable, with a blast radius reminiscent to a missile. This means he wants to create a contagion bomb which, if combined with the virus he obtained and the raw Vibranium, would be a doomsday weapon.

This will eventually lead us to the Airport Fight Scene. Zemo, as he gazes at the chaos of his master plan from his fortress, is inserting the contagion bombs in the planes, which of course would then go to various places all across the globe. Once landing, the planes will detonate, and it will kill about a million people in theory, and from the survivors he will start a new world order controlled by HYDRA.

But how does Tony Stark fit-in his plans if we are to follow Theory 1? Simple, he needed an army. Zemo, acting as an anonymous architect to the Raft (given that he seems to know this particular Airport that we saw, he might have some knowledge on engineering and architecture.), knows that Stark needed a holding area for the heroes, and he knows that a regular prison won't hold them. As such, he designs the Raft. In addition, he is also counting-on Tony's grief to have him distracted from his plans.

He might have some brainwashing technology, similar to what HYDRA used on Bucky and what he allegedly used on the Vision, which he might use to control the heroes to fulfill the final stages of his plans!

Also let me just say, I think Captain America will die. According to various sources and fans, reading Bucky's lips would suggest that he is saying "Steve's dead!". So no more Chris Evans? Ohhhhh.

And there we have it, Zemo's plans are theorized completely and neatly. Up next, we'll need to find-out where are Thor and Hulk? In the mean time, I bid you all farewell, and enjoy Zemo and Iron Man enjoying a taste of Berlin!


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