How Would Civil War Affect Doctor Strange? (A Spotted! Tie-In)

Now that Captain America: Civil War is done, and truly has left a huge impression, it's only a few short months left until we get to see Benedict Cumberbatch don the magical Cloak of Levitation and deliver the magic to the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Doctor Strange! But once the dust settles, one questions remains, how would Doctor Strange be affected by these events? For one thing, he is an earthbound superhero, and secondly it is no doubt that his magical abilities would attract the attention of the likes of the United Nations.

I would like to share with all of you, a contest entry I originally posted in the website Moviepilot, as part of their post-credits scene competition (And if you're going to ask, I lost the contest because the Philippines, where I currently resides, was not under Moviepilot's radar.). It would serve as my prediction on how Doctor Strange will become entangled in the not-so secret world of capes and masks. Note that given the updated circumstances, the original post would have to be altered to fit-in perfectly. In addition, we might be doing more posts like these, but focusing as well on pitching movie ideas. So this is Dateline Movies, reporting from the trash bin, and we hope you enjoy our own version of Doctor Strange's post-credits scene!

Also, if you want to read the original post in Moviepilot, click here.

The Concept

Since Doctor Strange lives in New York City in his Sanctum Sanctorum, it is only a matter of time before the governments of the world make use of his unique "talents" to their advantage. The events that transpired in Captain America: Civil War seem too big to just let it an open-and-shut scenario, so it is no doubt that many heroes, possibly including our Netflix vigilantes, would be affected by the Sokovia Accords, either being recruited or being detained on the grounds of disobeying the law. Doctor Strange, although stayed neutral throughout the comicbook version of the story, was in a sense, still affected by the event. This post-credits scene would hopefully give closure to this little happening in the comics.

It has been hinted as well by Marvel executive producer Kevin Feige that the Eye of Agamotto is the Time Stone, one of the six Infinity Stones that are being sought by Thanos, who will be the primary antagonist for both parts of Avengers: Infinity War. So in addition to giving insight on how Doctor Strange is affected by Civil War, this is also to set-up events that will happen.

By the way, the reason why I chose a Doctor Strange scene is that as a Sherlock fan, I am excited to hear that both Cumberbatch and Freeman would be encountering each other's characters soon, just like their other films did. That idea also reminded me of a joke which involved Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man meeting Doctor Strange in an awkward manner, given that both Cumberbatch and Downey Jr. played Sherlock Holmes, with the first in the a TV show, while the second in the film series, which co-stars Jude Law as Watson. As luck would have it, Freeman currently plays Watson in the BBC series with Cumberbatch.

The Scene (The Doctor is In!)

The scene is black at first, but then a voice (Downey Jr.) is heard, and in a tone that sounds cool and familiar to many...

Tony Stark: That's a pretty good goatee you got there, Stephen. Can I call you Stephen?

Then the screen finally has color. The camera fades in the Eye of Agamotto glowing orange, visibly damaged (Based on some leaked photos, Strange was seen without the Eye of Agamotto, which could mean it was lost mid-battle.), and contained in a large glass room. We also learn that this is a Joint Counter Terrorism Centre laboratory, with the outside windows revealing it to be located in New York City. Many computers analyzing the stone within the Eye read that the power levels are incredibly high, and the system frequently lags because of the energy signature. Many scientists are in hazmat suits.

The camera zooms-out of the stone, and reveals Iron Man, Doctor Strange (Cumberbatch) and Everett Ross (Freeman) in a table, just outside the glass container that displays the Eye of Agamotto. Tony continues his line condescendingly as usual while Strange looks annoyed...

Tony Stark: Man, with a goatee like that we could rule the world. We should be called the Awesome Facial Hair Bros! What do you say Stephen, up top!

Tony raises his hand expecting a high five, but Stephen ignores it in an annoyed manner, until Stephen finally accepts.

Stephen Strange: I hate you, Stark.

Tony Stark: Yeah, Awesome Facial Hair Bros!

Ross, putting his palm on his face in annoyance and unbelievable lack of patience, interrupts the exchange between the two. His coat is hung at the back of a chair, and plenty of coffee cups are scattered all throughout the table, suggesting that the interrogation took way longer than expected.

Everett Ross: Um, hello? Yeah, hi. Can we... Can we get back to the topic at hand here? Yeah, well. Stephen, would you mind where on Earth did you fish your little accessory from?

Stephen Strange: Well this "little accessory", Agent Ross, came from my mentor the Ancient One, and it's called the Eye of Agamotto, in case you're wondering. It's one of the most powerful artifacts, and it can grant access to any point in time.

Ross walks around in a sarcastic tone. He laughs sarcastically as well for awhile.

Everett Ross: Oh wow. First, we had the Tesseract, and now we have this Eye of Agamoka... ka... or whatever.

Ross then begins to pack-up his files, with some of them being Daily Bugle issues regarding some heroes in New York, including articles on "The Devil of Hell's Kitchen", "Atlas Investigations", "Harlem's Power Man", "Rand Industries", and even "The Punisher". The camera zooms-in them one-by-one as Ross picks-up each copy one at a time. A small file regarding "Capt. Carol Danvers", and a ticket to Wakanda, are also seen in his satchel. There is also a laptop.

Everett Ross: Well, I guess that's it then. After hours, the truth comes out. A Time Stone. Oh well, I'm very glad to say this to the two of you buffoons, you are free to go.

Ross leaves, and snarks a mean comment to himself as he walks-out in relief. Tony and Stephen say their farewells, but Tony has something to ask of Stephen...

Tony Stark: Hey Stephen.

Stephen stops in anguish upon hearing Tony trying to stop him.

Tony Stark: Look. I know you're new to this whole superhero thing, but I just want to say... If ever you need help, you can just call me, or any of us at the Avengers.

Stephen Strange: Yeah sure, why not?

Tony Stark: But you need to promise something. This world is changing, and we are calling for people of your skills. Will you answer that call?

Stephen looks disappointed.

Stephen Strange: Look, Stark. I know you heroes are just doing your job, saving the world and all, but my place for now is with the mystic arts. This kind of war you're facing now, I do not have a part in it. However, if you need a doctor...

Stephen patting Tony in the back.

Stephen Strange: If there is a sickness that needs my consultation, you know where I live.

Tony becomes a little overjoyed.

Tony Stark: Hey, you just pat my back, Stephen.

The camera moves towards the Time Stone as the lights slowly close, and Stephen can be heard saying...

Stephen Strange: Well, no kidding Sherlock. Awesome Facial Hair Bros, right? Also, can I have my artifact back?

The scene fades-out as the Eye of Agamotto continues to glow, and there is a message for the viewer.

"Doctor Strange Will Return"

Again, we hope that you enjoy our post-credits scene for Doctor Strange, and to close this post, please enjoy a teaser for the movie Doctor Strange. Up next, a whole trash bin of scrapped Superman and Batman projects, and a small tribute to all the members of the acting industry who have passed away, from Alan Rickman to recently, Prince. See you next time, Dateliners!


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