What Does Wolverine's Presence in Apocalypse Mean? ( A Spotted! Tie-In)

And now we return to our regularly scheduled programming. Last post, we were about to tackle on the how Wolverine's appearance (or the very least cameo) would mean for X-Men: Apocalypse. It has been said from time and time again that Hugh Jackman's most iconic role as the savage X-Man would make another appearance before finally leaving the claws for good with another Wolverine solo movie. Finally, we get our confirmation that he is set to appear in the upcoming movie (And the confirmation that no X-Men movie would be released without good 'ol Weapon X, except for Deadpool.). Now, let's get to it then on Dateline Movies new Spotted! Tie-In.

Spotted! Hidden Surprises and Trivia (Spoiler Alert!)

I'm sorry I can't provide a video of my proof, but if you might remember from X-Men Origins: Wolverine, the penultimate scene prior to fighting an enhanced Deadpool, who was played by Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool, obviously), featured Wolverine rescuing some Mutants captured by Col. William Stryker, who in this version was played by Danny Huston (Wonder Woman). Among the mutants that have been captured included a being with similar powers as Emma Frost (It was confirmed that this is not Emma by Bryan Singer), and a teenage Cyclops. Cyclops then receives telepathic transmissions from Prof. X, who was played by Patrick Stewart (Green Room), that leads them to freedom. Well that sounds interesting and all, but what does this all mean?

Remember that both Cyclops and Stryker will appear in the movie, and we saw a glimpse of Cyclops and Jean Grey telling Mystique that they had "a little help", eventually switching to Wolverine unleashing his claws. This means that X-Men Origins: Wolverine is officially canon with the rest of the X-Men's very, very flawed timeline.

This also provides some insight on what Stryker's role in the film would be. Originally, we believed that Stryker may be unknowingly working for Apocalypse, under orders from a masquerading Mister Sinister, to capture many Mutants and harvest their powers. But given this theory, it seems that Stryker may have been creating Weapon X here already.

So how will this theory affect X-Men: Apocalypse? We might see this entire scenario happening in the very beginning of the movie, of course with some minor altercations. Notable changes include the actors playing the characters in the movie. In addition, you might remember from X-Men: Days of Future Past that Mystique was impersonating Stryker at the end of the film, which might mean that Mystique would inevitably be the reason for Wolverine's pain? Yeah, the timeline is all kinds of messed-up. Unless of course she just wanted Wolverine to get the edge that he needed to be a hero he is meant to be. She did learn that Wolverine suffered under Stryker, and eventually received the Adamantium claws.

Wait, what were we talking about again? Oh yeah, the prologue scene. So Stryker might have been discharged from the military because of his experiments with Mutants. He decided to do his project privately, eventually retrieving Wolverine and giving him Adamantium claws. We once also saw that Stryker captured Cyclops, Jean Grey and Jubilee, played by Lana Condor. Eventually, the X-Men attempts to raid Stryker's facility, while Wolverine escapes and assists the X-Men, with Prof. X sending directions to Cyclops for them to escape.

Since the timeline has been rebooted, we get to see that Cyclops, Jean Grey and Mystique already knew each other. This could mean that Stryker, instead of capturing them one-by-one, attacked the Xavier Institute and captured all the Mutants. Basically, this is a rescue operation.

Here is where we end our tie-in. What do you think? Will this be X-Men: Apocalypse's opening scene? Let us know in the comments!


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