How Far Would You Go To Hide The Truth? - BROKEN VOWS

Just how far would one person go to hide the truth? Well, it has been a long time indeed since we posted something. Thankfully for me, my two stressful exam and project weeks are now behind me, and we can return to posting posts here in Dateline Movies. For our currently fourth blog post for the month of August, we return with a new movie promotional material that is definitely worth your time. In the vein of other famous stalker-centric thrillers such as One Hour Photo and Play Misty For Me, newcomer director Bram Coppens and Solar Pictures proudly present Broken Vows.

Broken Vows (2016)

Rated NR: This film currently has no rating.

Genre/s: Drama, Romance, Thriller

This film is to be released on September 28, 2916 (PH Release Date; Limited Release Only)

Presented by Lionsgate and Solar Pictures

Director: Bram Coppens

Writers: Jim Agnew, Sean Keller

  • Wes Bentley as Patrick
  • Jaimie Alexander as Tara
  • Cam Gigandet as Michael
  • Alexandra Breckenridge as Debra

What is the movie about?

Tara, played by Alexander (Thor) is set to be wed to his fiance Michael, played by Gigandet (Easy A). With approval from her parents, all seems to be going very well for Tara, until one night, a chance encounter would send her entire life down the drain.

While Tara joins her friends, including her best friend Debra, played by Breckenridge (The Walking Dead), on a bachelorette party in New Orleans, Tara instantly becomes enchanted at the sight of a bartender named Patrick, played by Bentley (American Horror Story), whose hypnotic charms hopelessly casts Tara under a spell.

After a night of passion, Tara realizes her mistake too late, as she decides to leave and return to Michael, but their indecent affair awakens something within Patrick that she never knew would soon break free, something deadly. Now hellbent on making Tara his and his alone, Patrick will have to do everything in his power, even if it means getting Michael out of the picture.

Hey, you were asking for a short post? You got it! Be sure to catch Broken Vows in cinemas near you on September 28, 2016. Up next, that Halo-related Inside post is finally on the way. Aside from a Fantastic Four Reboot movie review, we might get another Inside The Trash Bin post about the first and unreleased Fantastic Four movie, made only to keep those film-rights away from Marvel, in preparation for an upcoming documentary about said film titled "Doomed". And yes, more DC Inside The Trash Bin spotlights, specifically starting with arguably the most notable cancelled Superman movie, Superman Lives. Man, Hollywood has a lot of trash to reuse. Also, to be fair with DC Comics, we'll have an editorial about Marvel Studios. Lastly, are you up for a history lesson? With Sausage Party making some impressions, let us take a look at how adult animation influenced the modern cinema. Stay tuned for more Dateline Movies!


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