Doing the Math with Math Games

Not everyone is born a natural genius, especially when it comes to math. People like the character Will Hunting from the critically-acclaimed movie Good Will Hunting are rare. The rarer scenario is having self-taught geniuses surprising professors and students who are expected to fare better in finding the solutions.

Most of us have to learn math the hard way, staring with dazed eyes on computations being presented in what appears to be very easy to arrive at. That is of course until we try solving the math problems ourselves. From this point on, it's either we give up or decide to have fun in trying and learning.

Math Games Equal Fun Learning

Effective teachers of young learners have known for quite some time that making learning fun provides better results. This is more so with a school subject like math, and math games are a lot more accessible even at home. This makes it easier to convince children to "study" under a fun environment.

The choices are many and difficulties vary. The young and not-so-young will find themselves spending much time and effort trying to reach the highest scores. Here are two games that piqued my curiosity.

Math Speed

Math Speed is the perfect game for students to learn and practice adding, subtracting, dividing, and multiplying numbers. In this game, a fox will lose one of its three lives with every wrong answer, and it's up to the player to win the game. This is one of the easiest games to play that it is almost therapeutic due to its fun challenges and gameplay.

Number in Order

Number in Order is quite challenging even for an adult, given the time constraints and ever-changing instructions. Players must click on the balls either in increasing or decreasing order as indicated by the instructions found at the bottom of the screen. Alertness and attentiveness are the two keys to winning: something I found-out the hard way after many, many tries. 

All the games offer are playable without the need to log-in or to download new applications,

Practice Makes Perfect

There are many aspects in life where the old saying "practice makes perfect" hold true, especially when it comes to mathematics. We don't need to struggle every step of the way in doing this. Sometimes we can have fun while learning.


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