Becoming Limitless in Finance

In the movie Limitless, the main character takes a miracle drug and ended up being able to access the full capabilities of his brain. He was able to transform into a financial wizard from being an unknown struggling writer. Like in all things, not everything will be good all the time.

Who wouldn't want to be limitless in every "good" aspect of life? Intelligence, physical attributes, and of course, riches... material things and all the perks of having access to unlimited amount of money, these are just some of the most desired by people. This is especially so in the latter with some people saying that money can take care of getting more brains and beauty.

Do We Need a Miracle Pill to Become Limitless in Finance?

I 'm sure many will be tempted if such a miracle pill existed. However, there is still the old-fashioned way of doings without the negative side effects. Of course, it would take work, caution, and perseverance but who says we can't have fun while doing it. While I'm working on financial stability, I make it a point to relax and play games on the side.

Four players battle it out to be the first to build a specific number of farms, gold mines, lumber mills, and mountain ranges. In each turn, players get a limited number of gold, lumber, stone, and grains automatically, as well as one dice roll. The amounts increase as more building are set.

The fun comes from the fact that it involves four online players instead of just AI-controlled players, which makes the gameplay a bit more unpredictable. Though a fair bit of luck is involved, the challenge comes in choosing wisely how much resources will be spent to reach the goal, and from whom you can steal from to gain an advantage.

Overall, this is a fairly simple game that never overstays its welcome. While it may get repetitive in succeeding games, the involvement of other players online evoke the same kind of fun I had when I play Uno or Monopoly with friends from school. Most importantly, its simple yet consistently engaging gameplay is able to paint one important message clear: spend wisely!

What if Papa's Burgeria was stressful and painful for the fingers? Perhaps the hardest game I've played in the website, Ultra Pixel Burgeria is what you'd expect from a game of its caliber: accept orders, cook burgers, fill-up drinks, and serve quickly. But how could a simple game about cooking burgers be so challenging? Unlike the popular Papa's games that simply involve stacking the ingredients, Ultra Pixel Burgeria requires players to prepare the dough and minced meat. Specifically, players have to drag them to the cutting board then click continuously until they're chopped: a process that takes-up too much of the one-to-two minute time window. In all honesty, perhaps what made the game difficult for me was the decision to play it on a laptop that did not have a portable mouse. This in-turn made the in-game ingredients much more difficult to click-on or drag across the screen, and eventually, made it nearly impossible to get a perfect rank. Due to this, I'd recommend to play this on a tablet, since it'd be much easier to maneuver, or a computer with a mouse. As someone who is open to challenging games, this is indeed one heck of a game!

Ben Tennyson finds himself trapped in a computer world, and players must help him escape through the use of codes! But wait, what does this have to do with finance? Coding, like every other activity, opens the door to numerous career opportunities. In this case, Ben 10 Omnicode, while not even close to a crash course in web design or social media marketing that you may expect, is a colorful and fun logic puzzle that can bring-out the creative side in a child. Heavily inspired by the Scratch programming language, players are tasked with dictating the titular hero's moves through a specific sequence of codes while collecting points for a higher score. As expected from the franchise, players can unlock and use Ben's transformations like Cannonbolt and Four Arms to navigate through the levels. Though simple in design, its dazzling visuals, as well as its wide assortment of challenges will keep players invested. In my case, though programming is not my cup of tea, this game made me recall the times I tried and failed running different Scratch programs to rebuild simple flash games. Now, after playing a bunch of levels, I kind of want to go back and give Scratch another go!

I will definitely be back for more games as I make my way to my fun financial journey and make my own version of Limitless.


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