Let's Play: Guess The Suicide Squad Big Bad! (A Spotted! Tie-In)

Okay, I originally wanted to make this a Spotted! 5.5, but I tried to find some scenes to breakdown, but there hasn't been anything worth discussing, aside from speculating who the main villain is. Besides, it begs the most important question. Who would have the power?  As such, we will be guessing who the big bad super villain is in this movie filled with villains. While it seems that it might be impossible to theorize the identity of our mystery figure, but luckily, Dateline Movies and you the reader has a little bit of comicbook knowledge to help us out. #SuicideSquadGoals indeed! Below are eight of our candidates for Suicide Squad's potential target, arranged from the least likely to the most possible.

1st Candidate: The Joker

The most obvious candidate on this speculative post is none other than the Clown Prince of Crime himself, the Joker. Known for being the Dark Knight Batman's arch-nemesis, the Joker is unpredictable, an unstoppable force of insanity, and has left a large pile of dead bodies at the wake of his madness. The Joker's deadly nature forces him to do almost anything just to spread chaos for the fun of it, just as long as he gets to torment the Batman. However, even if he is crazy enough to do all sorts of crimes, I doubt that the Joker even needs an army of super powerful monsters simply to get to Batman. If the Joker was a crazed would-be world conqueror, then he would probably need some muscle, but he isn't, and that's what makes the Joker so special. It's because of his broken psyche that makes the Joker the unlikeliest of suspects. It is possible that the only reason the Joker is involved is because Harley Quinn is in the story, and given the two characters' relationship, the Joker just wants Harley back. To further support this claim, you would notice that the Joker retrieved Harley from a vat of chemicals, which might suggest that the Joker has feelings for Harley, even if their connection is kind-of twisted.

2nd Candidate: Lex Luthor

The second unlikeliest choice is Lex Luthor. In a deleted scene which was added in the R-Rated "Ultimate Cut" of Dawn of Justice, we get to see the same scene with Batman threatening Luthor if he ever tries anything evil. While in the theatrical version we just saw Luthor warning of something deadly arriving to Earth, this version of the said scene had Batman making the preparations to transfer Luthor to Arkham Asylum, much to Luthor's dissatisfaction. While there hasn't been any official confirmation for the character's involvement in the story, there have been some reports of Luthor being spotted on the set of the movie. Although all members of the team are incarcerated in a prison known as Belle Reve, it can be said that Amanda Waller might be recruiting Harley Quinn at the very beginning in Arkham. The reason why this is unlikely is because, other than being already the villain in a previous movie, he seems to have no purpose in the movie other than a cameo. Besides, all he wanted was Superman dead, so why does he need an army when his nemesis is deceased?

3rd Candidate: Darkseid (or Anyone From Apokolips)

Yes, yes, "Dark Side" and "Apocalypse" are spelled like these, and having Darkseid as the main villain for the Suicide Squad. For one thing, Darkseid is too all-powerful for the worst heroes ever. Darkseid is also a noted mastermind, so going headfirst into a world full of superheroes without planning is definitely not Darkseid-like. But what could stop Darkseid from sending someone on his behalf to steal some Mother Boxes dormant on Earth. Also, do you notice a certain color these monsters are possessing? Yeah green could mean anything, but green is also the color of Darkseid's most trustworthy underlings, the Parademons. One fan has a theory claiming that the subway creature is one of Darkseid's henchmen, Mantis, because aside from his trademark green suit, the monster is taller compared to other candidates, according to the fan. Besides, recent interviews say Batman v. Superman has some connection with Suicide Squad. While this may sound possible, it cannot be said that the monsters are actually Parademons, as Parademons have wings, and these appear a little bit more human. And even if Darkseid would want to experiment on humans, he wouldn't, if my memory serves me right.

4th Candidate: Brainiac

The second suspect for this mystery is, although is still set to make a proper debut, the megalomaniac cyborg alien threat Brainiac. According to some eagle-eyed viewers notice that the projectiles and extending tentacle-like objects sprouting out from the subway creature is cybernetic in nature, and far from being of earthly origin. The most obvious hint that Brainiac is the main antagonist of Suicide Squad is the appearance of what looks like a downed ship. Since Brainiac is an alien, this is most likely possible. In addition, Brainiac has a thing for transforming people into cybernetic hybrids, and the mutates' appearances bearing human-ish looks further supports this. Just take a look at what he did to Lex Luthor in the animated show Justice League Unlimited. His appearance here would also make sense here because, as hinted in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, and from some interviews, objects known as the Mother Boxes are being sought by Darkseid. These boxes are objects of power, similar to Marvel Cinematic Universe's Infinity Stones, and is the secondary objective in Darkseid's wishlist. The first being the fabled "Anti-Life Equation". Since Brainiac is a villain obsessed with learning about everything, Brainiac might be the best guess, but he isn't. For business reasons, it is not very wise to use a very famous and omnipotent villain in a movie about less-renowned characters. Also, I doubt that he would want to transform everyone into cyborgs, as he seems to rely more on purely robotic units.

5th Candidate: Starro The Conqueror

Now it's time for the likeliest of suspects, but also to the least expected ones. Given that these monsters are obviously human at first, it is possible that they may not be experimented on or mutated. They might actually be brainwashed. But who do we know that can morph the faces of our heroes and control their mind? Why it's none other than the Justice League's first enemy, Starro The Conqueror. True to his name, Starro is a starfish-shaped alien who can control anyone by attaching smaller versions of itself. The bizarre features on the creatures' faces signify that this may be true. Then again, these beings may not even be human to begin with, because it makes me wonder what are the black oozes that are scattered everywhere. These may be some liquids originating from Starro, but it might also be ink?
6th Candidate: Tattooed Man/"Monster T"

Yes, ink. There is a comicbook villain, an enemy of the many Earth-based Green Lanterns to be exact, that has the power to manipulate the tattoos on his skin to create an assortment of things. And that is the menacing Tattooed Man. It's not the best name yet, but his powers are undeniably powerful. Recently, it has been confirmed that actor and rapper Common's mystery role is under the name of "Monster T". Sure, the name doesn't ring any bells, but his costume, complete with tattoos, and the fact that the website of IMDB leads to the Tattooed Man's webpage makes it pretty likely that the Tattooed Man is the big bad of the movie. Also, Monster T's initials are also a hint at the name Tattooed Man. Although the Tattooed Man is not known for being a truly sinister mastermind, it is possible that he recently gained new powers, and he found it completely uncontrollable. I'm starting to think that Common may be the bad guy we have been looking for the entire post. But wait, what're those plants doing?

7th Candidate: Floronic Man

Raise your hand if you knew the name Floronic Man before reading about it in this post. If not, let me give you a brief overview of him. Jason Woodrue is a scientist who was the cause of Poison Ivy's powers. He also is a noted plant fanatic, but not as notorious as the femme fatale Poison Ivy. Apart from being intellectually gifted, the Floronic Man also has a knack for dabbling with the supernatural forces of the environmental plane. He has since been an enemy of the Justice League, the Atom and a certain swamp monster known as Swamp Thing. Personally, I believe that this is the likeliest of options, given that the subway monster seems to be using plant-like tendrils, and the number of greenery scattered all throughout the setting of the movie makes this most probably true. And if anyone is asking, I think it is possible for him to mind-control humans with his plantations. However, these threats may be far more paranormal than anyone originally anticipated, and even I am shocked by these possible revelations.

8th Candidate: Enchantress (?)

Wait, what? A teammate is probably going to be a traitor? Well not necessarily unexpected, but it is surprising nonetheless. Heads-up though, as this part contains potential major spoilers from the movie, since it is believed that this data originated from someone who watched the movie in advance. Read at your own risk! Anyway, this comment published by user "pra 511" in the video "Suicide Squad Official Trailer #3 (2016) Margot Robbie HD" of the channel JoBlo Movie Trailers, tickled my interest. According to the user, the movie would be focusing more on Cara Develigne's character known as Enchantress. After being possessed by a witch, June Moon is forced to use her newfound powers to bring back the Incubus, the witch's brother, back to life, and she uses Monster T. as a host to the entity. The Enchantress, however, needs to retrieve something from Amanda Waller, her heart, which is needed to revive the Incubus. To do so, she fills-up the city with monsters, and inevitably the Suicide Squad is deployed. There are also some details here about possible deaths, but I don't want to spoil them here. Let's just wait for the movie to come-out, then we'll talk.

Well, justice's bad side is something we really can't wait for any longer on the big screen. Anyway, before we officially close this post, help yourself to Twenty One Pilots' latest song, which is included in the official soundtrack for Suicide Squad, Heathens. I originally wanted to have Will Smith do a theme song for the movie, since he did the same thing for Men in Black and Wild Wild West. And it's been a longtime since Will Smith last rapped a song. So I guess we're done here, keep calm and listen to the voices in your head!


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