Part 1: Who's Who in Spider-Man: Homecoming? (A Spotted! Tie-In)

With no official trailer even out, yet Spider-Man: Homecoming is currently one of the most anticipated superhero movies as of now. This is mainly in-part due to Tom Holland's amazing portrayal of the titular web-head in the recent Phase 3 outing, Captain America: Civil War. With Sony and Marvel Studios learning to mend fences and reach on a mutually beneficial agreement, Spider-Man: Homecoming looks as if it would be the definitive Spider-Man film. Recent news from the movie is making quite a buzz all over the web (No pun intended.), as the film itself is attracting a huge array of talented cast mates, including Michael Keaton, who previously refused to join-in. With fans beginning to speculate in hopes that they know who these actors are, one thing is for certain, the cast is unbelievably packed. For this Spotted! Tie-In, not only are we going to find out who these mystery characters are, but also figure out the entire central premise of the story. Needless to say, there are potential spoilers here.
The Concept

Again, whatever that is written in this post is purely speculation, specifically this post will expand further on the ideas posted in a post of In addition, since this is mostly speculation, you might as well consider this as a movie pitch since we are basically telling a story of our own.

According to this certain post, it seems that there will be more than one villain in this flick, aside from the classic Spider-Man villain - The Vulture, who is set to be played by Michael Keaton. The other bad guy The Tinkerer, who is reported to be working together with The Vulture in the creation of the latter villain's trademark suit. Well that seems to be interesting for all the comicbook readers such as me, wait until you hear about what material the Vulture harness will be made from. It is made from Chitauri technology. Yes, the same Chitauri that invaded New York City in The Avengers. The same Chitauri that was used by HYDRA, and later Ultron, to create a robot army during Avengers: Age of Ultron. It could signify that the events that transpired in The Avengers had a bigger impact than what many would think, as evidenced in the first season of Agents of SHIELD and in the Marvel One-Shot, Item 47.

So how would this story play out in the movie? It can be speculated that none other than OsCorp, the pharmaceutical company owned by the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man's arch-nemesis, the Green Goblin, has managed to salvage a lot of Chitauri arsenal. But it seems that OsCorp is not the only power player in the reverse-engineering game, as criminals are making use of the technology for their own purposes. All of this potentially happening around the time that Midtown Highschool for Science and Technology is getting ready for a homecoming dance.

We'll go into full detail with the story on the next part as we speculate on who are the characters that may or may not be present in the upcoming movie, followed by the potential actor or actress who might portray him or her on the big screen. Added to the roles are some scenarios on how these characters could get involved in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Note that we won't be adding Tom Holland's Spider-Man and Maria Tomei's Aunt May, as we would be only focusing on characters new to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as well as actors and actresses with currently undisclosed roles.

The Cast

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Michael Keaton as Adrian Toomes / The Vulture

Despite initially refusing to partake on the web-head's once more rebooted adventure, Michael Keaton eventually changed his mind and is eventually reported by sources that he will be playing The Vulture. Not only that, it is said that he will be the film's main antagonist. On a side note, Keaton's role is the only confirmed so far. While there have been a lot of people who bore the moniker, the most possible choice is Adrian Toomes, the most notable of all versions. In the comics, Adrian Toomes was originally an electronics engineer, until he discovered that his employer was embezzling his project funds. Enraged, he became one of Spider-Man's most recurring and persistent enemies of all time.

As previously mentioned, Adrian Toomes' trademark Vulture harness is reported to be made out of Chitauri items, most probably from the anti-gravity equipment used by the invaders for aerial combat. His involvement in this flick, and the fact that he is set to be the big bad of the story, could suggest that some parts of the script might be inspired from what could have been Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 4, but with John Malkovich originally slated for the role.

Given that OsCorp is the kind of corporation that likes to meddle with things that none of them would ever understand, it is a safe bet that Adrian Toomes could be the head of the project that handles Chitauri technology. What lead him to the creation of his Vulture suit could be that, in-tone with the echoing theme of the Sokovia Accords, he wants to show that the world doesn't need superheroes anymore now that corporations can build weapons of their own. If we are to follow the comics accurately, Toomes' motivation could be that OsCorp is embezzling on his project, or possibly that OsCorp is changing the goal of the program, which eventually angered him, and tries to expose OsCorp for misusing his work. 

Other Potential Guess/es: N/A

Source 1, Source 2

Logan Marshall-Green (Potentially) as Elijah Stern / The Tinkerer

While we do already have our main villain, our handy-dandy very own Wikipedia confirms that there will be three bad guys that will enter conflict with Spider-Man. Logan Marshall-Green is one of the other two, and his role at the moment, like the rest of the film's cast, is currently shrouded in mystery, but we might have a single good guess. Remember when we mentioned that The Vulture might get his suit from the Tinkerer? Well, it seems he could really be more than just your average costume designer. In the comics, the Tinkerer's real name is Phineas Mason, and he runs a shop for him to make weapons for criminals. In the mainstream universe, he is actually a middle-aged man, the same age as Toomes. Given that Logan Marshall-Green is not within that age yet, it looks like he could be playing the Ultimate Comics version of the Tinkerer, provided that Marvel likes to take some inspiration from the Ultimate Marvel line. The Ultimate version, which is technically a parallel universe take on the character, is named Elijah Stern, a scientist fired after trying to use Vibranium (The same metal that makes-up Black Panther's costume.) as a power source.

So how would Elijah Stern fit into the story? Apart from designing The Vulture's suit, he might actually be Toomes' former co-worker on the Chitauri experiments. By following the Ultimate Comics, he might have been kicked-out of OsCorp for "tinkering" (Get it?) too much with the alien devices. On one scenario, he might be fired for knowing too much. Judging by his modus operandi in the stories, the Tinkerer might be aiding Toomes in his plans by giving-out technology to other criminals, and having them commit attacks on OsCorp, and hopefully have them steal something that will expose OsCorp's crimes.

Other Potential Guess/es:

Herman Schultz / The Shocker: Electronic engineer turned bank robber who uses "Vibro-Shock" gauntlets to commit crimes. It's also possible that The Tinkerer idea might just be a red herring. Knowing that hopefully Marvel wouldn't do the same mistake three times, specifically the overuse of villains part, it is possible that we might just see one main villain after all. Here, Logan Marshall-Green's role could be that of a henchman

Source 1, Source 2
Bokeem Woodbine (Potentially) as Aaron Davis / The Prowler

No, that's not Deadpool, although their costumes are basically the same designs. This is the Ultimate Prowler, who plays a significant role in the life of another familiar web-head, Miles Morales. For our last mystery villain, we had to choose the Prowler given that recent guesses are pointing towards the beginning of Miles Morales' future as a web-slinging crime fighter. The mainstream Prowler was a teenage genius slash window washer named Hobie Brown, who decided to use his gifted intellect for personal gain. Spider-Man, who found-out that The Prowler was just a teenager, inspired him to be a hero rather than a villain. While it would seem that we would be getting the mainstream version, it is almost impossible now since the cast doesn't have anybody who is an African-American teenage male. As such, it is safe to say that we might be seeing the Ultimate Prowler, who is the uncle of Miles Morales, Aaron Davis. This iteration is a professional burglar, who worked with Miles' father, Jefferson, and was indirectly responsible for Miles getting his powers.

Since it might be almost impossible to feature all these villains in a balanced amount of screen time, it seems that The Prowler might appear as the introductory villain, just like Georges Batroc in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and might be a potential major villain in the coming years. Here, we might see him breaking into OsCorp, under the orders of The Tinkerer and The Vulture for their plans, with some added gadgets given by The Tinkerer. However, he might have a plan of his own, as like the Han Solo-type of character he is, he has a lot of debts that require paying. Unfortunately, he is thwarted by Spider-Man, and is sent to jail. We might even see him near the ending, trying to escape from prison or watching Spider-Man's final battle through a television screen.

Other Potential Guess/es:

Jackson Weele / Big Wheel: Businessman turned villain, who rides a giant mechanical wheel. He might just be the one who will embezzle from The Vulture's project, and might become a major character soon, specifically with a towering technological wheel.

Elias Wirtham / Cardiac: Physician turned vigilante after the death of his brother, caused by corporate corruption, motivated him to save lives. He might just be the introductory villain, like the other ideas here, and he might be working for The Vulture to avenge his brother's passing, which could be caused by OsCorp as they don't want anyone to know too much about their inner workings.

Michael Mando (Potentially) as Maximus Gargan / The Scorpion

While many have speculated that Michael Mando might be playing the sadistic, symbiotic bad guy that we all know and love, Carnage, many have forgotten that he played a Mexican character in Better Call Saul. As such, we think that there might be another villain, although mostly just in cameos, and that is the Ultimate rendition (Man, Marvel is cranking-up the Utimate meter up to eleven.) of The Scorpion. While the mainstream counterpart is a private detective turned armored villain named Mac Gargan, the Ultimate one is named Maximus Gargan, a Mexican gangster, who Aaron Davis owes a huge chunk of money.

Like I said before, it is highly probable that this figure would just be in a few scenes, and might eventually turn-up in a future flick. As in the comics, The Prowler might have stolen from him, and has decided to do a job on OsCorp, hoping that the hit could give him some profit. We might just see him interacting with The Prowler for a few minutes or so. Also, for those who are asking, it is almost likely that he could become the cybernetic Scorpion we all know to this day in the future. We might even see him picking-up some blueprints that The Prowler stole, and decided that he too should get an upgrade.

Other Potential Guess/es:

Cletus Kasady / Carnage: A psychotic killer who bonded with a spawn of the Venom Symbiote. His track record for playing the crazy villain, Vaas Montenegro in the game far Cry 3, Michael Mando might really be playing this serial killing baddie. By the end of the movie, we might see him in jail cell in his pre-Carnage state. He might be seen laughing maniacally.

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Donald Glover and Selenis Leyva (Potentially) as Jefferson Davis and Rio Morales, Respectively

Not so long ago, Community star Donald Glover experienced a campaign for him to play Miles Morales on a big screen take, but like every other online campaign, it was all for naught. Luckily, he got the second best thing, he was able to voice the character in the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon. But Marvel knows a good opportunity when they see one, especially now that recent company shifts gives us a glimpse of more of their potential. As such, it is likely that Donald Glover might play Miles Morales' father, opposite to Selenis Leyva, who will be Miles' mother, Rio Morales.

It is a huge possibility that Jefferson and Rio would only appear for a couple of scenes, given that the story would be less Peter Parker oriented if more focus was given to them. In good time, they will appear in larger roles in a Miles Morales solo outing. However, if we are to follow the comics, we might see Rio Morales murdered by The Prowler (Instead of Venom, as Venom is yet to be introduced in this continuity.), and her death would motivate Miles to be a hero just like Spider-Man. If Miles Morales will not appear in the movie than everyone anticipated, it is possible that they might appear here as a form of foreshadowing.

Other Potential Guess/s: N/A

Source 1, Source 2
Abraham Attah (Potentially) as Miles Morales

The Miles Morales speculations come to full circle when Abraham Attah was recently cast in a currently unknown role. The majority of the theories have agreed that he might be playing Miles Morales after all, who took on the Spider-Man mantle after the Peter Parker of the Ultimate Universe was seemingly killed by the Green Goblin.

If he is set to appear here, it would simply be in short scenes, as more focus on him would dilute the narrative. Of course, he will still be powerless here, and would simply assist Spider-Man in some cases. By the post-credits scene, we might see him looking through his uncle Aaron's stolen items, until a spider bit him, which would then give his powers soon.

Other Potential Guess/es:

Robert Farrell / Rocket Racer: Teenage genius with a high-tech hover-board. Since Miles Morales seems a little bit too early for a debut of his own, and Marvel Studios CEO Kevin Feige confirms that Miles won't be appearing in any of the movies for now, it is also likely that Attah's role could be that of the Rocket Racer. Here, he might be hired by Jackson Weele to cover-up his crimes, which makes him the introductory villain instead of The Prowler.

Hobie Brown / The Prowler: We already mentioned this rendition before. While we already have Bokeem Woodbine as our top pick for The Prowler, the teenage one may not be far behind. If Abraham Attah is not Miles Morales, then he could be some Spider-Man wannabe who tried to put a stop to OsCorp's devious plans, which he hopes would give him profit, only for Spider-Man to tell him to be the better man.

Oh no! I have once again reached the limit of the necessary word count. Man, I really got to practice the art of maintaining a short yet fulfilling post. So, we'll just have to continue our Spider-Man: Homecoming post some other time. I might take a well, because y'know, school work. To end this extremely long post, (I bet that you got tired of all the reading.), you can listen to some awesome songs from the original Spider-Man Trilogy. Sam Raimi sure does have a taste in music. Stay tuned for more Dateline Movies!


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