Time Out from Movies


Watching movies has always been my go-to relaxation activity at any given time. Sometimes though, I feel the urge to try something different. It was one lazy afternoon after watching a Filipino 3D Computer-animated adventure film entitled RPG Metanoia that I decided to search for web games. After all, a little time out from movie watching definitely won't hurt.

Like in the movie, web games somehow bring their players to another world, depending on the genreMy search led me to Plays.org and I actually found some interesting games to match my need for a fun time out.

The first game I tried was Kingdom Defense. This is a 39-level medieval castle defense action RPG. In this game, I became an archer shooting at different enemy attackers. I also got to use various magic attacks to hit a number of them at once. 

Generally, the gameplay gets repetitive but becomes increasingly difficult as the game progresses. I played it several times before I moved on to the next one. It required more effort to persist on it but will probably play it again.

Flight Sim was the second game I tried. It is an air traffic control simulation game, where I had to help planes and helicopters land without them crashing into each other. 

Don't be fooled by the simple presentation and absence of flashy graphics. I consider it a very challenging game as it tests my ability to focus. Pressured by the possibilities of airplanes and helicopters crashing onto one another, winning requires effective strategy on the part of the player. 

My personal favorite among the games is 2 Minutes to Escape. As its name suggests, this is an escape game where players have to make it out of an exploding rocket. Talk about time pressure.

The degree of difficulty is balanced and it tests the player's ability to think quickly. Though I would personally prefer for the game to have more sound effects, the game is still exciting to play. 

Playing these games serve as perfect breathers in between movie reviews. Games and movies have some parallelism. I certainly wouldn't mind shifting from one to the other. 


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